How to unlock ACRID – new Risk of Rain 2 survivor – YouTube

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“Everybody the hidden realms. Update is live and here is how to get the new new survivor. Accurate as fast as possible. The first thing is to immediately look for newt altar to get a blue portal to the lunar bazaar.

If you re watching this on the day of upload the prismatic trial has a newt altar. Practically as soon as you spawn and follow where i go to find it once you are inside the blue portal turn around and jump off the cliff..

There will be a massive opening in the wall. Surrounded by a yellow mist go inside and follow that tunnel down to the bottom. There s a portal at the end enter that to enter the void realm. Here you ll have to complete a wave based challenge of activating nine cells that are scattered randomly across the map activate the cell to begin spawning waves of monsters once you complete the ninth one you will unlock accurate.

If you are not in the purple area around the cell. You will repeatedly take damage over time and staying inside the purple circle will prevent you from taking the damage..

So keep that in mind if you re relying on cautious slugs to heal you for example you do not need to stay in the zone to charge the cells now like a teleporter zone. It will continue charging until it hits 100. No matter. What also if you re feeling extra spicy you can activate multiple cells at the same time.

If you want to speed things up just know that the difficulty gets very tough. However and the real challenge is that the monsters gain items while you fight them such as teddy bears children s ukuleles literally anything as you can see in the clip..

My monsters got frickin clovers as their items so you never know anyway after you complete the ninth cell. You will unlock a crit and that s all there is to it know that you can do this special wave tower defense void realm thing once per run even after you ve unlocked accurate. And you are guaranteed a red item at the end of the ninth cell. So keep that in mind if you want to watch me.

Play some accurate. Live you can check out my stream over at twitchtv slash wooly gaming and consider joining our discord server as well thank you for watching..

” ..

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Guide on unlocking the new Risk of Rain 2 character, as fast as possible.

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