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“What is going on everyone willis gaming here we are back again with another division. Division. 2. Video got very cool at video for you guys today as you know love doing this little secret like areas.

I guess secret items and games and all that cool stuff in this video guys i ll be showing you how to get the ghoul mask. Now this is a mask in the game. It is a cosmetic and it pretty much lets you obviously wear a mask on your face. And you just look menacing as hell on it great it looks pretty cool.

I like it and i love that these things in games. Now where you can just go out do like a little hidden secret thing and get this mask. It s really awesome so the winner from last videos to division giveaway will be on screen right now..


If you d like to win a copy of the game it s up to you guys this isn t required. But if you want to like the video. If you want to subscribe to the channel and i m gonna be picking a winner from the comment section down below with that being said let s begin so the ghoul mask. How do you get it now.

This is no easy task it requires you to kill a hunter. If you don t know what they are if you play the division. One they re sort of like layer like i guess npcs or enemies. They move a lot like players and they re pretty annoying to fight.

They are really really annoying to fight. If you ve ever for a hunter. They pretty much just run up to you one tap you they have drones they have like these ability is crazy and they can pretty much heal as well back to full health and it s nuts so where do you find this hunter to kill to get the mask..


So first of all to basically activate it you want to come to this location next to the i guess washington memorial. Or not sure what that building is called by it s pretty much here on the map you want to go get the shade tech. If you haven t got it already go here and then you ll be prompted to pretty much go underneath. The i guess sewers you ll then be put into this i guess rue.

When you re in this room. You ll notice that it s like a division. I guess agents base whatever and there ll be this little computer on the wall now you interact with the computer. And it will light up the map on the map.

It will then have a x with a circled area now this is the strip to i guess. The monument that x pretty much means you need to go there at night. As you notice..


There is a little moon symbol. So you have to wait until nighttime in the game to go to this location. Now. I m pretty sure the day night cycle is like 60 minutes either i cool it like just as it was going nighttime.

But it took me around like 20 minutes of waiting for it to to nighttime. So you need to go here at nighttime. When you go to this location. I ve just shown it on the map.

There it ll be this little hut in the middle of the strip. Now inside that hut there ll be a little light bulb. The light bulb will be off in the daytime and then when it turns night time it will start blinking now when the light bulb is blinking you need to shoot it make sure you are ready because this guy is gonna come straight out he is nuts if you do not put respect on him..


He will pretty much one shot. You the way i managed to kill him was i literally just ran over to the trees and i managed to catch him in the open and just melt him with my lmg when you kill him he will drop a obviously the mask. The ghoul mask. You can then go to your apparel and equip it on the masks section.

And yeah. It s a pretty cool little cosmetic. I love these things in games. But you can go out and do a little secret hidden thing i hope there s many many more to find and when there is i will make sure to upload it and show you guys.

But yeah that s been how to get the ghoul mask. I hope you guys enjoyed the video drop a like if you did let s try and get this video to a thousand likes that ll be awesome remember to subscribe to the channel for i guess daily division two video system well as gaming guys i will see you in my next one and peace music you ” ..

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How to get the ghoul mask in the division 2 enjoy 😀 !

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