How to get ALL FOSSIL Pokemon in Sword and Shield Fossil Pokemon Guide

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“Hi friends and welcome back to another pokemon. How to guide. My name is lee lee also known as osiris and in today s guide. We will be looking at to get every fossil pokemon in pokemon sword and shield and just before we get into this guide.

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So to start us off. There are 4 fossil pokemon within sword and shield. There is dragovich the water and dragon pokemon draq assault. The dragon and electric pokemon ah kovash.

The ice and water type and aquas alt. The electric and ice type pokemon each one of these fossil pokemon has two fossil items that make it into that specific pokemon. We ll go into what each fossil is and the combinations. You will need to make to obtain these pokemon as we go through this guide now depending on which version.

You have you will be able to find certain fossils for these pokemon through normal gameplay in pokemon sword. You will be able to find the fossilized bird and dino items and in pokemon shield..

You will be able to find the fossilized drake and fish items. Now even though. These items are exclusive to each sword and shield title. There is a way in each game to obtain every single fossil item to do this we want a head first to the wild area and head towards the bridge field area near where to the pokemon nursery.

Is located as you can see what you want to do when you get to this area is find these characters who are the digger brothers you can pay each of them 500 watts and they will dig for you and find specific rare items including fossils to resurrect these fossil pokemon now there isn t much difference between the two the digger on the right will not get you as many items. But supposedly you will find you rarer items. Whereas. The digger on the left will find you more items.

But probably not as many of the rarer ones. Honestly i have spent a lot of watts on both of these characters and i can say that both are pretty even and will find the fossils you need after a little bit of grinding. So it s just of having a little bit of patience with this i think i spent around 20 minutes. Here before i was able to obtain every fossil that i was looking for as you can see here in one dig.

We obtained the fossilized bird dino and fish fossils and along with this we got some other pretty nice items as well you can get bottle cap swishing pieces and all of the elemental stones through this method. So even if you aren t searching for fossil items. It s something well worth taking advantage of especially at this cost. And as you can see after a little more grinding.

We are eventually able to get the fossilized drake item. Which is the final one we needed i will say before we got any further to get all four of these fossil pokemon..

You will need at least two of each of these fossil items. Now. I ve already been grinding prior to this video. So i do have them already and as i said it took me about 20 minutes of grinding through these diggers to get each one so again it could take another 20 minutes.

It might take 10 minutes. It depends on your luck. And just you ve just got to be patient with it you will get all of these items once again. It s just having the watts and the patience to do it.

So now we need to go and get these fossils restored. So to do this we need to head out to route 6 on your town map so you open up the town map you head up to route. 6. And once you re here you take a left up the ramp and speak to this lady npc character who will ask you if you want to resurrect your fossil items now she will ask you what combinations.

You would like to choose to start with we are going to resurrect dragovich. The vadra kovash. You want to combine the items. The fossilized fish and drake and as you can see this results in dragovich.

It is the water and dragon type pok mon. We were actually lucky enough to get a strong jaw as its ability and the adamant ability as well..

Which is ideal perfect for what we were wanting for a competitive dragovich. The next combination. We are going to complete is the fossilized fish and diner items and as you can see this will result in the octave ish. The next.

We re going to combine the fossilized bird and the fossilized drake to create rock result and finally. The fossilized bird and diner item to obtain ark result. So. That s all there is to it literally all the ways to there s those combinations.

There you can go back in this video and look through them. It is a very simple method and only requires a little bit of patience when initially hunting for those fossil items so to end the video for those of you who don t want to spend our software cent for that perfect fossil pokemon. I will show you a method that kind of skipped this process. So what you want to do is whichever fossil pokemon you resurrected you want to get it up to level 100 and you can do this by using a combination of the excel candies large candies medium candies and then rare candies.

I always find rare candies are better to use for the final few levels of a pokemon now once you have this pokemon. The specific pokemon to level 100. What you want to do is head to wind in battle tower. And once you re here you can head inside and then if you want to head to your right.

And speak to this npc character here who will actually hyper train. One of your pokemon..

The only restriction on being able to hyper train. A pokemon is it that it does have to be a level 100. So hence. The first step in this process.

Now we speak to this npc character. I ll ask if we want i between our pokemon. We ll say yes we ll choose just regular bottle caps. Because we ve got three stats that we want maxed out on dragovich and then we will go forward and ask him to max them out.

And that is as easy as that we have now six perfect ips on our dragovich and this can be translated into any of the other fossil pokemon that you do end up resurrecting. So you don t have to spend hours software setting for those perfect iv combinations. And also if you do want to skip the synchronizer step as well you can also come here and you can buy yourself a nature mint. So that will skip the step of having to soft reset for nature and you can just buy a mint.

They are quite pricey at fifty power points each. But it will save you a lot of time in the long run so this ends the guide. My friends i hope you found it useful please remember to leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more pokemon content. And i will see you for another pokemon guide.

Very soon so until then take care yourself and bye bye you ” ..

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This How to get ALL FOSSIL Pokemon in Sword and Shield Fossil Pokemon Guide will show you how to obtain the crazy powerful Dracovish, and how to get all fossil pokemon in sword and shield.

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