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“Bandicoot in smash bros. It s more likely than you think. When people think classic classic playstation character. There are a few that come to mind crash bandicoot spyro.

The cloud. The human laura croft. The other human with two guns and two other things. But the mid to late 90s was a time of cartoon mascots every game company tried making their own and for a.

While there crash bandicoot actually had a small rivalry with sonic and mario sure it wasn t as big as sonic versus mario and even that rivalry was nearing its end. But the huge marketing push and sales numbers show that crash bandicoot is for sure a very important part not just of the history of sony. But of the history of video gaming as a whole and since going multi platform. He s been everywhere even on the nintendo switch already so i wouldn t be surprised if this character made it but if he did what would his moveset be well here s our idea music i want to show you something great noggin dog net merchandise and vick thanks to scoop in 92.

One of our editors who basically did this whole thing if you re into machinima s check him out link in the description. So right away. Let s say we re going with classic crash similar to how mega man pulls. Most of his moves from earlier games crash should be about the same when he was most popular the original crash trilogy an homage to when he was most relevant starting with his neutral special.

I m sure you ve already guessed it it s spin. Really though obviously what else would it be it d basically be in sinirage neutral special. But a lot faster and weaker. But just like in his games.

If you tap b repeatedly he spins continuously. Though there is a maximum limit. But in this repeated b press mode he holds on to his opponents in a combo of spin attacks just like meta knights tornado back in brawl only without the overpowered upward miss when used in the air this attack causes crash to float in place and be able to move side to side perhaps like an in between as meta knights tornado and luigi s down special tornado and speaking of down specials here s a unique down special crashed. Place is a tnt crate that then activates perhaps being placed down similar to pac man s hydrant.

It then starts counting down before exploding and notably the explosion can hurt crash. It d be tricky to use because it s so telegraphed takes three seconds to explode. But that could be a good strategic asset for sure and maybe when used in the air. The box lands with an explosion.


Like bowser jr. s up special adding more complexity. If you spawn the crate and quickly jump. You won t trigger its countdown perhaps then it being hit later would start the countdown and throughout its entire existence.

It can be picked up and carried around similarly to the big crates for the side special there s two ideas the first being that crash pulls out to polar. The bear and rides around on it and can even jump perhaps acting like wario or bowser jr. s side specials. The other possibility is the fruit bazooka crash pulls out and shoots a wumpa fruit and if you hold the special button.

He can aim with it as for his recovery move. We ll crash games are all about crates. So how about he just and arrow crate. It just worked the same as sonic special it stays there for a bit so others can use it and it falls.

If you use it in the air and as an added touch. Though unlike sonic and mega mans up specials. This one can be broken. It s an easily smashable wooden crate after all plus this way almost all of the third party mascots will have the same recovery now we get to the standard moves.

Which are a bit tricky as crash spins for just about every attack that he does. It s all i ll have to get creative or perhaps just alter the way a spin works for instance. His default jab could be a simple one two three spin. He whacks his opponents with his extended arms.

It s similar to his b move except slower but has knocked back on the third hit like mario s double a pressed jab 1 2. 3. Or maybe you could utilize this idle animation crash and aku aku throw a fruit around and then it explodes on the third hit for forward tilts. We have a short angled spin.

Which is pretty basic for down and up tilt crash could utilize different parts of his breakdance. The lower half and the upper half for a forward aerial crash could fling a yo yo forward. Yo yos were super popular in the 90s after all and crash plays with them plenty they could look similar to neces uryo attacks. But in the air rather than smash attacks just picture this animation.


But while jumping here s forward air and here s back air and a pair arcs over him just like messes up smash his neutral air. Then could be him spinning the yo yo all around himself getting tangled for short while afterwards perhaps to make it easily punishable. Because besides. That it s a really good neutral air down air.

Though would have to be one of crashes. Most iconic moves. The body slam with limbs spread out as far as can be it s slow its predictable. But oh it is so powerful just like bowser s down special now then crash has three collectibles that he s looking for in each of his games.

Crystals gems and relics. They are almost as big of a crash staple as the wumpa fruit are really so why not use these and crashes smash attacks crashes of smash could work as a narrow. But powerful crystal put up into the air slide. Smash.

