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“Is going on everybody. It s nothing my skills here and in today s video. Video. We re gonna be talking about how to get that lullaby and how to the roofless even if you didn t get the ultimate edition.

Or you didn t even pre order. The division. You can still get both of these weapons now this was brought to my attention by one of my subscribers who told me and you guys know me for a long time my wall was missing one weapon. It was missing the lullaby and finally look at this wall.

It is a hundred percent complete and that was because i was able to get the lullaby now some of you guys might be missing the roofless. Too because you guys bought the game after the fact. And you don t have the two that you re seeing right here well don t worry in this video. I ll show you guys how you guys can end up picking this one up so when you first get the roofless.

The roof of this is gonna be level 1. And a little bite is gonna be level 1. Now the big difference between the merciless. And the roofless is you will not have guerilla warfare.


So guerrilla warfare will not be unlocked on the roofless at level 1. But when you fully upgrade the roofless to your score 500. It s gonna require you to use merciless and by doing that you ll get the guerrilla warfare. Now you do this at the crafting.

Vent and right here you can see it requires some materials. But then also requires converts the visuals of the merciless to the roofless. So the roofless is technically the merciless once you get it to gear score 500 just with a different skin. But before that it s just a roofless and it s missing.

Most of the talents now if you guys are trying to run the talent sparked and you ve been using the merciless for that and that s all you re using before well if you get the roofless that can substitute the merciless in the meantime. Until you get the merciless to drop not only from the skin. You also have that the merciless. It has a suppressor on it and the roofless does not the damage is exactly the same at 318.

Kay. So pretty much the same weapon now for the level by and for the sweet dreams. There is a little bit of difference in damage not much. But there is a little bit now the lullaby does have a talent like the sweet dreams talent.


But once you fully upgrade it to gear score 500. It takes over all the talents from the sweet dreams. And it puts it so lullaby and the only difference between the two is going to be that the little bow has a little bit more damage and then also the fact that it has a really cool skin. So that s really just up to you on which one you want to have here.

But this is a great way for you guys to get these weapons. If you re a hoarder like me if you if you like having every single exotic in the game. You didn t preorder the game. And you still want to be able to get it now to get both of these weapons.

You re gonna have to head over to the store go down to the store and then we re gonna head. We re gonna go over to add ons and now one of my subscribers actually brought this up to me. It s called a deluxe pack. If you look right here it s 950 on premium credits.

It has the lullaby exotic shotgun. There s gonna be a level one and a blueprint. So we can reek raft at endgame. It also has the roofless that s also going to be a level one plus.


The blueprint and then it has skill visuals and those skill visuals go on like your secret. Mind your firefly and stuff like that now they actually had a really good special going on and i ended up buying these so i got this and it was 1999 3000 premium credits. Plus. I got the mass usually all thousand premium credits is ten dollars so for twenty.

Dollars i got 3000. Plus. I got this really cool looking mask that i didn t have on my character before and i don t think you can unlock this any other way and i really like this i was like you know what i m just gonna spend twenty dollars. I got the twenty dollars anyway get the extra credits and so now i have the lullaby.

I have the roofless and i have them both maxed out at gear score 500. So my wall is 100 complete. Now and i m a little excited about that i ve been missing that a little bi for a while so i figured you know what it was about time. I ended up.

I heard i could buy it sign it a purchase in now. I don t recommend you guys all purchasing this if you don t need it but a lot of you guys were wondering about you haven t been able to get the merciless and you really want it for the holster talent to work with um sparked and that could be a great way for you to start off until you get the merciless. But remember to upgrade the lullaby to upgrade the roofless to gear score 500. You will need a sweet dream.


So your ended up having a farm that anyway and you will need a merciless to fully max them out. And then also get the extra talent from the merciless and the extra talent from the sweet dreams. So if you guys want to pick these weapons up you guys still can i know some of you guys asked about on a what s the difference between them they re exactly the same as the sweet dreams and merciless once you upgrade them because you do use the merciless and sweet dreams to upgrade them. But their level one stage that you get them in is not the same as the sweet dreams or merciless.

So that s the one thing you need to remember when they are level one. They only have that holster talent. The same and then that believe the top talents. The same the middle talent isn t the same on both of them.

So that s just something for you to keep in mind. But if you are somebody who like me who likes i m collecting all of these exotics and you didn t pre ordered. But you re a big division. 2 fan well then this is some way for you guys to get it back.

But just remember no difference between the merciless the ruthless sweet dreams. The lullaby all visuals. If you guys enjoy this video don t forget to leave a thumbs up hit the subscribe enter notification bilasa when i release a video you guys get notified until the next one nothing but skills is out ” ..


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Today we show you how to get the Exotic Rifle Ruthless and Exotic Shotgun if you didn t pre-order the game plus this exclusive mask.

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