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“Is that going on guys and welcome to the channel. My name is fillie beats beats you and in this video. I m gonna be showing you guys how to max okay. So you guys might be wondering how do you reset a raid battle.

Or even a matter of fact. What is a reset raid battle so basically you guys. By now know that their raids that appear in the world and that raids that appear on your friends list let s talk about single player experience. When you approach a raid pillar make sure to save right before it before entering into that raid pillar therefore if you fail the pokemon or you lose and the pokemon escapes quickly reset the game and then get back out and then the raid will reset when you come back in the game.


The pillar will still be there and the pokemon will be there now here s the thing let s just say for example you bump into a shiny gmax pokemon okay that s big so what you want to do is well say before like i said enter the battle if you catch it great you don t have to reset. It if you don t catch it bad reset the raid battle. And you don t have to wait for something special to show up again so for this example then i m gonna be showing you it s gonna be the online example when you play with a friend. Which is actually kind of big because a friend can actually help you get what you want even if they have something so in this case.

I m gonna be playing with my buddies undo. Hello. And i m gonna be showing. You basically both cameras of us playing.


Now what s going on is he found the raid battle in his gameplay. So we ll switch over to his gameplay of him finding a getting a g max butterfree. Now neither of us have it but in this case. Let s pretend that he already has it so we re gonna battle it have an intense fight break it get it to the part where we have to catch it and what s gonna happen is i m gonna throw a pokeball for this day because i know pokeballs have a very low probability of catching it and it s gonna break out of my pokeball and just like i said butterfree breaks out of it so because i was not able to catch butterfree and it saves on mayan sundew.

Who started the raid on his game on his gameplay. As you can see here. He s going to quickly exit out reloads his game. So he comes back he quits the software starts it up comes back anywhere.


He loads back in guess what that raid is there again which gives me his friend a second chance at catching gmax butterfree. So what we re gonna do is he s gonna initiate the exact same raid. Because he never saved afterwards. He saved before the raid and then quit the battle when the raid failed for me or if it failed for him because the game stays after you come out the raid.

I join him we fight butterfree to the death again we both this time are able to knock down butterfree. I throw my pokeball first i catch butterfree which then sends a signal to him that okay billy got it therefore i m gonna throw it out and i m gonna catch it now he then throws his pokeball and catches it and now we both acquired gmax butterfree. Just like that and that is the trick on how to soft reset in order to get the pokemon you want and to help your fellow friends get the pokemon they want if it s not them that starts the battle. But it s you that start the battle so if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to like subscribe and don t forget to join the discord server.


Because we have crazy max rate battles happening all the time everyone is helping out each other so guys my name is fillie beats. You and i will be seeing you guys in the next video take care music. ” ..


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