How To Use Blueprints In Modern Warfare (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare)

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“Music all right so let s talk about blueprints in call of duty modern warfare. Warfare. So this is something brand new to the call of duty franchise. But there no explanation as to how it works so first of all on the top cycle over to weapons and then on the very bottom.

You ll see something that says armory. Now here it says browse your weapon blueprints and weapon mods so click into this and you ll see all the blueprints that you currently own so for me i ve got the xrk m4. I ve got the piercer smg. I ve got the hammer shotgun xrk 357 handgun and then the blue silenced combat knife and you can see in the top right as you cycle through the weapon actually shows what its gonna look like but before i explain how these blueprints work and how you use them let me just show you how you get them so most of my blueprints came from the digital version of modern warfare on the ps4.

However if you go to challenges under the multiplayer missions. You can see that some of the loot that you get for completing the challenges gives you blueprints now. It s very hard to decipher this though for example look and the right here it says. The piercer submachine gun nowhere on this entire screen.

Does it say that s a blueprint you just have to assume that it is because you don t actually get weapons you get the blueprint to create the weapon. If that makes sense so obviously. I completed all five of the bootcamp objectives you can cycle through by hitting r2 and you can see that you get a reward for completing each one. And when you complete the fifth and final one which is win one public match you get the piercer smg.

So most of the blueprints. You re gonna get are from completing challenges and as you go down. You can see that almost every single reward for the final reward. Loot is a blueprint now back to the armory screen.

This basically shows you what the weapon looks like as well as the attachments that come pre installed on the gun. So let s take a look at the xrk m4. And this is obviously an m4 a one very so if you hit r3. You can preview the weapon and it shows you exactly what it looks like you can kind of fiddle with it a little bit you can cycle through it make it all lopsided and weeble wobble.


But there s also a play preview animation you hit square let s see what this does and it says m4a1 assault rifle. So this is doing it automatically. I m not touching anything here so basically it just gives you a more prettier preview is that proper english more prettier. I don t know but it s very cinematic.

If you will pretty cool. Though okay so we can see what they look like we can move them around we can see the attachments here. But what does this do absolutely nothing on this screen. This this just shows you what they look like and like i said you can see the attachments they come with on some of these now in order to use them you have to go to your creator class.

So edit. Loadout and you have to actually equip it so i made a little class here called blueprint now right now. I don t have one in here. But this is very important now in order to tell.

Which blueprints. You currently have for certain weapons. You need to look for the number as well as the arrow. So look at my m4a1 you can see the number one with an arrow pointing towards the right let s see if i have any other ones.

No so that s it for the assault rifles. So go down to that and then hit right on the directional pad. And it ll say armory once you re highlighted over armory click the x button. And this is the same screen that we saw on the armory.

However this time you hit x. And it puts it in your class. So now you have this equipped and this is basically like a special variant to the weapon now you can go to gunsmith. And you can see all the attachments that come with it now the real question here is can you customize these blue printed weapons so let s take a look for example the barrel is the predator barrel.


So some of these are definitely exclusive to the weapon you can see there s no other options here for the barrel. But you can take it off. If you want and likewise. The laser is exclusive as well now you can take this one off as well now the optics are just like any other weapon.

You can change these out once you unlock them. So this is not exclusive to the weapon. You can change this once you unlock any of these same thing for the stock. There s even more that you can choose from so.

That s not exclusive. The perk is not exclusive you can change that as well. And neither is the underbarrel so for this particular blueprinted weapon. Only the barrel and the laser cannot be changed well they can be removed.

But they can t be changed. So you may as well leave them on unless you don t like the cons as you can see there so that s how you use the blueprints. But there s another awesome aspect to this so let s take a look for example at the shotguns. So you can tell that i have a blueprint for the 725 shotgun.

And again you can tell that by the number and the arrow pointing towards the right so if i go down. Here. I can move over and then we see the armor to come up now take note. I do not have the 725 unlocked.

So if i wanted to make a class you can here i m hitting the x button it won t let me do this because obviously. It s not a lot. However. If you have the blueprint like i do go to the armory hit x.


Again and now you can equip. It so i don t know if this is a glitch or not. But it allows you to equip weapons. You don t have unlocked.

Yet. Now. There is a drawback here. You can t go into the gunsmith and edit this unless.

You unlock it if that makes sense. So let me just show you one more example here. If we go down to the very last smg. It s the mp7 so this unlocks at level 54.

I currently am level 16. So obviously i can t use this however since i have the blueprint. I can go into the armory. I can hit x.

Here and now i can use it now the drawback again is that i can t customize or edit this at all until i actually unlock it at the appropriate level so again. I don t know if this is a glitch. I don t know if you re supposed to be able to use these before you actually unlock the weapon. But it s pretty awesome now one thing to note here the lesser the rarity.

The less attachments you re gonna get so this mp7 piercer is blue. So i only have 3 out of 5 and i can t even see what those are because we can t go into gunsmith. I just wanted to show you guys you can indeed equip it even though. I don t have it unlocked just as i said before but as far as i know this guy creeping over here as far as i know there s no way to inspect a weapon is there let s see thumbs up that cycles.


The wheel. See how this baby works. Please i just want to showcase like one kill. It s unfortunate.

There s got to be a way to inspect your weapon. Just not i didn t ever play this now. I don t even know where i m going on this and without dead silence. I mean i do have dead silence.

Here. But without a vienna. Kurt it just makes this a little too too much. See the range.

Oh. My recoil is ridiculous. I m terrible with smd all right. I just wanted to show you guys that i wasn t kidding you can equip a weapon that you haven t unlocked yet compliments of the blueprints pretty sweet this map is terrible by the way so that s all there is to it for these blueprints.

I don t know why there s not a tutorial telling you how to do this because when you go to this armory screen. You just don t know what s going on i mean you can t do anything on this screen. And it s just thoroughly confusing so hopefully i ve elaborated enough that you guys know how to use these now you can actually bypass the unlocking level system and use them. Only if you have the blueprints so check out those challenges and go for the one that you want to unlock next.

And that as they say is they music. ” ..

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This guide explains what blueprints are, how to get them and how you use them in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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