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“Everyone sweet johnny cage here back with another guide for sakura shadows died twice this this time. I m going to show you how to defeat the game s major story boss geta jiro. Way up tom away and his second form ischium the sword saint the way. This guide is gonna work is it s gonna be a little bit more in depth than my other guides i am going to show you how to deal with each one of his moves and all of his forms.

So that s all three phases and issuing the sword same phase. As well as the one phase and the kenichiro way of tome away phase. Me show you how to deal with each of those moves. How to follow them up for some more damage or posture damage.

And then i am also going to at the end show you my full fight and do some commentary over it this way you can see everything in you know one sequence and how i went about it so without further ado. Let s get started with phase. One give it zero way of tome away and his moveset. The very first move that gannets hero will do is this winding arc slash.

I like to call it eases. The mortal blade. And just does a huge sweeping arc. The best way to deal with this is to run up to him get him to start doing the move and then run behind him that s the number one way to dodge this i don t suggest deflecting it cuz you likely just take damage anyway.

And this thing can almost one shot you depending on what your vitality is at if you don t successfully get in his face after he does the first arc slash. What you will find happens is he will do this overhead slash instead so what you want to do is as soon as he does the arc slash get in his face or just start slashing at him. And this will cause him to not perform this next move our v. If he does start performing this move go to his side don t go directly behind him.

Because he will pivot and hit you with it anyway just go to his side another very common movie has if you re at a distance as he will shoot you once with the bow. And then do a jumping lee pataky that you can perform a maki recount. Iran. So just press circle or b.

Or whatever. It is on pc. Once he starts diving towards you he ll step on the sword and deal a lot of posture damage and open him up to some damage. So make sure you do that next thing you want to watch out for is this overhead slam.

And he can follow that up either with a spin move that is a devastating attackers. An unblockable attack or he can perform a lunge attack that you would need to do a mickey recount err what i m showing here is a spin attack so all you got to do is wait till. He gets a little bit closer jump. And then press jump again to bounce on his head.

And deal a lot of posture damage. Follow that up with a few. Quick. Slashes and you can start opening him up to something else he follows it up with a couple of overhead slashes of his own and then he does this running slash that i just move away from then he does one more overhead slash and a jumping lunge attack.

Which i do in the kure counter on i m able to hit him once and then he deflects. My second attempt at a hit then he launches into a 9 hit combo. It s two slashes followed by seven. I ignore everything until the final ninth and final slash.

I parry that one nine times out of ten. If you deflect that attack only or you can deflect. All the attacks is totally up to you i just recommend not wasting your own posture. And then deflecting adjust this hit.

He will get pushed back and then do a lunge attack. When she can perform a mercury counter on and to keep building posture on him. The only other move that he managed to get out was the unblockable spin attack that i was telling you about after the overhead slam that one right there in this attempt that s all he was able to get out that said. There are still a couple of other attacks that he does have including a two shot with his bow as well as a lunge attack after that overhead slam that he didn t do in this attempt.

But he does and others and i ll show you those now one of those moves is an overhead slam into a lunge attack. This is the hardest. One to see probably out of his entire move set the reason. It s so hard to see is because he s not moving after he does a slam.

He doesn t move and then he suddenly lunges at you she need to pay very close attention to what he s doing as he s falling down or right after he falls down rather and if he s not moving get ready for the lunge and get ready for the mikki recount. The other move that i want to go over that he does is a double arrow shot into an arc slash. He usually does an arc slash after the double arrow shot. Sometimes they ll just come after you.


But you do want to be ready for something after that double arrow. It s very rarely just a double arrow. And nothing else so just be on the lookout once you get through gammage hero. You will have to fight his second form the sword synced ition has three forms of his own.

So this is you re in for a long fight here. The first one that he usually does for me is he sheets his sword and then dashes out doing a cross slash. What i do for this move is i don t bother trying to deflect. It i just run a good distance away and then i start turning and then once he puts out the second part of the slash.

I rush him and slash him a couple times. With my own sword and deal some damage as well as a little bit of posture damaged him so that s the general strategy run away and then run in and then do one slash and then he ll probably deflect the second one. But then he could follow it up again. He luckily followed up with a two hit combo that i want to talk about this right here.

He goes one two dad something you want to get very good at countering. Because he will usually follow that up with a lunge sometimes after he dashes back to be on the lookout after he back he did another move i want to talk about where he charges up his sword in a very obvious fashion and then does a huge overhead slash that actually travels with dark energy. So the trick to this is you want to back up and then run to the left or the right. It is very important that you back up first because otherwise you will not have enough distance to counter this move so after he does the next cross slash.

He counters a couple of my hits two of them and then he pushes me away and goes into a lunge stance. So what you want to do is once you see the lunge stance happening stand. Still and then as soon as he starts moving just look at his marble as soon as he starts moving that s when you press circle. And you will perform a mercury counter on this move press circle.

