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“Right how you guys doing so i do not usually post stuff like this. But but i was having a very hard time finding this myself. And so i decided not do a video on this today. But i ll be showing you how to get is how to get the technology modules.

The ones that you have to get for building. Something like the advanced mining lazy. The laser technology module so a lot of different sources. Say that you get them from technology traders.

Now the bad part about that fact is the fact that at the very beginning of the game. When you re doing the first story mission you repeat..

A certain set of codes to different tech. Technology. Merchants or hopefully. Didn t and you just got you know the first one right basically.

What happens is that it completely locks. You out of ever making contact with those merchants ever again. Now you don t need these technology merchants. That s the thing a lot of things say that you do.

But you don t you actually need the galactic trade network. Let me show you what i mean so..

When you go to the left side of any space station you can talk to these technology merchants. There are four different ones. All right they give you different kinds of things so you can either trade nandai clusters for different kinds of things what they trade free to you for nanite clusters depends on what kind of person you re talking to or you can go to upgrade. Modules.

Now. If you were paying attention. You would have seen that there were no technology modules now you ll know. Which one day you re looking at but weapons guy bike well there s a weapon shift guy by the ship in the background vehicle guy by the vehicle in the background and access suit guy because of the exosuit module right here so you don t need any of these you can t get the technology module from those guys you know you can you know there s no way it s 100 not possible.

But what you can do is you can go to the galactic trade network. Now what i mean by the galactic trade network..

Is those little things on the wall. So if you walk up to it it s a called a at least here the nine six nine eight 1 5 matrix. If you buy items to that galactic trade network. Technology module right here in and is it pricey.

But that s how you get them. Now. I don t know why a lot of people are saying. Oh you get them from the merchants.

You don t get them from the merchants. All right you get them from this son of a bitch not merchants..

All the way over there and you saw what i m you know what i meant i mean if i go through every single one of them and you know i go through each one they re pages. And i look for a technology module. I can tell you you can do it yourself there they won t be there. But you know where they will be i think a lactic trade network.

All right now have fun getting this it took me a while to figure this out by myself. Because all the sources that i found didn t even say that but uh yeah. Good luck. And hopefully you have a fun time playing oh man sky.

” ..

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