How to Unlock the Gofannon Forge (Full Quest / Guide) Destiny 2 Black Armory

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“Everyone showing you how to gain access to the go fan and forge in black black armory first things first you re gonna want to go and find random fallen. The world they will potentially drop a stolen black armory gear now once you have this you re gonna head back to ada in the tower and she s gonna have you gather additional tainted gear. What i did was go ahead to the tangled shore and then i went into the lost sector in the thieves landing area and just started taking down every fall. And i saw with precision shots.

Now these drops are random. So it might take a little while once you ve completed that part you re gonna head to spyder. He s gonna give you another quest and this one is going to include completing a heroic cryopod event and mailing 75 fallen in the tangled shore. Now this can get a little tedious as well to basically go around every phone.

You see go ahead and with your melee. The good part about this is you can take care of this step of the quest. While you re waiting for the public event to spawn and then once that happens go ahead and make it heroic by throwing the orbs that are in the vents at the boss to freeze him in place like so and then now once this event. Is completed assuming you ve made late 75 fallen.


You ll get the next part of the quest. You re gonna go see spider. Again. And he s gonna have you now travel to the e dz and once in the heed.

Easy you re gonna have a mission to complete here. This is a recommended 620 light mission and essentially this entire thing is just you completing lost sectors back to back with bosses at the end of them now these bosses are going to be shielded similar to the forge bosses. You ve been fighting already so go ahead and take down their shields and do damage to them depending on your light level and if you re doing this solo you may have to do this. A couple different times as the shields will come back so essentially just go ahead and try and work them down as quickly as you can also you will need to clear all the enemies in this lost sector to get to the next part.

Where you re scanning these crates now at the end of completing these lost sectors and the last you ll get another step in the quest word of warning. This one can get a little tedious as well basically you re going to go back to necess and on necess. You re looking for a high value fallen target or a captain. So what i did was go to exodus black area on necess and wait for a high value target to appear.


Now a lot of people are doing this quests as well so as soon as you see that hindhaugh heat target pop up start looking around for him as fast as you can otherwise other people in the area are gonna take him down and you will not get credit for this just by opening the crate so yeah once that is done you will get another quest this one takes you back to yet another lost sector. This one in the cistern and this is more or less similar to the ones you do in the e dz. Except. There s only one lost sector.

This time thankfully and once inside you re gonna have a nother boss to take down and as you guess that the mechanics are the same go ahead and take down the bosses. Shield and then try and do as much damage as possible to them as quickly as possible the big difference from this one and the edc. One is you will not have to clear all the ads around here in order to progress you just need to take down the boss. So ya use your heavy hitting weapons use your super or whatever you got on you again.

If you re doing this solo. It may take you a little bit longer. But again. I was six thirteen six fourteen while doing this so it wasn t too much of a hassle for me.


Just a little time consuming and as you can see with the boss down now you re gonna go up and scan. These crates in the back here and once this is done this will take you to yet another step in the quest. These guys are gonna kill me there we go all right now you are still on necess you re gonna go into another 620 light activity. Although this one is the go fan and forge itself you re going to unlock.

It by completing this one so you are thankfully near the end of this quest chain once inside the forge. You guessed it you ve got another boss. This one a giant servitor also shielded so again similar mechanic. You ll have to take down the shield.

Do damage. And you ll have to do this multiple times throughout the fight. This guy is a bullet sponge. He definitely takes a lot of damage to bring down and this is similar to other servitor events.


He will teleport you around the arena as the fight goes on there s also a ton of ads that come in so yeah not a fun fight. But it s not a darkness zone. So no big deal there and once the servitor is down you are on the final step of the quest return to ada in the tower. And she will give you access to the go fan and forge along with that you will get a basic sniper rifle frame.

Which is gonna involve more grinding. But at least the fortress unlocked after all this so thank you guys very much for watching. And hopefully this helps you out ” ..


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Hey all! Here s a guide for the quest steps to unlock the Gofannon Forge in Black Armory. It s a long, tedious quest, so while I ve condensed this down into a five-minute video, plan on setting aside a couple of hours to do this, especially if you re doing it solo. No idea why they decided to make it so long and involved just to unlock a Forge, but it is what it is.

Also, a warning: Apparently, you can only have one weapon frame in your inventory at a time. If you still have a weapon frame from the Volundr Forge, complete that first before picking up any other frame. It will erase the frame you get from completing this quest, and you won t be able to retrieve it. I m sure this will be fixed, but save yourself the trouble now.

STEP 1: Defeat random Fallen anywhere to get a Stolen Black Armory Gear drop.
STEP 2: Return to Ada in the Tower for the next step.
STEP 3: You need 35 Precision Kills against Fallen enemies. This will drop Tainted Black Armory Gear at random. Since you ll need to visit the Tangled Shore soon enough, I went here to farm the materials needed in The Empty Tank lost sector.
STEP 4: Visit Spider for the next step.
STEP 5: You need to complete a heroic Cryo-Pod event in Thieves Landing, as well as 75 melee kills against Fallen in the Tangled Shore.
STEP 6: Return to Spider again.
STEP 7: Now you need to go to the EDZ for a 620 light mission. Basically, you complete three lost sectors back-to-back-to-back, killing shielded bosses and scanning crates. This is tedious, but doable at lower light.
STEP 8: Kill a High-Value Target (Fallen Captain) on Nessus. Go to Exodus Black on Nessus and wait for the high-value target to show up. Once you see the message on the left side of the screen, immediately look for the captain in the area. You will not get credit by just opening the chest when it drops, so be quick.
STEP 9: Another 620 light Lost Sector mission, this time in The Cistern on Nessus. Kill the boss at the end, and scan the crates.
STEP 10: Yet another 620 light mission, now in the Artifact s Edge area. This will take you into the Gofannon Forge for a final fight against a large Servitor.
STEP 11: Return to Ada in the Tower, and she will unlock the Forge for you, as well as grant you a Basic Sniper Rifle Frame (more grinding, ha!).

For a Gofannon Forge completion, here you go:

Thank you very much for watching, and hopefully this helps you out! Good luck in the Forge!

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