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“What s good youtube. It s your boy baritone and today guys. I m about about to show you a tutorial. How to evolve sneasel into weave out and also to get the razorclaw.

Because you will need the razor claw to evolve sneasel into revo. So first things first you need to go to i leave a dusty bowl to get the razor call to evolve. Sneasel and to weave out. Now and also to get sneeze.

What we have to be around route route 8 or route. 9..

And that pokemon is pretty a common pokemon to show up in that location. So you guys shouldn t have too much of a problem finding it or catching it but now we re going to dusty bowl to get the razor claw now to get the razor claw gonna need at least seven gym badges because you re gonna need your bike so this you um go through water essentially so it s very important to get that done quickly as possible and then follow the path that i m taking right now to get the razor claw as you can see music now going through the water and then go to your right side and then voila the razorclaw that there is a clock now you guys gonna need to make it be nighttime. But first things first i m going to save the game. It s very important to save the game first how else your progress will be lost alrighty now i m about to close my game.

I m gonna change the day and time make sure you guys follow these directions go to system settings go under your new systems and then date and time. I m gonna go up a day and then make it be around at night um 1. Or 2 am or 2. 45.

Really doesn t matter as long as it has the 8 amp at night. I can it can it can work for me basically..

I have no problems with that and then you open back up your game. So. The using light has to be nighttime. Because sneasel only evolved into we well at night.

So it s very important to do that ok as you see it s nighttime. Now we re gonna do the magic. The little magic all right let me as i can find it i believe this in yeah. There you go razorclaw give it to my sneasel and then we re going to evolve.

It either can do that by training it or give it just just give a rare candy really doesn t matter no matter. What it s going to evolve all right..

I ma show you guys right now nan walla. Give it one rare candy and the moment of truth drum roll. Please you guys have to do jump. Well.

I m not gonna edit that in many ways there you go we wow. That s how you basically get weave. Oh and a pokemon sword and shield not it s even though there s like four steps. It s four easy steps.

It s not too hard so yeah um. If you guys find this video..

Any helpful at all feel free to leave a like share and subscribe. If you guys are new. Because i ll be doing more videos like this in the future more evolution tutorials and in the near future. And yeah guys this your boy baritone.

I see you guys in the next video peace music. ” ..

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