HYENA STRONGHOLD in THE DIVISION 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 12 (PS4 Pro)

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“Guys i don t know why i m wearing shades at nighttime. This is how how i roll in this game. I guess welcome back to more of the division. I m gonna go ahead and continue the main story well all we have left for the three strongholds.

I m gonna do all three of those and then after that the ending that s it so pick when you beat the final. I think the final strongest. So we re gonna go in order. This one level 26.

Then over here level 28. And then the final one which capital building. It says restricted level 30. Difficulty so that s gonna be a problem.

I need to level up anyways. So alright. These are gonna give a lot of xp. So i m pretty sure after i beat the first one i ll be 29 beat.

The second one i ll be level 30. Thing is have to actually run to this first one because it is right over here and as far as i know it s dealing with a three faction so i don t know. Which which faction is like the most i guess the head honcho of the three but apparently after you take out all three of these strongholds. There s like a whole new faction that pops up.

I m gonna stick with the same abilities for this as well. I m not gonna really change anything up so i m gonna go ahead and cut to me getting there give me one second get in there and alright. I think. This is the start of the mission now i don t know if this person they were level one when they joined.

I think it bumped him up or not that belt. Oh don t have the arrows. So i think it was just glitched for a minute that s a quick pan do you like that this is the first of the three strongholds. I don t know what to expect here this is all new once you beat.

These you can t beat him again. So i m just not really sure how this all works hope i get a team though everybody all my friends. This is like different rings. I got a lot of people liking the teams right now so that s what i get for playing this game.

So so early enough and farming. The way. I have been i got two people now it ll probably a full squad here in a minute. I feel like for these three things i ll probably have a lot of a lot of easier.

But i m are a lot easier. But i m getting a full squad together all right here goes nothing. Oh my god you know i. Like this a lot.

The fact that the strongholds are really like pinnacle story mission. So it s like a he feel like you don t play any other story missions of the game. I m disoriented let me aim it all over the place for a second. I needs to calm down sweep.

The first concourse heard these are more of us like a side type mission than anything red pandas. My god oh mike jim are you oh my goodness i was not ready yeah we got a full squad. Now let s get it it s kind of nice. The enemy can either you like have a lot more help.

Though. I ve changed up my gear..

Man this this little section is really nice reminds me like the museum mission. I can tree. Which part number that was but good to like the vietnam area. This is like you re going through like a basically like a mall or something.

And that s like a lot of lure to it i d imagine to you get the hockey stuff right here then of mine. Where s that oh. It s like an electrical thing getting a pretty good about xd per kill. Which is kind of exciting.

I m curious what s your favorite thing in the game so far has been if any of you guys are playing it i really don t know how it all all this is a high end right there. Hey my pair think so far as the fact that there s new factions almost died right there let s just take it easy. But i play with myself. I i know what s at stake like i got to do it all again if i die guys when i pull with other people.

I play a little more careless probably you know my turrets still doing good damage. I don t know i need you to destroy it though right there we go one thing. I might do it probably after this mission definitely getting like a safe area. Oh.

My god everybody s throwing that stuff on the ground the hill themselves. It s funny. Oh my goodness. The new enemies.

I m really excited for that all right so. This is gonna be like the hot. The hyenas stronghold essentially something has been bothering me though let me i m gonna change it here in a minute toggle liz sorry. The group thing let me just make it a little smaller.

Yeah just a little bit there we go i love that you can do that though. I don t know it wasn t urgent or anything ron s looking at they managed seems really big. I don t know oh my god i cannot wait for the raid. They haven t brought up anything about it they don t even know one like tier.

5. Is gonna be available. But you can still get oh. My goodness you took it stuff in like rope.

Well. Sir for i think. It is and it s fine. It s just a matter of like you d have to pay a lot as far as like materials and everything else credits to infuse.

It and like bring anything you do get for you like this under the boss around here somewhere let me destroy my turret really quick to get it back faster. Yeah. When you have a full squad you clear out areas quick reminds me of dawn of the. Deadthe 2004 version like you re in the mall and everything in the power s out.