A big gem gets regurgitated and caught into crashes arms. He s weird like that down smash crash pulls out a relic from his butt and starts charging an attack where he slams it into the ground creating a shockwave in both directions. Attack is easy is his slide kick simple. But if you could jump cancel out of it at any time that d be pretty neat.

It d be similar to simon and richter s down tilt crash. Does this in his own games. All the time in order to carry his slide momentum into his jump. This would be great for setting up movement combos of sorts just like in crashes.

Games. You could slide kick jump cancel into a double jump. And then mash. The special button to start spinning for a lot of distance.

I feel like adding in something like this is necessary to get that essence of crash carried into smash properly. Now then crash is not a smart cookie so his frequently by his side buddy aku aku could be present either always similar to rosalina and luma except. He doesn t attack him all the time or you could just appear. When crash grabs someone and help with the throws like how toad appears for peach and daisy.


The idea is that crash grabs on to the enemy. But then realizes he hasn t thought this far ahead. What is he even to now so aku aku helps him out by slamming into the guy for a pummel then all of crashes throws are basically crashed throwing them weakly or even just sort of letting him go because he doesn t know what to do. But then aku aku slams into them launching him i could picture them being generally all high damaged.

But low knocked back crash is not great at throwing for the final smash. How about one of the quick cutscene style attacks like fox and falco spinal smashing only here crash grabs and throws his enemies into the scene where crates come raining down upon them just like these though notably it should be much faster than they actually are in the crash games. And the last crate could be a nitro crate. Which explodes immediately dealing lots of damage and sending them flying for his tots you can t have crash without the crash dance thing is the dance is a bit long.

So here s a neat idea. Each taunt is a different part of the crash dance so you can combo them together for the full dance or you could just pelvic thrust eternally. Though. If the crash dance was to be destined as one super long taunts like bayonetta stunts.

The other two could utilize these poses yeah. More taunts other crash details the arena entry animation could be him coming out of a time portal. I can crash three or he could teleport in like in crash to another detail that would need to be included when crash gets kayode his shoes need to fly off back on screen crash games are all well known for having a wide variety of death animations and this is what happens when crash falls over a cliff off screen. So it just works out perfectly for victory poses crash has so many silly dances that you can pull from so just any of those notably coco is capable of doing everything crash does in the games.

So she would be a good echo fighter. And just like richter and simon belmont. They are exactly the same besides looks know there are two possibilities for colour swaps. One is that crash stays orange.

But his pants and shoes in all that change color. A few of the other more iconic characters have this happen like you can t not have a yellow pac man or yellow pikachu. So their accents change color instead of them or maybe. They ll change into a slightly different shaded version of their default color.

Perhaps crash would be the same with the orange or maybe you could pull in in sinner. Or and have have some options to get some really creative color. Palettes each pellet could be inspired from a crash boss. Neocortex.


Yellow and gray purple blue and white ripper. Roo green and purple komodo bros bright red and green pinstripe white and black and gin lighter orange with green polka dots tiny and super green and briault. Though there could even be alternate costumes. Where he wears his biker gear or his aviators.

Either way. Though crash is for sure an important character on the gaming scene and would fit right in with the smash cast being as cartoony as he is plus. We all know that smash could use at least a handful of western made characters right. Now.

There s only diddy kong and king k. Rool and those do not deserve to be the only western characters or maybe k. Rool. But not diddy ah crash.

After all was made to dethrone mario. And for an i ll be a short time it looked like that might have been possible plush crash crash sort of a personification of everything the 90s was about wackiness. Plus. How cool would it be to have mario sonic and crash all in the same game crash may not be as relevant as he once was but basically being the mascot of the playstation.

1 makes him more than worthy already. So i know i m down for crash bandicoot in smash bros. Well. Then i hope you liked this video who should we cover next well know i m going to tell you who are gonna cover next recover and steve from minecraft.

Steve yeah. Probably steve and alex and that ll be great so until then here are some other smash bros videos. And until next time. Please don t be like crash.

Bandicoot. He doesn t use his noggin except to like fashion of things. ” ..


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What if Crash Bandicoot was added to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as a DLC Fighter? What would his moves be? How would he feel to play? Let s talk about our ideas!

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