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“Guys welcome back to my channel just program sugar again. I know it s been been a while but today. I m going to go over how to get your containers to appear inside of your base as we know with the new update up next. It doesn t really allow you to do that anymore.

So i figured out two simple ways for it to for it to work alright. First way. All you have to do is simply place them on the ground side by side like this and put some rooms next to it i don t obviously a door you can get into it alright..


Now the thing with this though if you do it this way. It will not allow you to put them on the other side like this alright. So the second way. I figured out is a way around that so that you can kind of walk down the aisle and have a mom both sides.

Now you ll already need to have some sort of a structure. Okay so it has to be up high enough to worry you ll need stress. So when i say struts..


I ll show you what i mean here in a second alright. So it s up there like that alright actually we re gonna need one more row here. So you can put and i okay like that now you ll need to put down this these things all the way to the ground on both sides just like that now once you ve done that let s believe these over here bring out your containers put one. There one on the other side.

Then you can delete both of these or you can keep the one on top whatever you decide continue to put them down the rows. Here like that so temperamental okay so we got we got that down there now like i said before you can now put these like slow runaround once you ve got your little setup. Here like that if you want you can build a ladder system whoops..


So you can ladder. It like that you put the things in there and a ladder. It down and walk up and down like that or you can just delete this whole thing entirely obviously and build just on the ground now. And you have that now fair bit of warning.

Once you do this like once you ve created your your room for them you cannot put any more huh. I guess you can if you delete if there if it s right next to it i mean excuse me that s what i meant to say so. If you place it next to one that s already there then it ll let you do it..


But for instance. If i want to put one here at the end it won t let me do it i always forget where these things are they see come on though it won t i can t put it there no if i delete this then try and put it there it ll let me okay so it s pretty temperamental kind of dumb. But that s i do it that s your workaround in order to get them to be r appear inside so thanks for watching guys. ” .


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