Once he moves that s it that s how you do it. The first phase for issue is basically that he doesn t really have any other moves. He may come at you with one or two slashes that are easy enough to counter. But those are always major attacks.

So i was able to finish him off at a pretty cinematic fashion. I love doing a mercury counter as one of the last major moves. I just think it s so sexy and more so in phase two which will begin after you let up from him i do want to tell you that you can keep attacking him. And he will not transition to the next phase.

I have actually gotten him into the final phase with only his sword outs. Just keep on him as long as you can in phase. 2. For ition.

He will pull out a spear from the ground the first thing. I do no matter. What is i get onto the road. I do not like fighting him with his spear out in the tall grass it makes things very difficult to see so rent out to the road.

There was also a big bridge further down the road you can fight him there as well so while you re running away. Usually the first thing he will do is a big jumping down slash. It s pretty easy to the flecked. But he can follow this up with a number of moves.

So if you see him pull the gun out. He s gonna do one big shot just keep spamming your left bumper or l1 to deflect that as soon as it happens my strategy for the majority of phase. Two is to deflect the very obvious attacks. The ones with the sword the bigger sweeping slashes with the spear.

But you always want to wait for these lunge attacks and you want to do another mckee recount on them you can makiura counter is basically the answer to this fight just wait for these big lunge attacks or his spinning attacks and that s what you want to wait for what s gonna happen here is i m going to fail at doing a mickey recount err on a very obvious move it s literally the same as like move i just fail. It for some reason so i run away and he ll no matter. What you do if you do not run far enough away to heal. He will do that jump slash.

So you want to be very careful that you re far enough away to heal. But the next move i want to show you is you will do a back slash or you will jump back slash the ground and then fire a bunch of shots you want to spam your deflect button deflect all these shots and then usually like probably like 75 of the time his next move will be a lunch. So you want to do a meharry counter on that just like i said is the bread and butter of this fight you want to keep doing that mckee recount. Though breath.

Most of the fight like i said. Once you deal enough damage to him. Where you notice his posture meter. Isn t going down or is going down.


Very very slowly like it is now what you want to do is just kind of run around and bait out attacks you want to try to deal some cheap damage to him where you can. But his next big movie. I want to talk about is this huge swing slash. It is a full 360.

The best way to deal with this is to just run out of the radius. Get a feel for it. See how long it goes. And then just run out when you run back in you can get one or two slashes off on him before he goes off on another attack.

This is a prime example of me failing in my own tutorial. I tried to get these fights as perfectly as possible. But i m no god and i just really suck sometimes so next thing i want to show you are these big overhead jumps. He can also follow those up with three spear slashes followed by a lunge.

So we ll see that again. He s getting a leap and then he is going to run through do a clockwise slash followed by a back slash. It s a little bit quicker and then he will do another clockwise slash with when we deflect. He will move that into a lunge which again.

We do am akira canter. Our bread and butter get a slash on him and keep going after that he will do a jump back slash followed by six shots followed by a lunge just like i said. He would do so you do meharry counter get a couple slashes and then he is going to do this move. Here.

Where he those two sword slashes. A slash with his spear and overhead slam. And then he goes into the big whirlwind fest twos hits with the sword. One clockwise slash.

One overhead slam well in the standing position. So he s not jumping that time and then he will go into a big whirlwind which we run away from and that s pretty much it for phase. Two those are all of his moves. Let s keep repeating those and then eventually once you move up enough posture on him you can perform your final deflect or we deal enough damage to him whatever you want to get him into a full stomach position deal that death blow and then move into the shredded phase.

Three in phase. Three. He gets a couple new moves. Very notable is the lightning attack so when he does is he would jump up charge his fear with lightning and then throw that lightning at you the way to counter this is after he jumps you want to jump.

So wait for his spirit to get charged jump and then you will get hit by the electricity or the lightning. And then what you want to do is after you get hit spam are one and then you will throw that lightning at and so he gets shot instead of you it is very very important that you hit r1 before you hit the ground otherwise you will get shocked you will stay on the ground. And you will likely kill you very very important that you hit it before you hit the ground the other major change in phase. 3.

Is he can now charge up his sword and throw energy slashes at you similar to what he did in phase. 1. However they are now on an angle. So he throws went to his right many throws one to his left.

So you need to dodge them. Accordingly. One very very important thing to note about his lightning attacks is that you want to be fighting him on flatland. You don t want to fight him on hills at the very least you don t want him to be uphill of you because when you try to throw the lightning back at him the terrain will block.

It and you will have taken a little bit of lightning damage for nothing so it s very important that you fight him either on flatland or him being downhill from you very very important and that s about it for all of his moves in all four phases of this fight. So what i like to do now is i like to show you the full fight in full speed no more slow mo and just me commentary over that and show you exactly how i managed to do this fight. Yeah in a pretty standard way that i have done now three times alright. So going into the fight.

