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“Is going on everybody is nothing my skills here and in today s video. We we re gonna be talking about blueprints and how to get some of the best in the game. Now blueprints can come from a lot of different ways and blueprints will make a difference. And that s what we re standing in front of this crafting station.

If you look right here. There s a ton of blueprints you can get a total of 241 blueprints in the division now some of the best the best mods in the game you have to know how to get these right because if you want to unlock 20 round mags on the large pouch. A 35 round mag or if you want to unlock. Some of the better crit chance crit damage mods you need to know where to get them.

So the first place that you guys can unlock mods in the division are gonna be from side missions and you ve probably very noticed this as you guys are playing the game. You can do these side missions. As you level up through the game and each one of these side missions has a certain blueprint tied to it now there are approximately i want to say 4 to 5 secret missions that do have blueprints and one of them being one of the better damage to elite scopes that you can use with the nemesis. So that damage to elite scopes will allow you to put it like on an aka or m4 and then you can take advantage of the holster tennant.

All in nemesis. Now all of the side missions. Do give blueprints. So that is gonna be probably the first place that you guys knock out to get blueprints you want now after you have those where else can you get blueprints well.

If we head over to our projects and you look right here. We re gonna go down to this daily shade project right here this one is just donating you can do this once a day it resets. I want to say it s like 1 00 in the morning or 2 00..


In the morning for me. And it s always three different materials that you have to donate and as you donate these it will say daily shade project complete you head to the base of operation. We re gonna go up the stairs and that s where you re gonna claim your blueprint now you don t know what blueprint you re gonna get it can be any blueprint out of those 241 blueprints. But just know that is one way that you guys can get a blueprint now we re gonna see real quick that i still had one stacking on top of the other i didn t even know these could do this so.

This is new to me i went back to look at the projects to show you another way you get it. But look. I had one more daily shade on project. So that means i can actually unlock this one too so i m not sure if you don t do these every day.

If they stack on top of each other. But i had two of them so usually you can only do one of these once a day so i donated it we re gonna back out project complete. And i can go collect my blueprint. So that is the easy way once a day you can do that so definitely make sure you do that once a day.

And you should be able to pick up some materials pretty easy in the game now another way is to do your weekly projects now there are two weekly projects in the division. There s gonna be one for the theater and then one for the campus that give you blueprints. There is one for the dz. But that one doesn t give you a blueprint.

The weekly project for the campus and the weekly project for theater are the two that give you a blueprint so that is one more way if you re looking at trying to get blueprints as fast as possible if you re not both of these out at the same time. That s another way for you do that and not only that you get some pretty good materials you get on some good xp2 equipment items. So..


If you have time you want to do something. Besides the next step. I m going to tell you this is another way for you guys to get blueprints in the division. So now that we know that we can get blueprints from side missions and we know we can get blueprints from daily and weekly projects.

What is another way well. If you notice you have these control points laid throughout the map and these control points go up to level. 4. Now once you push these control points to level 4.

By doing these side activities every activity. That is tied to that control point with that little red line. Which you can do at world tier 4. And world tier 5.

Well that s gonna push it to level 4. And at level 4. Once you complete these you will get a blueprint and you can do this as much as you want as long as you have a control point you can level it up to level 4. Do it and then get yourself blueprints.

So if you re in the hunt for knocking out all your blueprints. Well there s a ton of control points all throughout the map for you to knock out and do over and over and over once you complete a level 4 control point you re never gonna really know what blueprint you get until you go back to the base of operation. And you head to the crafting station..


And at the crafting station. You should have an exclamation mark on whatever blueprint you get you can scroll down. Here. We have a look like damage to elite magazine.

So that s what was one of the blueprints we got and then we can go down. We have nothing else here. We also had a holster blueprint and it looks like we got the yaw gear holster. So that is how you check what blueprint you get because if you saw when i got that level.

4 blueprint. It just showed a little symbol right. It just showed a little symbol. So going back to the crafting station will show you those blueprints.

Now. The raid also has some blueprints that you can get from each boss. Each boss once a week has a chance of dropping the aces eights tip of the spear blueprints. And that is the blueprint for the full set.

So you might get the mask. One boss drop you might get um the chest piece another boss drop. But that is totally random..


But once a week you have a chance of getting those blueprints so if you re looking for the blueprints for the tip of the spear or the aces and eights that will come from the raid. Now you do have the hardwired set. And that comes from your project. So there is a green blueprint set if you want to pick up those it comes from the gold project.

You want to make sure that you not got this gold project. And there s different ways that you can get it you can just read the bounty itself. Sorry the quest itself and it shows you now there are a few hidden blueprints that come from the technician on field research at 2. You get the mother love gloves.

And then at 4. You get the shotgun blueprint and the gunners. The same thing at 2. You get a chest piece.

And at 4 you get the lmg so if you re looking at getting those blueprints those come from the projects. Doing that field research for each one the technician and the gunner you can see i only did one of them the mother you love gloves. But that s how you get all the blueprints in the division. Hopefully this helped you out hopefully was informative remember.

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Today we dive in to how to get all the blueprints in the Division 2.

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