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“Everybody my name is andrew hester. Welcome. But how true in this one. We are are going to be talking about how to edit the mod files within the various wars empire or mods.

Now before we go any further. Though i would need to remind you back up anything that you re about to do because if you make a change that ultimately changes something kind of critical there s a good possibility that it s going to for lack of a better term royally screw with your game. So make sure you have a backup. Don t don t don t make the same mistake that i did when i first started doing this in that you do something and then thinking.

Oh. I ll just memorize. What i changed and then end up not remembering because i did that when i first needed to actually edit these because when i first started. I wanted to make the game harder not easier.

Although this time i only do it based on what you guys told me to do except i most of the time ignore you on making it easier anyway. But but that s beside the point now in order for us to proceed we have to actually get to hold on let me disable okay please ignore the glare. And how okay you it s kind of hard to ignore the fact that i m pasty white yes anyway but getting back on topic. We need to get to where our file is for the game now for me i have it on steam and it s in my a drive because it s a larger drive and i only keep critical stuff on my c.


So in order to get there. Blah blah blah. Skipping all that now here s the critical part. If you followed my brute force instructions it ll be under data.

However we are not going to be touching it in here for well if you followed that instructions then it will be in data. But for awakening of the rebellion. It ll be under mods now if you see a whole bunch of xml files or xml documents. In this case.

You re in the right spot. Because it ll have numerous and when i say numerous i mean every single change will be right here granted there will be other things. But this is only covering the basics because i don t know how to edit the textures. The models.

I only know how to edit the xml documents and one of you i it s been a while since it s actually been asked. But in awake or not awakening in thrones revenge. I actually did edit the files to give the karelian corvette. I think it was four times the number of hard points when in fact it was just i just quadrupled the firepower of the karelian corvette.


So to do that ok we have to first find ok units. Where is i here. It is for that specifically we ll go to notepad and carrot cruiser. Same principle.

All you basically do copy the hard points and paste that doubles. The now be sure to remember to include a comma after where you copied because if you were to say copy like that coppy like that with out having that it s good. It s gonna be one of those interesting programming things that is really gonna screw with your game. I don t know if it ll cause it to crash.

But better safe than sorry um. Other things well. It s kind of self explanatory. Hi.

Jesse. What are the dogs like hyperspace speed. That s how fast in the galactic map it ll move maintenance costs. I don t think anything costs anything except for when you build it i ve never seen it.


But i m not deleting it just in case. It does do something pretty much everything is kind of self explanatory like the encyclopedia text is the text file for the ship in question good against what it can actually shoot at or be good against most of the time. Though it s a one on one so don t change that otherwise you ll fool yourself into thinking otherwise like build time is how long it s going to take in the galactic map to build it build cost how much it s going to cost and like i said. It s pretty much self explanatory.

Now one aspect. I still suffer with is the abilities so as a general rule of thumb. I don t touch them except for the recharge time and the exploration so for the character. It s going to increase the amount of firepower and if i wanted if or if you wanted to you can make the recharge time one second.

But have the exploration time so long it s like it doesn t matter. But because i do have a let s play i need to worry about i m gonna make sure that whatever i do change. I revert back. But that s why i prefer using notepad plus.

Plus you can use any other text editor. But for the second purposes. I prefer no pad just in case. I do do something like that it s back to normal like if i decide okay no i don t want to do that.


And so that s pretty much it i mean. It s it s not exactly rocket science. But this is the extent of which i actually do edit files. So with that said.

I it s like i still have accounting is a long process anyway. I m gonna get back to studying before actually doing empire war so hopefully. This has helped you so thank you all so much for watching. I hope you ve enjoyed this video.

And i hope to see you in the next one and if you have any suggestions or questions on this or other things that i haven t talked about let me know down below. In the comments. Bye bye are we creeped out. Yet.

Yes. No okay we re editing that out right okay. ” ..


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Here s how to edit the XML files for EaW mods!
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