How to UNLOCK Secret Ending – Kingdom Hearts 3

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“What s up youtube deluxe here and a i want to share with you all all how to unlock. The secret movie for kingdom hearts. 3. Not the epilogue seeing scene is shown after being the game.

Which is obtained through dlc after the release of the game. Now if you re not familiar with the concept of the secret movies in kingdom hearts. They re usually cgi cinematics that tease the next installments of the series for example in kingdom hearts final mix. There was the secret ending called another side another story that t is what was going to unfold in kingdom hearts.


As well as the gathering. Which was the secret ending for kingdom hearts. 2. That turned out to be a teaser for birth by sleep.

But before that game was announced. Everyone and their mother thought that the secret ending was for kingdom hearts. 3. Man those were the days anyways here s what no more had to say about how to unlock the secret movie from an interview.

He did with firm..

It s you the secret movie will be released on the 31st. But the unlocking conditions will be related to the number of fortune marks. Slash marks. A fortune photographed and by marks.

A fortune. He means. The hidden mickeys no more continues saying this depending on the degree of difficulty you choose at the beginning of the game. The number of pictures you ll need will defer if you are in the easiest beginner mode.

You need to shoot all the marks..

But it s okay if you miss some and standard or proud to a certain extent the amount needed in proud mode is quite small. But i think standard mode is not that severe either so there you have it the conditions to a lot. The secret movie aren t that difficult. But maybe time consuming with certain hit mickey s being hard to find so let me just think that comes in down below about the conditions to unlock.

The secret movie in kingdom hearts. 3. This seems like a very simple task doesn t seem like it s gonna be that hard at all can t wait to see what s actually in the secret movie as a side note. I did witness the epilogue for kingdom hearts 3.

I m sorry i couldn t resist in japanese obviously..

And i m already excited for kingdom hearts. 4. So i m really curious to see what the secret movies gonna bring to the table anyways. If you guys enjoyed this video make sure to hit the like button really helps me out subscribe for more content for me on kingdom hearts.

3. You know the games in general i m deema lex. I ll see you in the future applause music ” ..


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