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” s it going guys and welcome back in this video. We re going to be be checking out how we can catch and devolve sneasel into we vow in pokemon and shield. Obviously the first thing. We re going to need is to catch yourselves as sneasel you can find this pokemon in quite a few different regions of the wild area.

However the easiest and quickest way to get one is by going to the snowy part of route. 8. So once we ve caught ourselves and sneasel the next thing we re going to need is a razor claw. The easiest and most straightforward place.


We can get a razor claw from is going to be at the dusty bowl. Region of the wild area to get to the razor core item. We will need to have already unlocked the ability to cycle our bike across water essentially the surf ability in this game. If whatever reason you do need another razor claw you can get them through battle point rewards at the battle tower in post game.

So once you scrub across here. It won t be the pokeball item on the left. It s actually going to be a shiny down here on the ground. The next step is we need to equip the razor claw to sneasel so once it s carrying that around there s only one more final step.


We need to do to evolve him into evil. And that is going to be we need to level him up. But it has to be during the nighttime. If you left him up during the daytime.

He won t ever evolve so if you re not yet in post game. If you have not yet defeated leon the champion. The only place there ll be a day and night cycle is going to be in the wild area. But if you are in post game.


You can do this in one of the routes as well as the day night cycle effects. The routes also and if you re impatient and you want your we ve all right. Now and you don t want to have to wait until 8 pm. In real life time for the game to turn nighttime.

You can simply go into your system settings on the switch itself and change the time there to 8 00 pm. Or anything after that and it would be nighttime in game. You don t even have to quit out of game. And then when it s nighttime.


You can either battle to level up you snooze or once or you can just do what i did and use a rare candy. So he levels up and this will also evolve him into a weevil so i hope they d find this we re hopeful guys. If you did don t let them stop butter and subscribe for more content coming very soon and we ll see you next time music. ” .


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Where to catch and how to evolve Sneasel into Weavile in Pokemon Sword u0026 Shield for the Nintendo Switch!
-First catch a Sneasel from the snowy area in Route 8.
-Then grab the Razor Claw from Dusty Bowl (Wild Area).
-Equipt the Razor Claw to Sneasel and level it up during the night.

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