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” s going on guys just learner s written for guys stick in anymore. Quinoa rs3 rs3 action. My friends i m a little bit late to the party. Okay.

But re gonna make this video. Anyways. There is another key way you can get called the classic tone yes this is a screenshot we re gonna show you guys getting playing a minute. I took a screenshot of obtaining it what you got to do is you got to get every single classic kingdom game.

I think you also have to get the trophy for getting a high score in each one cuz. I got the trophy right before that this is my previous screenshot. I got the trophy and then i got this. So you might have to get the high score in every single one as well if you want to know where they are i actually don t i didn t record it i apologize i should have done that that s my bad they re in chests scattered around the world.

So if you re going for a hundred in completion you ll get it done anyways..

But i m here to show you guys gameplay okay so we re gonna show you guys can you play a keyblade with an emphasis on magic form changes boom. Hammer and clock drill. We re gonna test it out right here. I got it equipped no i don t now i have it equipped isn t that cool you could have multiple key like my voice sounds like all messed up.

I was singing earlier. I m singing a lot it was fun like my voice is totally shot holy crap. I pushed my voice you are there we re gonna go in here alright. This is a vowel gate.

It s post game there s no spoilers. It s just enemies you fight waves of enemies you fight so no spoilers here my face let my forehead. It s all weird my green screen. My light.

I need new lights..

I m trying to kill the time so i don t have to cut this part out and just entertain you guys with my stupidity isn t working there you go no cuts. Too. I m still working on the ultimate. I know i know what you guys have the ultimate.

But you know i almost have it all i have time for putting this all i have to do is get through. I gotta get the one to the legal shop we get out of the post office postcard. But it won t spawn we try to shock that is dope okay what about these phones full charge music that is so cool y all. That is so i was 14.

Oh. They got mystery shoppers that s so cool are you collide slide whatever. It s over no. I was i didn t get in time zoomer.

Let s see if you get it i think we got here s enough home starts for this after the tree stops..

This is schoen music. Yeah okay music that s really cool man. This is a really really cool key way oh music. I stopped my friends quick little gameplay of the what do you call it again the classic tone huh.

The classic tone key flight hopefully guys enjoyed that it s a really cool keyblade. I definitely recommend getting emails 100 game man it s kingdom hearts you got you got to do it you got a hundred percent. But you can see all the guardian form abilities. The shot locks.

You know the boom hammer the clock drill all that stuff np haste is on it as well the base has six strength nine magic you can see all its all stats. But yeah keep in mind you know i m level 99 right now so the way. It s performing for me might not be the way performs for you you know because i got a lot of strength magic defense and you know hp and all that so keep that in mind. Good.

There you guys having a friends..

A little bit of fella can you played the classic tone keyblade again you guys could get it for yourself by getting all of the classic kingdom. Minigames and getting a high score in each one. Which is super easy you just have to get any high score. Doesn t it doesn t have to be much of a score just get any score.

So yeah it ll do they got so much for watching this video guys enjoy to smash like comment. Share and all that awesome stuff let me know if you guys have this keyblade. Yet. No no thank you this keyblade and cook on the section below excuse me.

And if you guys enjoyed the video smash like one s father comment share and all that awesome stuff man. I got a recipe for i ll get you guys in the next one guys until then game on and may your hearts be your guiding key music. ” ..


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Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Tone Keyblade Gameplay u0026 How To Get It!

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