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“Yeah. Hey. What s up guys average sniper here and this is a guide for for how you can download pub g lite now pub g light is coming to pretty soon according to the dev letter. But until then if you want to play it and you don t live in one of the countries that is supported go ahead and watch this guide.

It s actually pretty easy to do even if you re not a very technical person alright. So the very first thing we want to do is change our timezone. So we re gonna before we go to any websites or download. Anything we re gonna go down here right click on the clock and hit adjust date and time and we re going to change from wherever you happen to be we re going to change.

The utc plus seven o clock. Bangkok. Inouye. Jakarta.

And then you can just close that window. And your clock should change down. There and then we re gonna go ahead. And download a proxy program now this program is what tricks the applications on your computer or makes it it s what tricks pubsey light into thinking the applications on your computer are connecting from a different country so practice fires a free download and all these links will be in the description you can just go out to proxy fire comm download that install it and then come back to the guide alright once you have proxifier downloaded and installed you need to set it up so we re gonna go ahead over to this website that lists some free proxies for thailand.


And we re going to use this one to play pub g. Light. So you can take any of these ip. Addresses and ports and copy them once you have them copied go ahead and open up your proxy fire program and this is what you ll see on the screen.

And it might seem kind of complicated if you re not technical. But it s actually not so just hit the little button up. Here. That says proxy servers on the top.

Left. And then you can go ahead and add one in and just copy and paste the address and the port and choose sox version four and then press ok and then press ok again and that will connect every application you open on your computer through the proxy server. Which will make it looks like it comes. Which will make it look like it comes from thailand.

So now that you ve done that we need to download and install pubsey light for a faster download you might want to temporarily close the proxy fire software and then go to light pub z. Comm. Link is also in the description once you get here you can just click the download button and install that application but before you install it go ahead and make sure you reconnect your proxifier program. And all you have to do is open it back up.


And it should automatically reconnect now that you have pub g light. Installed. You should have an icon on your desktop. That says pub g.

Light so go ahead and open that up and you ll either have to create an account or sign in to an existing account so i m just going to sign into the account. I already have and if you get a different language. When you try to create an account you might just want to temporarily turn off whoops that closed out you might just want to temporarily turn off the proxifier program. While you create an account in case.

It gives it to you in a different language. So it s sometimes sometimes it ll glitch out. But let s try signing it again music okay there we go so when you first get in before you install instead of saying start down here. It will actually say install you ll have to go through that install process and you ll need to leave the proxifier turned on so it might take quite a while to download.

But it s only two gigabytes so just give it some time pause this video and then come back when it s finished when the download is finished. You ll see this big orange start button make sure your proxy proxifier is turned on click the start button. And it will launch pub g. It might take a little while for it to initialize and connect.


But eventually you should get to the main lobby screen once you get past any errors or lobby errors. You will be right here ready to start playing pub g. Lite. So choose your preferences and then click the start button to find a match.

And there is one more important step you ll have to do so as soon as it finds a match you ll want to actually close your proxifier software. There s two reasons for this the first is that for some reason. The software causes in game errors that cause it to crash. So you ll want to hit your windows button or windows d for minimize right click on your proxifier icon whoops right click on your proxy fire icon and click exit once you re in a match you won t be you will not be disconnected.

Because you closed. Proxy fight and you ll have a much better connection. Because you won t actually be going through a proxy anymore. You ll be directly connected to their servers.

Through your internet. Connection. Now here s the trick. When you go back to the lobby screen.


You need to have proxy fire open. So let s pretend i just got killed or maybe i just want to match and i have the exit lobby button before we hit that exit to lobby button we want to go back open up proxy fire and we want to hit the continue evaluation button. That will keep proxifier open. So that we can exit back to the lobby.

So let s sit exit. The lobby and say ok so basically every time you start a match. You want to close proxy fight and every time you end a match before you exit to lobby. 8.

You want to open it back up so the lobby thinks you re connecting from one of the countries in the allowed list all right guys. I hope this tutorial helped pretty soon. We should be seeing pub g light on steam. But until then maybe this will get you playing early thanks for watching guys.

And i ll see you on the next video or the next livestream later music music. ” ..

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