He does the big arc slash. So we run around him. I messed this up i run too far around him. When he s doing the overhead slash and i get hit he does one shot.

He does a lunge. I countered that with the materia counter. No problem he does an overhead slam into a spin attack. I jump on his head.


Do a couple slashes build his posture. You ll notice that my posture. Now is getting pretty deep. So.

What i m going to do is i m going to run away heal and then i m just gonna let my posture go down. I ll do him accurate counter on the next lunge and then we move on he those two slashes. I deflect those two he does seven more i deflect the seventh that pushes him back he does another lunge. I m akira counter.

I do a couple more slashes. He deflects one tries to cock his bow. No dice. He does an overhead slam into a spin attack and i kill him after i jump on his head make sure you job when people s heads deals.

A ton of posture damage. So phase. Two he starts off by sheathing his soul no problem i run away i run in the mark dodge. The cross slash.

I hit him twice or i try to you he deflects both and then i deflect his attack is one of my favorite. Things to do he does. An overhead slash into a huge shock wave. I run around it run to his side deal some damage he does it cross slash.

I run around it deal some damage. That s my favorite deflection right there he pushes me back does a lunge. I counter in no big deal one two love that one so sick. It s just so smooth.

I love it i tried to do some more slashes. I get a mercury counter on his lunge. No problem phase. Two done i didn t take any damage that day.

It s wonderful so i try to stay on top of him like i said you can keep him in his face. As long as you stay on top of him. And you do not let him run away. It s sort of luck base like right there he moved away from me.

So i couldn t really keep him in he did do that overhead slam that he never really did before. But it s really easy to dodge just don t ever try to parry. It it s just the waste of time so now he pulls out the spear and we are now officially in phase three. So there s no overhead slam into a big shot.

Then you just took like the shot. No problem. You could just keep spamming a1. There at no big deal.

So. He does. A sword slash into a back slash into a lunge. So we did we cured counter on that and yeah.

That s sort of it so he does a big overhead slam into another lunge. I messed that one up somehow. It s a little weird if you re on hills in these games. Things just tend to go wrong.

I think i was got a little bit of a slope. There i might have just missed timed it i ll be just another big shot. There i try to run away in heal. You see my posture is huge there so that really sucks.

He s gonna shoot six times into a lunge great counting that and then i actually canceled his animation. Ever did really nice. I tried to block that didn t succeed so now i m just running away. I m trying to heal.


He comes after you real hard. Usually he can heal and then deflect his overhead slam usually in this phase. I notice. I m charging up so i run away.

I run in hit him with a slash in this phase. And in the final phase. He has a tendency to be able to hit through your attack. So you could hit him.

But he has so much poise that he gets hit you through them. So it s very important that you re paying it attention to what he s doing as you re attacking so he doesn t overhead slam into a one two three combo and then this goes into a lunch. So i countered that no problem. I don t like fighting on the grass and trying to push him back to the road and as you see i m trying to like run towards who wrote myself.

But he s doing some very obvious attack. Some shots and into some lunges so i m not too concerned my health is high his posh is really high. And yeah. So he s gonna do an overhead slam into a whirlwind.

You ll notice here. I d hold block and i do that to reduce my posture. That that s another really big tip. If your posture is really high run away.

And this whole block your posture goes down faster. So here s gonna do a big slash into a final lunge and then this is the final phase. Now he s gonna start off with lightning. He just goes off right on the bat or just goes on right off the bat.

So i just jump up get hit throw it back at him no big deal. Very important that you hit him you throw the lightning back before he hit the ground very very important so he does those arc slashes. I really wasn t expecting that and i think i was just expecting a whirlwind. You really got to pay attention to what weapon is charging with and he was charging with his right hand.

Which is his sword and so he just sort of runs around. I ve already dealt like a quarter of his life. So his posture isn t going down super fast you ll notice that you are at different levels of keeping posture on people. When their posture bar flashes.

A different color. So if it flashes orange or sort of that like a level one will say if it flashes red you re at a level two and it s really never gonna never gonna go down after that point so i throw the lightning back out of here. Now he s below half health. You can see that posture bar is super dark orange.

It s like a red outline that means that it s really never gonna go down like you can see it s just not moving right now and i m not doing anything to him so keep that in mind so here. He is he s up the hill. And i can t throw the lightning back out and i think i just forgot my own rule. While i was doing this and i just kept going after him i didn t try to move him back to the road.

But there it does a big whirlwind and then you know he doesn t know the lightning jump. I fail again and back at him he actually shoots me a few times he lands at these shots. But i do do them carry count on that lunge and that s it so that is the final major story boss of the game. I hope.

This guide has helped if you have any questions. Please feel free to leave a comment. I ll do my best to help you out if you re looking for more guides for secure of shadows. Die.

Twice please subscribe to the channels to heal later when new guides go live alright haunts. Me. Johnny cage thanks so much for watching and i ll see you next time okay. ” .


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