Kingdom Hearts 3 Golden Hercules Statue Locations Guide

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“Everyone johnny hurricane here from gamers heroes calm and today. We ll be going over over where to find the five golden hercules statues in kingdom hearts. 3. Let s started start your journey at the overlook in thebes on olympus now.

I already picked this one up. But literally right on the first step or the first bench right over here. Yeah that one right there that s where you ll find it grab. It and we ll move on to the next one for this next.


One just take the overlook stairs down skip past the heartless and then you ll end up right around here slide down the red roofs and after the first part right here you will end up on a large statue on that statue that is where you will find the next hercules. The golden rqa statue. It is right over there pick that one up and then take the next set of roofs down. Because that s where we re going.

That s where you end right down here keep going we re going towards the gardens. This time you can actually warp to the gardens. If you really wanted to but this is quicker follow this path keep on going jump down here and into this building. Right here.


I also already got this one. But the statues right on that bench right there talk to the dude outside. If you haven t as well. He has an item for you now head deeper into the garden.

There s the safe point for the record. I also picked this one up. But i remember this one because this is the first one i found head down here into these holes and right down. There.


The golden statue is only one more to go this time head to the safe point and warp back to the first part of thebes once you re back at thebes that s where you load in right. There. You re gonna follow this path over here this time we re heading to the alley. There s a temple right in the alley.

So take these stairs up once you get to the top. You gotta take a left and take those stairs down. I roll oh no stairs up apparently i roll because i think it s faster. It probably isn t into this temple and then in the back corner in the back left corner.


That s where you ll find the last statue head back to the kid turning in all. The statues and you will get the hero s belt alright that is it for me. If you liked what you saw and got what you needed like comment subscribe and i will see you guys in the next video later gators. ” .


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After you clear the bad guys out of Olympus, Thebes will open up their stalls again. One of the kids in Thebes will ask you to find all the Golden Hercules Statues in the area. Check out this Kingdom Hearts 3 Golden Hercules statue locations guide to find them all.

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