How To Get The Mida Multi Tool Destiny 2

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” s up everybody welcome back to my channel today. We are back in destiny. 2. 2.

In this video. I m gonna be showing you how to get the mitem tool exotic scout rifle this will be the first video in a new series that i will be working on for destiny. 2. In this series.

I will be showing you how to get different exotics and then i will also be making review videos for those exotics. Giving. You my thoughts impressions and other useful information related to that exotic so. If that sounds like something you would be interested in seeing consider sticking around.


But enough of that let s get into the video and i will show you how to get this exotic scout rifle now first off you will need to complete the red war campaign and reach level 20. After doing this you will then want to return to the edc and talk to devaron kay. After you talk to him you will unlock. A new quest line called enhance.

Which is marked by this blue symbol. You will want to start this quest line and complete every part of it there are three to four parts of this quest line. But they are very simple and they shouldn t take you very long to complete. I think it took me maybe 20 minutes to finish this entire quest line and at the end of it you will be given the might of mini tool.

Legendary smg. Which is the second part of this maite set. Now after you complete this quest line and you receive the might a mini tool. You will want to travel to the tower and speak to the gunsmith.


He will have a new exotic quest line for you which will give you the might of multi tool. There are three steps to this quest. All of them are very simple compared to some other exotic quest lines currently in destiny. The first quest.

Step is called the sight shoot repeat and to complete this step. You will need to eliminate 50 enemies with precision shots. And eliminate multiple enemies. Without reloading.

You must complete both of these quest steps using a scout rifle. If you don t have a scout rifle already you can head over to your collection book and find a scout rifle that works best for you i would suggest looking for a scout rifle with a very large magazine this will make it a lot easier to kill multiple enemies without needing to reload. Once you have your skill rifle. You will want to head somewhere that has a large amount of weak enemies personally.


I suggest the trust land area. It easy. There are a lot of weak fallin. Here that you can easily kill in one to two shots and landing precision shots.

On them is very very easy some people have issues with the second part of this quest. Step so always aim to get three to four kills. Before reloading to make sure they count towards your progression. Now after you complete this quest step you will need to return to the gunsmith and he will have another quest up for you called under the hood and to complete this quest step you need to dismantle five rare or legendary scout rifles to complete this step.

Very quickly just go to your collection book and create five blue or purple scout rifles and then dismantle them exotic scout rifles will not count towards this quest step so don t dismantle any exotics that you have they will not count and then after completing this quest step you will need to return to the gunsmith. He will have another quest step for you called the fall will kill you and to complete this step you need to get fifty smg kills. While airborne. Which is a lot easier than it sounds personally i use the mine.


A mini tool to complete this step. But any smg will work. I went back to the edc and i killed fifty fallen while airborne. You don t need to be flying through the air for the kills to count.

I simply jumped in front of the enemy and then quickly killed it before touching the ground again it s very very simple but after completing this return to the gunsmith and he will give you the might of multi tool. And that is about it if you want to see a review of this weapon and a review of the might a mini tool head over to my channel. I will be posting a review video. There shortly after this video is uploaded.

I hope this has helped you and thank you for checking help this video. ” ..

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Mida Multi Tool Destiny 2

In this video I show you how to complete the Mida Multi Tool Exotic quest line in Destiny 2

Completing this quest line will give you an Exotic Scout Rifle and a Legendary SMG – Mida Mini Tool

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