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“Last boss fight if secure oh is the hardest in the entire game naturally. And and it will test all the skills you have acquired throughout your game to be this fight. You re gonna want to run in and get behind him immediately and back away because he does a forward slash. But sometimes he does two of them.

And he turns around for the second one it s a bit unpredictable. So if you get behind him and start attacking he may turn around and hit you with an attack. Then you want to move in and be aggressive and you want to attack until he deflects and then deflect or dodge out of the way if he jumps. The best thing.

I found to do during this plunging attack is to dodge to the side and then back away as sometimes. He does a sweep attack another time. He does a twirling attack and another time he does a thrust attack so you never know which one he s gonna do because he reads your patterns and sometimes he ll change it at the last second so backing away is the safest thing to do and then attack him immediately afterward if at any point. He pulls out of bow and manages to successfully get a shot off.

He ll follow up with his combat art. Which means you need to get the hell away. As fast as you can if you interrupt his bow attack. This will not happen then immediately sprint back to him and continue the assault as you want to break his posture as fast as possible one important point about attacking him during this phase.

Is that you don t want to spam r1. You want to hit it and then hit it and then hit it because if you re spamming. It while he jumps you ll get caught in your attack animation and sometimes you will not be able to dodge out of the way. And we do not want this to happen and phase.

Two you heal up if you need to and then get to the boss asap and start attacking sometimes he ll be aggressive before you get there. So you need to stop and be ready to deflect these attacks before you start your offense. If he raises his sword above his head. You need to dodge left or right at just the last second and then wait as secondly as he usually does a follow up swing.

And then hit him a couple times and punish him if you get hit by this attack. You usually follow up with a second attack. So make sure you dodge left or right and not backward. Sometimes when you re circling them you ll see the red kanji for just a split second and then he ll do a thrust attack in this case.

You want to be ready to dodge as quickly as you can and then when you see him step back and put his sword into his hilt in it s sort of glows for a second you want to dodge left pause for just a split second and then dodge left again and then punish him for his attacks. This is the easiest way to handle this move as you will take no damage from posture or vitality sometimes during the fight when he deflects your attack..

He ll push you directly backward. And then he ll do a thrust attack this is very easy to use your mikki recount err here make sure you do it to get a lot of posture damages. Occasionally during the fight he ll attack once and then step back and then sort of zip through you this attack has poise so if your attacking when he does this you re gonna get hit. Anyway so you want to make sure when you see it to deflect instead of attack and then you need to back away immediately.

Because he s gonna do a huge aoe you can interrupt this with a shinobi firecracker. But i advise saving your shinobi firecrackers for the other phases and not wasting them here. When phase three starts. I like to run to the middle of the area.

So i have plenty of room to maneuver without falling off the edge and heal up if necessary in this phase. You want to keep moderate distance from the boss and have proper spacing and you don t want to play overly aggressively because some of his attacks have poised and they ll end up damaging. You if you just spam r1. Generally speaking for this phase.

And the next you re gonna let the boss come to you at the beginning of this fight. He s either gonna do two things. He s gonna run at you and jump in which case you need to jump through and under him and get behind him an attack or he s gonna shoot his gun at you and go into a different combo you need to wait and read which one of these is gonna happen because if you just assume it s gonna be a jump you re gonna get shot by that gun and if you re on a dead sprint. It s hard to deflect you want to be on the lookout for this three hit combo that ends with a thrust attack that you can mercurial of the primary ways you build posture damage on this boss you want to punish it every single time.

If you can and you re going to be looking for these throughout the fight this next combo that he does actually has two variations. The one you see here that does the aoe and it also has another that ends in a thrust that you can meharry you need to pay attention to which of these it is if it does the a way you can use the shinobi firecracker to interrupt him which i failed to do or you can get away from them. Which i also fail to do that particular combo is difficult to handle because it fills your posture meter. Very high and when the mercurio surgeon comes up sometimes your guard broken just before it happens.

And then you get hit by the breast attack. So it s advisable that you try and dodge at least one of those attacks. So you have enough posture left that you can punish the thrust. When it happens.

If he raises his sword above his head. He s going to do the same attack that he did in the previous phase and a same strategy applies here. You re gonna wait in the last second and then dodged left and then punish him. He also has a perilous sweep attack that he does during this fight.

But it s extremely rare. I think i only saw it about a handful of times the entire time i was trying to get this fight down..

So you don t really need to worry about it if it should happen to you you ll take a bit of damage. But you should be okay you can always jump over it if you read it but try not to worry about learning that move too much because it doesn t happen that often you can see here. He does a different chain of spirit acts followed by a thrust that you can meharry this one doesn t happen all that often either. But keep an eye out for that read kanji because if you see it 9 out of 10 times.

