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“People so today. I am going to be telling you about how to make a a bed and set your spawn point. We re kind of going back to basics as usual. Though i m going to be very thorough and i m going to include some tips on how to make a bed earlier than might normally be possible and how to find a good spot to put it when you re just starting out.

So bed is normally used to set your spawn point to set a spawn point other than the default spot that you would spawn in the world. It can also be used in place of a chair as a comfort item for one of these nights. Npc houses. So normally you would have a table and chair or even a workbench and a chair.

You can use a bed or a couch or something like that as well so there are many types of beds. All of them require a loom because you need some silk to make a bed. So that s the one in the middle here the wooden thing with the little cloth cloth hanging from it loom of course used to make various clothing items. But you can use it to make silk from seven cobwebs and that s going to become very important for making a bet.

Any kind of bed will need five silk which we use 35 cobwebs. The normal way to make a bed is also by using the saw mill. So how this works is a loom can actually be found sometimes underground in and some of the underground houses. But a saw mill will have to be crafted.

So a saw mill is made from ten wood to iron or led bars and one chain at the workbench. So if you have all those items and of course to make chain. You will also need an anvil because you ll need one iron or led bar to make ten chain at the anvil. So basically you re going to need a lot of iron or led to get started doing that but once you have it all you can make your saw mill from ten wood to iron or led bars on one chain at your workbench and i ve already gone ahead.

And done that so i can save a little time here and your basic bed recipe from there is five silk as i mentioned plus fifteen of any one type of wood and there are certain types of blocks that you can make beds from at the saw mill as well. But if we go here..

Yeah. I ve actually gone ahead and done. I think i ve got some chain in here. Though yeah right there so i can go ahead.

And i can show you that that is now valid for me to make a bed here there we are and as you can see 15 wood and 5 silk. You can also make beds from various other types of wood and the type of wood that you use will change the type of bed that you get now as far as there are a couple. Exceptions to that though where you actually don t need the sawmill so if you find a loom because you ll still need that loom to make the silk. You can find that in some of the underground houses.

Though and certain other things will allow you to make a bed a little earlier so two really easy ones actually are to make a cactus bed or a pumpkin bed. Those don t require the sawmill. They are either 15 cactus or 15 pumpkin and the five silk that remains constant. But then you can just go ahead and use it do that at the workbench and you can see here.

If i look into my crafting. I ve got 15 cactus and 15 pumpkins. So i can use either of those i can make cactus bed. With 15 cactus and five silk and it s gonna look like that or i can also make a pumpkin bed with 15 pumpkin and five silk and that ll actually kind of give you a shortcut if you can find a loom.

Without hunting around for all kinds of iron to make your anvil and your sawmill and your chains. If you happen to find a loom that ll give you kind of a quicker. Route another option is actually this this is the living would loom now you ll still need the regular loom. But you can find these living wood looms in the houses underneath some of those living wood trees the big trees and i m gonna show you one of those for an example in a second.

But if you have one of these living wood looms. You can also make a living wood bed..

And that s just 15 wood and five silk again it s the same recipe as your basic bed. But it s a living wood bed and it doesn t require that sawmill so again that can be another shortcut if you re lucky like i. Let s say. I was lucky i use a custom world generator as well actually.

But a lot of worlds will spawn with the big trees here and some of them this one doesn t but this other one over here does some of them will have a room underneath and actually i ve gone ahead and i ve put a bed in there. And that s what i was getting about as far as the requirements to actually set a spawn point and to set a bed down and have it actually be useful you have to have basically the same requirement as your npc houses. Which you saw up there and i covered that in a separate video. What the requirements for npc houses are but you can actually use this this little room.

Which effectively functions as a house underneath. One of these trees you can also use the little houses that you ll find on the floating islands. If you re lucky enough to find one of those early in the game. Those actually will count as valid houses.

If you have the right furniture. And you put in a light source. But as far as the bed. You don t need the furniture or the light source you just need room that s big enough.

And the requirement is 60 blocks total including the walls and the floor in the ceiling. It s a space of 50 or sorry 60 blocks and normally. It s player placed background walls. That s why this little room under the tree and the ones on the floating islands are actually an exception to that normally you have to place the background walls.

So if you dig a hole in a cave underground. And it s got you know the the normal mud background or stone background..

That s not going to count. Unless you replace that background with player placed walls. So the the basic structural requirements are the same as an npc house. Though it s 60 blocks.

Including the walls floor and ceiling. And it s got to have normally the player replaced background walls. Which also ensures that enemies can t spawn inside. You don t however need to use or need to worry about any other furniture for you to be able to spawn in here.

And you don t necessarily need a light source. Although of course. That s going to be helpful. And this is an early way if you re just starting a game this gives you somewhere to go without you know building your own house and having to meet all those requirements and being you know more vulnerable out in the open.

Where the zombies might get to your house more easily or whatever if you happen to find one of these trees and you have a under here that is actually a very convenient way to get started and it counts as an npc house. If you leave the table in here as well and well the chair or your bed. And as far as actually setting your spawn point. Once you ve set a bed down like this you just right click.

And if you re on another platform of course. This is on pc. It s just a simple right click on other platforms. It s gonna be your secondary action button whatever.

That is and you can see down in the corner. I can set that or remove that spawn point..

If i remove it then i m gonna go back to the default spawn point. Which is this spot randomly on the ground in the world. Which of course again leaves me kind of exposed. Now there are also various other beds.

You can make special beds especially some that require special crafting stations. Generally. Though it s still going to be that same basic recipe of 15 of the type of block that goes with whatever special crafting station. It is and again your five silk that you re gonna make at your loom.

So for instance you can make a sky where bed from 15 sun plate blocks and five silk. If you get a sky mill. Which you ll find in some of those floating islands. You ll find a sky mill.

And there s various other crafting stations that you can either make or come across and you can make special beds out of those things. But that covers basically what you need to know and again. I can i can make a little space remove a chair from one of these i can put a bed in one of these rooms. And that ll spawn me in a nice safe little house and that s the basic idea here so it again.

It does have to be enclosed. It does have to be a proper room structurally the same requirements as an npc house. Although not the furniture around the lighting. And that s about it so that s how you make a bed and that s how you set your spawn point hope you like the video thanks for watching please subscribe.

If you haven t already and i ll see you next time bye for now ” ..

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Guide on how to set a spawn point in Terraria, aka make a bed EASILY and use it (crafting recipe, tutorial and more). Includes tips and tricks for getting it done as early in the game as possible.

Great for spawning on a floating island or in an underground house, which I also explain how to do! Covers all platforms (PC, IOS, Android, Xbox One u0026 360, PS3, PS4, 3DS, Nintendo Switch and others)!

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