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“The past six months. There has been one question i find myself being asked again again and again and again is 76 worth playing it. The question isn t always exactly that way. But it s always the same general idea people wanting someone else to tell them if they re you will enjoy something when i phrase.

It that way you can probably work out why i m making a whole video around this rather than just. Giving a simple yes or no answer different people enjoy different games for different reasons. For this reason. I can t tell you as an individual if you will enjoy fuller 76.

In its current state. There are hundreds maybe thousands of you watching this and for the vast majority. I know nothing about you i can t tell you what you will enjoy. But i can show you what why you might enjoy something in this video.

I will attempt to answer if 76 is worth playing by showing you a variety of different ways you can play the game. And letting you decide for yourself. What the answer to that question is before i do that though. There are a couple of quick things to cover first up.

I will be assuming throughout this video that you re all somewhat familiar with fallout. 76. Be it for having played the game before or simply having watched a decent amount of footage of a game. So i m not going to be explaining the basics of what 76 is secondly.

But you except if i simply won t be outta talk extensively about bugs glitches and stability. Miss video. I was planning to talk on the subject and had several paragraphs drafted up. But honestly.

It s just too boring a subject to go over yes for a bugs yes for a glitches and yes for sometimes crashes or freezes personally i find most of these to be pretty minor for the most part and the game is constantly being worked on so depending on when you watch the video be shoes could have improved or got worse. I really don t know on to something that actually can talk about now four different ways you can play for work 76. And to be clear. This won t be a discussion on the different builds people play you should play the builds you enjoy simple as that instead.

It s a look at different ways to approach for game starting with a fairly conventional one completing quests events and other developer created content. Chances are most of you watching have at least completed. The main quest of all at 76. So i won t even go over that what i will mention instead are a variety of quests you may have overlooked decided against completing all just never heard about first up one quest line that has been in the game since launch.


The mistress of mysteries to start these quests. All you need to do is find a female corpse. Wearing a black and green dress and move them that s a lot doc. What you say it out loud.

But in the game. It s perfectly normal apparently. There s 20 of these dead women lying around the forest. A sheep and savage divide.

So find one of them then head to riverside manor to start your journey. The rewards from the half dozen also quest you ll be given do include a handful of unique items. However. None of them are particularly strong instead.

The whole reason. I recommend. This is for the story and lore as it some still sticks in my head despite having completed the quest about a year back now i won t talk any more about this. As i don t want to give any spoilers.

So let s instead move on to the unsolved quests. And by that i don t mean quests. You haven t done i mean quests. Which start with the word unsolved.

These are four separate quests you can uncover by going to the van lowe taxidermy or train station noticeboards and reading notes. But a pinned up each one is a relatively short mystery. Where you uncover what happened to certain individuals pre war. Each is a fun little bite sized quest which were ideal for sure play sessions finally for quests.

I want to recommend the treasure of appalachia. This is a completely unmarked an untracked quest that was added into the game a few months back in fact to call. It a quest at all is somewhat deceiving as it won t show up in your quest log. And there are no tangible rewards for completing it instead.

It s a sneak peek at what is to come and the discovery of a highly important unmarked location. If you want to start this adventure. Then you ll need to head to the pawn shop in grafton. If you get stuck at any point during this quest.


And i have made a video showcasing my entire completion of the unmarked escapade. It will be linked in the description for those of you wishing to follow in my steps as well as quests. There are events which i personally feel of a lifeblood of the game despite this i really don t have much to add about them they re fun enough. But nothing too special more than anything they just give you stuff to get on with as you move about the map.

And i really appreciate that something else i appreciate our friends. Although that sentiment is somewhat tarnished by the fact. I technically just called them things regardless fallout. 76.

Is a multiplayer game. And that means you can jump in and play the game. With others. It s in a universal rule that everything is more fun with friends.

Even if you don t have many friends playing the game. The whole multiplayer aspect. Does open a world of possibilities as you can experience scenarios or situations for other people have constructed in my case. I came across a strip club whilst traveling around with in officer survivalist.

Probably should explain that whole situation a bit more some have told me to jump into the server. She was on as about a dozen players at all grouped up in a camp and we were just hanging out with each other and novel in at the fact. So. Many players were chilling together.

The group slowly drifted to different camps. Until. We found this one. Where the player had built themselves a strip club.

There was one problem. I noticed when i traveled here though nobody was naked i quickly stripped jump up on stage and started strutting my stuff in a display are so sexy. But it froze the game after the freeze. It seemed almost everyone had become inspired to also become strippers and we all ended up on stage dancing for one another playing music and even getting together for a group photo.

This was one of the coolest interactions. I ve had with the community. I m really shows the fun you can have by just wandering around and finding other players personally i do play solo the vast majority of the time. But even i enjoy occasionally grouping up with friends every once in a while i ll team up with people from a discord just to enjoy ourselves for the evening omit early most of the times.


I play on team is when i fancy a few matches of nikla winter. So i should probably talk about the next point pvp when it comes to player versus player combat. There s two ways to go about it you can play a nuclear winter. The battery on mode.

Where everyone starts out on relatively level footing or you can try and start at the pvp encounter in adventure mode. Where griefers have bought or drooped. The best gear to one shot anyone they come across all right so it s pretty obvious but i m not a fan of adventure mode pvp personally i think it should be removed from the mode entirely as it just seems to be helping out griefers more than actually adding a rewarding way for legitimate players to play the game that being said. I m sure there are people out.

There who do just want a friendly fight so if you re one of these people. My advice would be to search for others who share the same desire and politely awesome for abouts of a bench mode pvp as long as all parties involved are on the same page. You should all be able to enjoy yourselves without having to resort to grief. It despite what you may think i actually do quite like competitive player versus player gameplay.

As long as it s on relatively even footing for that reason. I ll occasionally jump into nuclear winter. The battery on mode. I ll get together with friends or followers on discord jump in as a team and see how many matches we can win the general skill level isn t ludicrously high.

So if you can get a team of any skill level together. Then you should have at least a decent chance of placing near the top unfortunately there are occasionally hackers but appear especially on pc. But the more legit players that are playing the less an impact the hackers have the final way to play. I m going to cover in this video is a world away from the others.

If you don t have a group to play with have no interest in competitive play and i ve got tired of the same old events. Then i recommend looking into virtual photography. Fallout. 76.

Comes with one of the best photo modes. I ve seen it in any game. I ve played it has various features while still being easy to use meaning that even if you ve never played around with photo modes and games. Before you should be able to try this one out with ease on screen you ll have been seeing a variety of photos.

I ve taken inside of the game. And i ve barely touched the surface taking photos for your own enjoyment is all well and good. But if you do want to share your images. There s a few places you can do so i personally have a discord server with a channel for images called puddi pictures.


Where i m happy to see people share in game. Photos sites like instagram and twitter. Can also be great for sharing your images. Use for fallout.

76. And virtual photography hashtags to help people find your photos. Easier. If you really want to get noticed.

Then you might also want to take a look at around appalachia the first is regular fiend photo mode competition check what the current theme is share your images with the fallout 76. Hashtag and get a chance for someone at bethesda to select them and show them off really. This is something i want to start doing more often just taking voters in 76 sharing them on twitter and seeing if people like them for my. Very.

Best. Photos. Pho they end. Up as.

Wallpapers over at patreoncom. Forward slash bad company sarge. Oh yeah. We ve just segwayed into a patreon clerk.

If you do want to have access to dozens of custom video game wallpapers. I ve made for both phones and pcs. Then please do check out my patreon page link in the description. Becoming a patron keeps.

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