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“Youtube and welcome back this is nico. You re watching dare to game. Today. We we re playing kingdom come deliverance and we re looking at a mod that s pretty quintessential.

If you want to ever mod. The game this one is of course the cheap mod labeled simply cheat. It was uploaded by sprague um. Which is an interesting name and basically this one just makes modding like using any of the other mods.

Much easier because a a lot of the mods our text replacers or item. Replacers and they you know you have to wait for them to spawn in the game. Well with this you don t because you can just spawn the items as long as you have the item code. So let s test out some of the functionality.

I ll show you some of the easier stuff so for i just quick read off the little description. He s got about the mod says. Adds console commands to spawn teleport or kill npcs unlimited f. Say f5 quick save so watch this oop at 5 save the game do it.


As many times. You want auto run console commands on games start manipulate money buffs items perks skills stats stolen items time whether wanted level merchants recipes and access your stash from anywhere so it s got a lot of functionality basically all you do is you push. I don t know what it s called it s a little button above the tab button that one right there and to open up you see i ve done it once already all you do is you type in cheat. And then you press tab and it ll show you all the quick cheats.

So these are all the the quick cheats. You want so you ve got stuff like add all items so like literally every atom from the game will not be added to your inventory. Same thing goes for perks. And then you can add specific buffs.

You can make yourself immortal and visible items. Money. Now. If you want to use the cheat add item you have to use the specific code or you can look up the keyword.

But it s easier if you use the code. So you go cheat add item and then go id and then here s where it gets complicated. Unless you know the thing. But i ll be a good friend eeeh and i ll have a link in the description of a page that actually has almost all of the item ids for the game laid out so and we ll do this one here because this one.


I know is one that a lot of people are going to want to do so we ll do that i copied it out of the other one ctrl v. Enter look at that the decorated saber bet. You never thought you re gonna see that one huh now as far as i know it doesn t actually show up on your body. But i think you can use it like that decorated saber pretty sweet right so that s that s one thing so definitely adding all items.

But there s super useful ones. The one i use most often is this one here boom all clean and then of course when you re doing stuff like this you can always just go up you know up and then you can use it again so if you use that one pretty frequently you can use that or we could do something a little bit more fun like this. And then i think you go id bandit. Oh no no for that one.

It s token. So you go token bandit. Oh boy what the hell there so many whoo that was rough i crashed the game i think i had the graphics settings. Just a touch too high and it added way more last time i did that was probably it was a couple months ago.

But i think it has like seven people that was way more. But i m kind of curious and i kind of want to try it again if it doesn t work i ll end the video. But if it does we ll see what happens so you know bear with me so. We ll we ll go cheat spawn npc.


Token bandit. There s so many of them. I don t want to move for fear that the game will crash. Oh no they re gonna start mobbing.

Me why there s so many i fly i want to fly out of here cheat. Damn there should be a spot fly one oh boy it is laggy hover hover hover hover cheat oh. It s so laggy what s going on i ve run out of parameter spots. So obviously i think the moral here is play this you know use this at your own risk oh good i got out it s not lagging as much.

But everyone s kind of that guy s riding. An invisible horse. Oh boy oh. This is game breaking get out of here.

You oh hey cool that s a channel ever in warfare. What i thought i was maxed out more fair oh no almost though wow this is so laggy. But you get the point. So yeah like i said.


This is kind of a quintessential mod. Oh. I m hovering look at that. But apparently i m going back down.

But yeah so quintessential mod if you re gonna be modern stuff on the pc 4k cd. You gotta try out this cheap mod. So like i said links in the description. And i m also gonna have a link to that page that has all the codes for the items and stuff so yeah go check it out you re gonna love it congratulations on making it to end of the video.

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Adds console commands to spawn/teleport/kill NPCs, unlimited F5 quicksave, auto run console commands on game start, manipulate money, buffs, items, perks, skills, stats, stolen items, time, weather, wanted level, merchants, recipes, access stash from anywhere.

1.) Press the tilde ( ) key to open the console.
2.) Type cheat and press tab (not enter) to see the list of commands.
3.) You can see the arguments to a command by running the command with a single ? argument.
4.) For example run “cheat_set_regen ?” to see usage instructions for that command.

Mod Author- spraguep

Mod Link:

Item ID List:

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