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“Is up everyone munching orange here and welcome to a special pokemon sword and shield shield video. This is going to be a guide on how to get every freaky fuel available in the games. And a bit of discussion on why the newest additions to the prehistoric pokemon collection. Looks so unnatural so to start off with there are four fossils available in these games.

With two being more common and easy to find in each version in pokemon sword. You can find two fossilised birds on route 6. Right in front of careless and her fossil fuel machine you ll also get to fossilize dinos by talking to this man inside the pokemon center in snow on side in pokemon shield. You will instead find two fossilized fish on route.

6. And receive to fossilized drake s from the guy in the pokemon center. Now with those fossils you re limited to only creating one of four possible pokemon in your game. So you re probably wondering how to get the other fusions.

The easiest method is of course to trade as every fossil can be given to your pokemon as a held item. And then you can trade that pokemon over from sword to shield version or vice versa. But what if you don t have any friends to trade with or enough fossils to give away well luckily. There s other ways to find fossils in the wild area.

Some fossils can be randomly picked up as one of the glimmering items on the ground. And at least in my experience. They re usually around these rocks in the dusty bowl section of the wild area. I ve only found the same fossils that are common in the version you re playing this way so i m not sure if you can find the opposite ones with this method.

Though they may just be very rare to find. But thankfully. There s some very nice brothers located in the bridge field section of the wild area known as the digging duo once you ve visited the pokemon nursery. Here you can easily fly back and they re just a couple of steps away as their name implies these guys will dig up treasure for you at the cost of 500 watts per dig.

I recommend going with the brother on the left who claims he has more skill..

But lacks stamina and even though he might give up after digging for just one item. I found that his treasures are usually much rarer than anything his longer lasting brother can dig up in fact. This is the only way. I ve managed to find the fossils that are less common in your version.

Although it still can take a while and i mean a while you can see here how many times. I had to ask these guys to dig before i finally encountered the fossilized rake in pokemon sword version. Which is usually more common in shield every time. You ask the brothers to dig it will cost you 500 watts.

Which means you re gonna need to farm up for those if you have no one to trade the other fossils with and every time you dig. It will save the game. So unfortunately. There s no soft resetting to try and get luckier watts aren t too difficult to rack up though as every glowing den.

You visit will give you 300 watts without even having to fight the pokemon and every other den will give you 50 watts. So one run around the wild area should get you at least three days per day. You can also battle the glowing brilliant pokemon that occasionally pop up for about 200 watts per take down. Finally.

If you re still thirsty for watts. There s the rotom rally which you can initiate by talking to one of the white uniform officials located throughout the wild area. And it s a pretty fun time trial minigame that will get you around 200 watts for completing. It as well now from here on it s basically all luck with what des duo can dig up for you.

Which is why i recommend going with the more skillful brother as he s the only one. I ve gotten the rare fossils in your version from of course. If you do have a friend to trade with this whole process will be a lot easier as either brother can dig up the more common fossils found in your version. And then you can just trade them for the rare ones in the gala region fossils come in two halves.

Which you can mix and match to create four different abominations with different typings and stats..

Once you ve got two of each fossilized creature. You re finally ready for some fusion fun so head back to route. 6. And talk to the eccentric scientist known as careless to get the polymerization process started first.

We re gonna choose the fossilized bird and combine it with the fossilized dino to create the electric and ice type arctos alt. Objective completes. It seems the restoration was a great success yes i can see it in its eyes. This is a pokemon that walked the face of galler in ancient times.

Please take care of this pokemon huh music. The pokedex. Descriptions are also different in each version. And give some interesting insight on how these freaks of nature came to be so let s start with arctas.

