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“I m mike polka tips mike and today. I m going to show you how how to get all three kanto region starters in pokemon sword and shield and of for sword shields that means charmander pikachu and eevee. Because currently bulbasaur and squirtle are unavailable. So first let s start things off with pikachu now pikachu you could get extremely early on in the game.

Before you even get your first gym badge. Once you run through the gallery mine area you ll find yourself on route. 4. And it s there you ll be able to catch a pikachu and it kind of makes sense they could find it here because there s quite a few kids standing around dressed up as pikachu in this area.

Anyway. Once you re here..

Pikachu is kind of an uncommon encounter here. You re only going to be able to find it running around in the overworld. Not as a random encounter. And if you re playing pokemon sword.

Version pikachu has a 5 chance of spawning. However if you re playing pokemon shield version. Good luck because you only have a 1 chance of encountering pikachu now on to eevee you could also find eevee on the same exact route. Which again he makes sense.

Because there are people dressed up like eva here now eevee spawn rate is reversed in pokemon shield version. You have a 5 chance of seeing one spawn and in pokemon sword..

Version. You only have a 1 chance eevee is an incredible pokemon with eight different evolutions. So i would definitely recommend picking one up for your adventure and last. But not least.

We have charmander now charmander is very different than the first two you re actually going to need to play through the whole entire game and beat the champion to get yourself a charmander now. Once you beat the game become the champion and see the credits roll. If you go to hops house. And you go on the second floor.

You ll actually find your way to leon s room and in leon s room. You ll find this pokeball on the ground then it says..

There is a pokeball with charmander in it you read the letter attached to the pokeball. If you re reading this poki. Tips that i m leaving this special charmander to you let s have a real firey battle again soon best leon and bada bing bada boom. You just got yourself a char and er now taking a look at the charmander it comes at level five.

So it s kind of symbolic you beat the game. But you get a fresh new starter pokemon also right next to the pokeball. You ll see the giganta max symbol. Which means when you eventually evolve.

This charmander into a charmeleon and charizard. It will eventually someday be able to giganta max into that crazy form you see leon use and my friends you now know how to get yourself a charmander pikachu and eevee in pokemon sword and shield..

If you want to know how to go ahead and get pikachu and v. s jaaye get some ex forms in these games go ahead and click the link on the screen right now my friends thank you so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed it make sure you give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel for more content. Like this follow me on instagram at pokey tips.

Mike and i ll see you in the next one ” ..

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How to get three more starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield – Charmander, Pikachu and Eevee!

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How you can get your very own Charmander, which will eventually evolve into GIGANTAMAX Charizard, Pikachu which can evolve into Raichu, and Eevee which has 8 different evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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