It s gonna be a thrust attack. So just get ready to meharry if you see that the whole idea of this fight is you re trying to keep enough space that if he jumps at you you can get under him. But you re not so far away that you can t get under him the other thing is it gives you time to replenish your posture by holding block. While he s sort of walking around gauging his next move and you have to manage your posture.

A lot during this phase. You re going to be holding block in between attacks note that it s a very good idea to keep your vitality above 75. Because your posture regeneration is affected by your total health. So if your health is under 75.

It s gonna go down if it s under 50 it s gonna be even less and if it s under 25. It s getting even less so make sure you heal up in order to make sure your posture regeneration as high as possible this will help with the fight. Tremendously phase. Four kicks off pretty quickly no cutscene.

No nothing so get ready to go right into it and sometimes. He s gonna do these wave attacks at you that the easiest thing you can do is dodge. If you deflect them you ll take a little bit of damage. Which isn t the end of the world but try and dodge them if you can there s usually to just dodge two dodges real quick in phase.

Four. He ll add some lightning attacks to his arsenal and the best way to handle. These is wait till. You see the red congi wait just a second and then jump into the air and hit r1 when the lightning strikes you in order to fling it back at him this will take off a lot of posture damage.

And it ll give you a good opportunity to get some shots in msme stun for a little bit. If you re having trouble doing this it likely means that you re jumping too early and you re hitting the ground. Before your r1 can t connect the r1 has a bit of an animation. So it s not instant so you need to hang in the air with enough time to pull off this maneuver you can see there the variation.

He did with the thrust of the earlier combo is talking about and you want to punish that with the mercurial. You ll notice that my posture was dangerously low..

Because that combo takes off so much posture. This is one of the reasons is very important you keep your posture as low as possible in between attacks. You can also see here. A couple of times.

I deflect his jumping attack and this is because i m out of position. I won t be able to get under them and rather than risk getting hit. I decided to deflect and play safe you can do this if you feel you re too far back. This is something you ll get a feel of as you play a little bit more a couple of notes about this fight.

This is not the way. Most guides out there show you to do it most of them run and then hit and then run and then hit baiting the jump attack over and over this is kind of the straight up method as if you were fighting any other boss in the game. And it s more challenging so if you re having difficulty with this strategy. You can always try that strategy as well just running away baiting the jump attack and then getting under them and hitting them.

But this is more rewarding. I think because you re actually fighting them in a manner that i feel like the game is set up for you to do also as it did mention the shinobi firecracker can interrupt his aoe. Very easily. I misread it a couple times during this fight so you didn t see it.

But you want to use the shinobi firecracker. When he does that wind up for that huge a we it ll just stun him you can attack him a couple times. And it ll prevent you from taking damage music music music. hink it s syrus actually then we have a name how do you say that nymphadora tonks.

I hope i pronounced that correctly then we have dadelus diggle here. Then you have hestia jones kingsley shacklebolt. That s a sick last name shacklebolt. That s a cool name mmm.

Okay. I don t know how to pronounce that what mcmunn dungus fletcher again i apologize if i mispronounce any of these names then we have olive ender. I feel like half the entertainment of this video is the fact that i am completely butchering. These names emmeline vance cornelius fudge in several different costumes and then we have dirk cresswell all right we move along to the second to last row of characters here we kick things off with a grigorovich then we have mafalda hopkirk.

A reg cattermole. Who is also represented as ron pretending to be reg caramels..

So that s kind of interesting because he s right up there in the top row. We have mary cattermole we have the mystery guard we have madame malkin madame rose marta ernie prank. Who kind of reminds me always of a little bit of albert einstein like the design for him. Then you have pius thick knees.

You have rigorous or regulus black rita skeeter rufus scrimgeour eyre mrs black then it s xenophilius lovegood. I hope i said that right then you ve got alphaeus dog or doge like the meme james potter in several different attires or actually it s kind of sad that he goes from young james potter to ghosts james potter definitely a little dark. There then you have lily potter here as well. So that s kind of cool.

We have vernon dursley petunia dursley and we move along to the last row of characters here. Which is represented by dudley dursley. You have dudley s a gang member. You have miss cole.

Who also does have the safety ability you have the milkman character. Mrs. Fig you have the muggle orphan you have the station guard you have the waitress here in several actually variations. Then you have the skeleton and then you have a few different ghost characters which interestingly enough are all under the same character token.

I m guessing it s maybe because they have like similar abilities and design as far as like the actual physics of those characters are concerned so you have the gray lady moaning myrtle. Peeves professor binns the bloody baron fat friar. And the fat lady so a pretty vast character of ghosts there to see. And then of course.

These two character tokens here are just your custom icons so. If you design in type of custom characters they would appear there so with that in mind ladies and gentlemen there you have it that is the complete roster of lego harry potter years 5 through 7. I hope you guys enjoyed today s video. If you did please don t forget to hit that thumbs up button.

I ll hopefully catch you guys here next time peace out see you later alligators bye guys. ” ..

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