Oh here who s shaking upper half is what generates its electricity. It has a hard time walking around pokemon shield claims this pokemon lived on prehistoric sea shores and was able to preserve food with the ice on its body it went extinct because it moved so slowly so already we see the pokedex is trying to claim that these pokemons actually used to exist in the forum that we re seeing it in does that mean pterodactyls were diving down into the water to procreate with dinosaur fish apparently so according to the pokedex. But i have a feeling there s something fishy going on with these descriptions either way arthas olt can either have both absorb or static as its abilities or the hidden ability slush rush which i m not sure if it s available in the games. Yet because you actually can t breed.

These pokemon either next up is my favorite of the bunch. Which can be created by fusing. The fossilized bird and drake into the electric and dragon type. Draco salt this little cutie is the result of what happens when you don t skip leg day and in ancient times.

It was unbeatable thanks to its powerful lower body. But it went extinct anyway after it depleted all his plant based food sources pokemons shield says. The powerful muscles in its tail. Generate its electricity compared to its lower body its upper half is entirely too small.

The pokedex is literally contradicting itself..

In one sentence. Saying that this is a natural thing with the pokemon. But then in the next. Saying.

It should not be possible for this pokemon to exist. I mean if you think about it literally. If the bottom half was cut like this wouldn t its guts just be pouring out into the ground like i don t know what s going on with careless his machine here i feel like this is illegal. But according to the pokedex.

It s totally fine so we ll just ignore it and talk about the fact that this electric dragging it can have both absorb as well or the ability hustle both art. Dozle and draco s all learned the exclusive electric type move bolt beak. Which is a physical move with 85 power that can be doubled. If the pokemon attacks before the enemy.

You may have noticed both of those pokemons used the bird fossil as the top half. But now we re gonna choose the fish as our first option and combine it with the fossilized rake to create draco fish the water and dragon type probably the strongest fossil of the bunch. This pokemons powerful legs and jaws made it the apex predator of its time its own overhunting of its prey was what drove it to extinction again the pokedex is claiming that these creatures naturally existed in the wild back in the day and somehow became extinct because of contradictions with its natural body pokemon shields says. It s mighty legs are capable of running at speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour.

But this pokemon can t breathe unless it s underwater okay that sounds perfectly fine to me like you re gonna have this tyrannosaurus lower half. But somehow the head of a fish attached to your tail. Like the head is not even attached to the right place. I m really curious if we re ever gonna see the top half of the fossilized drake or the bottom half of the fossilized bird.

Those are honestly the two i most want to see. But draco fish can have the ability water absorb or strong jaw. Which can further boost the power of its exclusive move fishiest rend. A water type physical move with 85 power that also doubles.

If the pokemon is faster than the opponent..

It can also have sand rush as its hidden ability just like draco zolt. But like i mentioned i m not sure if those are available right now finally if we combine the fossilized fish with the fossilized. I know we get the water and ice type art dovish this pokemon may have the most normal ish typing of them all and probably the most normal looking body until you realize its head is literally upside down. I know this may look like its mouth.

But remember dre kobish has the same top half and we can clearly see its mouth their meaning art. Delicious mouth is facing the wrong way making. It hard for this pokemon to even eat even though. It s able to capture prey by freezing its surroundings.

It has trouble eating the prey afterward. Because its mouth is on top of its head pokemon shields. Says the skin on its face is impervious to attack. But breathing difficulties make this pokemon go extinct anyway yeah totally normal and i m sure it was a part of everyday life back in prehistoric pokemon times.

Art. Dovish can have water absorb or ice body as its abilities with slush rush. As its hidden ability just like art those olt. But again i m not sure how to get those hidden abilities right now so i ll leave the question to you guys do these sound like pokemon that could have naturally existed back in prehistoric times.

That just so happen to go extinct. Because their bodies are literally a contradiction or as careless being a little careless with the way she fuses. These fossils so which of these fossil pokemon is your favorite or least favorite maybe you don t like any of them because they re freaks of nature that never should have existed no matter how much the pokedex descriptions may try to convince you otherwise now you re. This mad scientist.

Accomplished in creating these monstrosities of modern science. That clearly should have just stayed as part of game freak s imagination have fun music. ” ..


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