Oh. My god oh my goodness. I need to heal that guy aren t i halen. But to get him up they ll just like wait kind of the same kind of getup funny come on man.

Oh they re both down come on come on come on get her get her get her go home alive. Somehow get the revive train going he can get up and pop his stuff. Too all right open the shutters. Let s go do i even need these materials like another for crafting and donating and all that kind of stuff.

But whatever really i just feel like i don t want to commit too much until i get to the end game. As far as saving materials or spending or whatever..

This engineer guy first. Oh. My oh. The healer can just resurrect them now i think that s such a weird thing you know this guy s hurt crawl back.

Here friend. Oh. I think about an lmg that takes a long time like the m6. You re the m249 saw that uh the reload or whatever it prioritizes that over everything else you re doing that has to do with like holding down square.

So i don t know it s just kind of an odd thing to me thank you like reviving somebody should be the most important. I believe they re just going to room to room killing enemies. Once you gotta watch out for the suiciders and then the ones that run at you with those batons or whatever. They are the 96 bunny a lot of these enemies that do that the life run at you always remind me of a far cry new dawn.

You know that little stunned right. Oh. I think i m over through it there all they re putting down cars. No been my favorite loot shooter in a while i just feel like now.

I played anthem. I did like it. But it s just more one of those things where i knew that when this came out it was just gonna take over and right now it definitely has i just think if anthem can do like a loot updates and get more people involved with i d still like it has a lot of potential. It s a great game as far as the gameplay goes it just when it comes to the end game.

It s a little unpolished there. But i still think it s an overall pretty good game sniper there somewhere hold on risking it all go. Yeah. House eat like these are very.

Much. Like a lot of story to them. It s just like are those strongholds essentially. But you just go to one you do something you go to another you do the other like just killing everything boss.

Only some guess we re about to fight the boss. That s not a boss wait what i like how we all waited like in unison. You know and oh. What don t world the hell.

Just all there behind the guy with the baton or whatever man. It sucks. I got a wreck right there i went straight to dead. 2.

It s a long 10 revive somebody to you thank you kind sir ooh. A military. I love that gun matter of fact i ll put that on now what do i have i got this thing. It s to be higher level right no what s the level for it oh.

It s pretty low actually interesting. Oh here we go what is that noise that must be hold on one of them at like secret mines or something on no neutralized books alright here we go i doubt this is the last area. But i enough we ll see you know that turret is nasty looking almost a kilobyte second be careful keep forgetting these enemies are no joke. Compared to what i have been doing i did their turn has so much health.

Oh. The theme that i heard a minute ago is coming is wrong let s go like that probably gonna die here definitely not all of them here we go i guess this is multiple bosses. Because the strongholds really are about just the factions themselves that guys get a really high vantage point. Almost be funny.

If we killed like the rest of this area and now that was it it d be kind of underwhelming. If you think about it well here s more here s more yeah..

That s dope top was gonna happen all vicodin thirty second respawned. Oh here we go up anymore. I would say just go down. And how they re gonna get near you know.

Oh wow. I got killed immediately. Yeah. When your weak health.

Like that they re off side of res rk. He s got them really on the ground that s where you put it i m going up. We re all alive so something i guess i m just curious everybody else up here. I don t think you know we ll be 29.

After this it seems like they already got the first year of this game. Mapped out. Why don t i reload. There huh that extra one bullet.

Though the one in the clip says private. I m this i don t know i thought the last floor area was the boss this kind of reminds me of a raid. A little bit like there s a boss in the middle boss at the start somewhere and maybe a final boss. I really don t know how this works this looks like the last room oh my goodness all the armored car ok it reminds me that incursion what if you guys put the person or not fifty uh that was the falcon.

I think it s falcons lost talking law namely curtain. The whole point was yetta chill waves of enemies and then eventually one of the enemies was dropped at specific waves. Just like wave 1 7. 15.

