How to Get 9 SECRET Backpack Trophies (Keychains) in The Division 2

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“What s going on guys. Eric s here welcome back to another division 2 video video today i want to show you where to find. 9. Secret backpack trophies back trophies are of course.

The new items that you can get cosmetic items in the division. You can hang on the back of your backpacks as these cool little figures and there are loads of these hidden around the world. But if you don t go looking for them or you don t kind of go off the beaten track. Then you probably missed most of them so this video.

I m going to show you where to find 9 of them. So you d enjoy this you find it helpful then i like to be super. Appreciated comment down below. If you guys found me more and of course.

If you have an entire giveaway for chance to win a pokemon let s go nintendo switch link to that is in the description box down below. Now for the very first one. We are gonna be getting the plush hippo. This is actually in the theater settlement the very first settlement you encounter in order to get this you will have to wait till.

You ve upgraded the settlement to the point where you ve got the second tier. But once you ve done that you ll of course. See this staircase over to the left..


If you walk up this staircase and just outside the food stand. There is a small box and if you open this i actually already have myself. But if you open it and you ve not got it you will then get the plush hippo trophy for the second one this is the lincoln bust you can get this in the lincoln memorial mission over here on the map. What you want to do is get to about partway through the mission your objective will say that you need to secure the lincoln memorial and you ll get into this room here.

What you then want to do is go to the floor left run through the gallery through the cafe and then you get to part here just before the end of the room. If you turn right between these two shelves or these. Two desks. You will then find the option to search and pick that up we ll give you the lincoln bust trophy.

Now for the next one we can actually kill two birds with one stone here the first one is the speaker s gavel. If you go to the bank headquarters mission. Then simply by completing this mission and rescuing. The president you will then get the speaker s gavel back trophy.

Which looks like this however on top of that whilst also playing through the bank headquarters mission. You ll get to the point. Where you need to work into the vault. You ll open the vault door and if you then go in here.

And you then take a rat and you then look in the very corner here you will see a box you can open and upon doing that you will get the gold bar bag trophy moving on from there if you wanna get the space shuttle bag trophy. You want to head over to the air and space museum you want to work about halfway through the mission and you think at the point. Where you can trip the staircase and you go in and there was actually a space shuttle crashed onto the walkway..


If you think over right there by these or front engine by the jets. You can then see there s the option to search and searching for this will then give you these space shuttle trophy for the next one if you want to get these skeleton trophy. What you want to do is head to the dcd headquarters mission. This is the one just south of the white house and then when you get to about half within.

The mission. There is this room where you go inside. And it s this sort of like clinical room. This is where you fight the two hammer bros.

So to speak. The guys that kind of charging you with the massive sledgehammers once you dealt with them go through the room and take a left in the far left corner. You will see a skeleton standing in the corner. If you interact with that you will get the tiny skeleton and bag trophy.

Then after that there is a plushy flower for this one you want to go over to the campus settlement. The one on the top left and when you spawn in you walk forward. So you re then gonna take a left of the stairs. You ll of course need to have this a little bit upgraded as well and if you then continue to follow this pathway.

There. ll be another staircase up on the left a little bit later follow this all the way around. And you get to a load of sunflowers in this plant pot..


And in front of that is a box opening that will then give you the plush flower trophy now moving off from there the next two are a little bit different these appear to be more of a random drop from the final boss of the stronghold. They re of course three strongholds right now first one is the district union stronghold and if you complete this you of course you know fight it out in ice hockey arena and if you complete this there s a chance to get an ice hockey player as a backpack trophy. But as mentioned this does appear to be a random drop so where s all the other ones you were able to just simply go there and find them this onei person compete the stronghold in i haven t got it but taylor i was playing with us and he got this to drop so it does seem you might need to play the storm hold a few times in order to get this and on top of that moving on to the other one you then have the flag and dogtags another backpack trophy. This time from the capital building stronghold.

Same principle. Defeat. The boss it seems to have a chance to drop. So that is where you can get that one so that s pretty much it for the nine hidden ones.

That you can actually pursue right now of course on top of that there are a few other ones if you pre order the game. There is the teddy bear backpack trophy. If you played in the open beta. There s the capital building.

Backpack trophy. And if you played the open beta and completed. The darkstone mission. There is a supply crate trophy kind of kicking myself.

Because i played the open beta. But because i played the closed beta. I didn t bother doing the dockside mission again so i don t actually have that one which is really annoying..


But either way there are a few more that if you played the open beta. You will probably have those already and of course. If you were division one players and you went through and did all your shields and got to the highest tier. And there s also an american flag as a backup trophy.

So there s a few more thrown in they may well be more hidden in other missions that i have yet to discover so as and when i do find those i ll be sure to let you guys know. But for the time being for those of you that want to accessorize your bags. Then there are 9 secret trophies you can go after hopefully you guys enjoyed this we try to keep it locked for plenty more division content thanks for watching guys i hope you enjoyed the video. If you want to check out some more awesome stuff from us here at eric s gaming.

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Here once again thank so much for watching take it easy catch you next time peace out. ” ..

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Here s a guide on how to get 9 secret, hidden backpack trophies in The Division 2. (Division 2 Keychain locations).
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