KH3 EASY Orihalcum+!! INFINITE Prize Postcards!!! Early and cheap farming method

kingdom hearts 3 postcards This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you KH3 EASY Orihalcum+!! INFINITE Prize Postcards!!! Early and cheap farming method . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“And welcome to a sasquatch also known as the herb usage guide video here i i m gonna be telling you guys how to get an infinite amount of the of postcards now to my understanding. It s been very confusing how these work he s buying from the moogle shop. And you get a random one well turns out it s not so random. It s about a 40 chance every time you buy any item from the local shop.

So as you can see all i did was i bought one potion right back out price post good talks to the moogle again by buy one potion you could also buy the pene. See they re a little panache whatever you want to call them they re a little cheaper. I think they re the same mods. I m actually i m batting a little bit above 40 right now but i m pretty sure it s 40 odds or so because there s some cry streets that s the reading a row right there.


Though and see i don t have much money here. It doesn t take very much you know i ve only got you know 2k to go on the stack. But just a few back ends like i said. It s got a 40 odds so expect a dry streak.

But this is about the best example. I can give you on how to get an infinite amount of the prize postcards. Which if you don t know you need the prize postcards to get the air rng or yocum plus. Another prize postcard.


So i ve already got my already housing plus from this it took me about 60 potions worth of prize postcards. So as you can see here. I ve got five prized postcards and just the time. That s it that s the talk.

I got my orichalcum plus from this method. And i discovered this method myself. I don t know if anybody else has come up with it yet if they have congratulations. But i think i m the first one to come up with it but shout out to power picks and primal liquid.


They ve discovered pretty much every other thing. There is about this game. But as far as these prize postcards go. I think i m your man when it comes to how to get this an infinite amount if you want to get your worried how come plus.

Easy just come to the shop. Buy a potion back up come to shout out potion back up. It s a quick easy grind on the prize postcards and you can turn them in right. Here.


So you heard it from me. First sasquatch. 77 or. Aka the hardy sage twitchtv slash.

The herby sage. If you want to go ahead and slap a follow subscribe to my youtube channel. However you want to do it cheers good luck to you hope your grind doesn t take very long ” ..


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a quick how to on getting prize postcards from the shop.

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