And i don t know what it was i can t remember honestly. But apparently supposed to go higher than why is it like aiming stop aiming supposed to just tap. It it work yeah you plant the bomb and it just does a bunch of damage to the actual armored vehicle in the middle. They ve got a lot of help what just happened i ll hit the touchpad.

If i accident right. Nice. Neutralize. Diesel is is he come out with a razor ramon or stuff.

So. Let s go on here. You know what we got. Oh.

Oh. There s diesel yes that look doesn t the armoured slow walk usually they run towards the turrets on the ground like that last strongholds gonna be a bitch it s a level 30 so all enemies level 30. But i ll also be level 30 hopefully by then every go c. mon.

Yeah. Eliminate the hyena council. Well like the how that s i guess worded. You know we re kind of going up stuff.

Oh my god it has to be the last little area right reach the arena. Oh man. It s not even not even there. Yet yeah.

These might be a video. I feel like i was hoping to have like a big finale..

But this is gonna be rough especially if this isn t even the last area armored kid this should be a mohawk lee now we re good let s do this right secured the drug lab. I can t see anything lc is to help fart that s all i need though. Oh my god you can t even just erase it right now you know every time i get disoriented everything s up and down down enough. It s just i think backwards.

But the height is a roughneck but like the true sons a beat the easier of the three. I don t know we ll see what happens this disorientation man is driving me crazy no i got you fam yo. Okay so here s the problem. I think i switched something off cuz.

I get off the wall. More now then i used to i don t know it s like as i move around i get off the wall and i want to be able to put the turret actually on the thing come on they re filter function restore their quality acceptable. I reach the arena failing that ben s still around airborne toxic event. Had that song sometime around midnight.

It was always really good there we go. Yeah oh this is sick like the layouts really nice. I gotta be careful. Though because this a lot of snipers and stuff looking around let me clear out this bottom area.

Nice little high end action down. There. And that snipers got some moves doesn t he oh my goodness. I said nick went out in the middle.

What am i doing i m done there we go that s what i ve been trying to do forever. You know anybody come on all i think. It s a sniper. Oh well i had like an overkill.

It s kind of weird if you think about it. Oh my god. What s up. Oh mikey came up there with me oh he tried to kick it and he missed the subtitle.

What that was i think that i just like had that work to my advantage there neutralized. I m i m gonna like i say every time i think that s like the last enemy. But i know it s not i ll be 15 more rooms after this i like the way they named the enemies in this game. It s just like it s always the same thing.

It s like they just go to like i don t know like some nouns or something like a checklist to just go go down. It these are those enemies in the first game that we re actually pretty tough the float actually oh my god i m gonna walk. And i can t believe how good the turrets are in this game like days they ve they made them just like they were always good in the last game. But i think they re kind of underwhelming.

I made them amazing in this you know i ve just got a lot of stuff blueprints health increse. Crafting level increased all kinds of stuff. And i got that sniper when we say the snipers ones. It look like it s not that one hold on all here does favoriting net sr.

One nice i could put that i don t know where i could put that actually all right we got two 29 pretty easily there i m gonna i m actually gonna mark the nex time to see if they want to do that so nice we finished that stronghold it s been taken down now i got this one we ll have to actually go there all right guys when we come back next time i will love i guess i ll have the next stronghold. I m kind of going orders so hopefully it might be just two more videos for the series. But if i can beat the next one quickly. Most likely just do like one long part so we ll see what happens.

lease yeah let s retry checkpoint yeah yeah yeah yeah we re not gonna come on dude we took five steps ” ..

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The Division 2 takes place in Washington D.C., seven months after the events of the Dollar Flu in the wintery New York City that were portrayed in the first game. The epidemic has spread to Washington D.C. as well, accompanied with riots and breakdown of social order and structure, which is exacerbated by an ongoing heatwave. A civil war has broken out in the area between the survivors and murderous bandits and factions that are attempting to take control.

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