How To Get The Secret Viking Axe And Helmet! Red Dead Redemption 2 Secret Items [RDR2

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“Back to another beautiful day in red dead redemption today. I m gonna be showing showing you guys how to get the viking axe and a helmet. We re gonna over to that general area right now but look at this beautiful vista. We spent a night out in the wilderness with our handy dandy camp and today.

We re gonna show you exactly where to get these awesome items now you will want to get these to get all of your achievements in the game. Now we need to go just north of anna s burg. See where this forks out right here we re gonna kind of go into this general area and we re gonna be able to find the items there i m gonna show you exactly where to get them we re gonna start cooking our way up there right now but i hope you guys all enjoy this video. If you do don t forget to share your support and smash that like button.

If you re new to the channel and want to see more red dead redemption to content and special items make sure to subscribe a lot of the times. When traveling. I just find myself taking in this amazing world that rockstar games has created for us. It is stunningly beautiful and just incredibly detailed.

I absolutely cannot get enough of this game. I m sorry it was in it was sunrise and i was going through these hills and i just had to kind of bring you guys in and just show how beautiful this is take some time while playing the game. Just to appreciate the sheer amount of work that must have gone into creating this so i really seem to have a curse people more often than not every time i find them died. I know i don t exactly know what s happening.

But i want to check out this horse here come here horsey you look like you might be a pretty good horse. Let s study. This thing here real quick. I love just all the crazy things we could find on the way so this is a kentucky saddler nothing too crazy.

But this guy. I m just coming around the corner minding my own business on my way to get the viking stuff. And this dude just drops dead. You got any goodies here.

Oh god dollar seventy five oh for gold teeth. Nice. Now we have just gotten to the area. Where this is and it s pretty easy to find off the side of the road.

If you are following the pathway on the map south towards the fork in the road you re gonna see it on the left side if you re coming up from the fork. You re gonna see it on your right side. And it s gonna be just off this little dip here and you ll be able to get the two items just inside of here you see this right here..


That s what we need to go down and just as we go down inside of this we re gonna find the axe. We can actually inspect the site. Which is interesting. It s an old tune.

It s very cool we re actually drawing something up who were these interesting who were these fellows that s pretty cool i love the journal. If you guys haven t been checking out the journal. You definitely need to but right there we can look at it. I ll want to pick up v of viking patches.

Oh. Yeah. Now we can actually inspect this if we so desire hold for details. Let s do that there we go so a favorite weapon ranking.

12. Out of 59. So the damage is pretty high range and accuracy. A rare ancient hatchet engraved all over with nordic pattern and bound with a leather this melee weapon was found an old stone altar in the ray enoki valley area of new hanover lodged into a skull this hatchet can also be thrown.

Very very cool now while we re in this location. We re also going to get the viking helmet. Let s go ahead and back out of here. And if you go just inside of here all along the walls.

You re gonna see all sorts of skulls and stuff now in one of these skulls. We re gonna find or one of these little nooks. We re gonna find the viking helmet. Which is right here.

Now let s go ahead and pick this bad boy up there we go now we have this instead of a hat. You have found a special hat this hat has been added to your wardrobe and can be stored on your horse special hats glow when lying on the ground look at us we look beautiful. Especially with those muttonchops. Oh.

My goodness so let s go ahead and test out. The viking axe a little bit. I m pretty excited about it and i m definitely gonna be showcasing some more of these special items that you can get in the game..


So definitely make sure to keep an eye out on the channel for those releasing very soon. Now that we ve got this weapon. We can have a little bit of fun with it it is a throwable. Oh the stupid guy spooked.

The deer. I was wrong you know what since its throwable uh. Oh yes oh wait come back. He s got my ax.

In his head and knocked his hat off um. Yeah. Since it is a throwable you will need to actually retrieve it afterwards and it ll leave a little golden thing on the ground and so you know to actually go and get it and exactly where it s gonna be so it s not gonna be terribly easy to lose just make sure you do pick it up after you threw it we got a gold wedding ring. Yeah.

I feel like he deserved that for spooking away my prey. I do want to see if we could kill an animal with it though instead of a person. I kind of feel bad about that i ve been trying to be really good in the game so far. But i do have to say this helmet looks particularly cool let s see if we can get a little bit of a closer look.

There we go. Especially. With the mutton. Chops.

Oh yeah. So much better than the hat. That we had and let s see if we can find another deer. I wonder if i could actually kill a fish with it that thing.

Oh i did it yes fish killing extraordinaire come here fish. You are mine well. Then does a poor suck eyes salmon. That is by far the best way to fish ladies and gentlemen who needs a fishing rod.

When you have a freaking viking. A hatchet can i kill another fish with it you re going down son. I don t know why i find that so funny..


It s not what kind of fish are you we re a poor bluegill. It s probably better if it didn t have an axe through its face. But regardless. It s the best way to fish.

Oh there is what we re looking for no no no come here come here. Where do you think you re going you re gonna get next in the face come on baby get it oh got him one shot. I haven t actually taken one of these things down either. I m actually really glad murder for what s that did nothing.

I know what you re talking about i got so i got an elk. We have my can i have my hatchet back out of your sweet sweet elk body. Please maybe you know i gotta say. There s something extremely satisfying about hunting something down.

I haven t actually murdered one of these things before and i don t think i could take it with me so we can actually it s a bighorn ram. The ax doesn t like coming out of animal. I got it right in the booty hole that ladies and gentlemen is a horrible way to die. I actually feel quite bad about it to be honest with you oh man can i can i have my axe back please.

That s just that s pretty much the worst way to die ever. I think anyways there s did you know there s a hundred in like 78 different things in this game. I really just want my axe back. I think.

It s just lodged in there forever this thing s got the oh. It might be gone forever. Uh. Oh like oh no i just got it back thing.

Thank god. I was a little worried about that but we finally got our first ram. So that was pretty cool don t mind me sir unless you get an axe in the face whoa whoa. You want to get axe.

Too don tcha. I bet you do oh. He does he so wants to be axed got him did you get for being don t come back with my comeback..


There we go go boy. So this guy. He was being a bit of a douche canoe and i didn t i didn t like him let s see if he s got any goods on him. What s in your pockets.

They re good. Sir ooh. Health care. Nice very nice.

This is a big ol fish right here. I want some of that fish. We can use this for bait. Too.

Which is nice 100 undisputed best way to fish. I mean you can t argue with the results kanya. It was a muskie huh is that a good fish do we really have to tie this to the back of our horse. This is a big old fish.

I guess the camps gonna be happy about this one. But there are quite a few other things that you can get in this game by exploring extensively everything that this game has to offer now. I ve shown a couple. Other weapons that you can get in this game.

Like these skull filled revolver and the pump action shotgun. Which you can both get for free. So definitely make sure to check out those episodes. I do have an entire playlist for all the special things that you can get in red dead redemption and if you guys haven t already make sure to check out the full gameplay series that i ve got going on for this.

It s a lot of fun we re doing live streams and videos. So if you feel so inclined to join in and explore this world with me definitely make sure to check one out anyways. Thank you so much for watching. I m gonna sit here and have a little bit of fun fishing.

But i hope you all enjoyed it i will see you all in the next one ” ..

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Check out how to get the viking Axe And Helmet In Red Dead Redemption 2! We also test out this Axe and it is amazing!


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