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“Right what s going on guys and welcome back so pretty much as we predicted predicted last week. It seems pretty much confirmed by now that every single week every on thursdays every time a weekly challenge set appears in the game. That s when we will be able to unlock new stages for the prisoner skin. So according to that next week should be the last week when we unlock stage four because next week should be the last week for for next season seven today.

We can officially unlock stage three and i m gonna show you guys how to do it in this video. So if you guys are excited buckle up and here we go so really quickly first thing we got to do is of course equipped of the prisoner because you guys know when you get the prisoner as you unlock the stage. He actually changes right in front of you so stage 1 stage. 2.

Those are the only ones that i have right now. So before we depart into the map. Here..


I just want to say that i really like how they re doing the whole unlocking thing for these special characters or special skin stages. The reason. I say that is because for this stage. 3.

If you take a look at the loading screen for the prisoner. It s actually you re located by a mountain near paradise palms and like by the racetracks in which the prisoner skin is pretty much sitting down next to a campfire and that s literally where we have to go we have to go to that same exact mountaintop to get the campfire and that s how you activate and unlock stage. 3. So once you ve hopped into a lobby.

You take a look at your map. And you re gonna go to this hill right here. Which is pretty much right next to the racetrack and right above at paradise palms..


So right off the bat. I just want to say that this might be a little annoying at first especially if you try doing it now just because it seems like this is gonna be one of those challenges like the ones that we do for the battle passes like the battle stars where you have to search between x y z. Locations. But the thing about this one is that if you don t light up.

The campfire first you re screwed. So this will be a little irritating. And hopefully. I m the first one here seems like there s a couple of people coming.

And this is the campfire that you have to light up right here. So i m actually first and there we go we have now unlocked. The third stage of the brand new prisoner skin..


As you can see it right. There arms will change you re an asshole he s mad. He s mad. I got a scam fire so of course once you finish that lobby you will get rewarded.

When you back out of your stage. Three please do not back out make sure either one somebody kills you or you just fall to your death or fall out of the map or something like that cuz. I don t know if it ll reward you if you actually just back out of the game. So there you have it stage three it s similar to stage two.

But he starts evolving into kind of like the lava skin that he is and then of course stage. Four. He s just full throttle fucking crazy full of lava all over his body so stage three of the prisoner skin..


There s really not a lot of information on the skin. Even on the icon. It s not even updated. Which is kind of weird.

But we got it i know this is a little bit of a short video. But i know a lot of people gonna be looking for this and i know a lot of people just want to get a video that s straight to the point not a lot of bs behind it and there you have it so if you enjoyed the video and you found it helpful and useful leave a like and i don t know if you re new here subscribe. I ll catch you later ” ..


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Fortnite HOW TO UNLOCK STAGE 3 of THE PRISONER SKIN. This video displays the map location where you have to go to unlock the new stage 3 for the all new Season 7 Prisoner skin. Let me know if this helped 🙂

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