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kh3 keyblade This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Kingdom Hearts 3 – How to get Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades – YouTube. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Back my friends to another kingdom hearts. 3. Video. I am so excited to be be able to make kingdom hearts.

3. Videos with new content. That is so this is showing you guys exactly how to get the oath keeper and the oblivion. Now unfortunately.

I m not gonna be able to demonstrate both them because the requirements. There s very specific requirements and one of them i was not able to finish because i didn t realize that s what i had to do so there s two different items you ll get if you ve completed both these requirements as soon as you boot into the game. It ll pop up onto your screen. Saying that you ve obtained.

It and you can go trade it in for the keyblade. But one of them is going to be i m going to show you guys in my items. Right now. One of them is going to be proof of promises now this is a certificate awarded to those who have collected all the luck from from worlds over so basically all 90 lucky emblems so if you haven t collected all 90.


Lucky emblems. Then you re out of luck. No pun intended so this one is actually going to get you i believe it was the oath keeper if i remember correctly we re gonna see in just a second here. But then the other one is proof of x.

Passing a throwable screenshot right now so you guys can see what it says a certificate awarded to those who have endured the most difficult trial of all so basically proof of x. Pass you have to be critical mode. Which i ve yet to do that i was going to do it a few times and i didn t think i would have needed to so that s unfortunate so i m not gonna really show you guys that one. But anyways once you guys have that you re gonna go to the moogle shop and once we re here.

I it says traded proof of promises for oathkeeper. See how proof of promises is for oathkeeper proof of x passes for oblivion. So if you want earth keep where you got to get all 90. Lucky emblems if you want oblivion then you need to beat the game on critical mode.

Which i m going to be doing so i can actually obtain the oblivion as well so proof of promises there you go. It s just trades automatically. If there is the oathkeeper zoom. Again if you have proof of times past it ll automatically trade that as well for the oblivion.


And there it is there is the oathkeeper beautiful beautiful a keyblade and imbued with light power form changes light form double form okay peace so there guys have i m gonna go ahead. And i m going to equip it or is it probably at the bottom here yeah. The oath keeper which you see all of its stats right there in all its glory. And i guess to end this video.

I ll show you guys at least the oath keeper in action. But like i said unfortunately oblivion. I gotta wait. I didn t realize i apologize okay so before we go ahead and show off the the oath.

Keeper one thing. I will mention is that these keyblades are free the own there s obviously requirements to obtain them. But they re absolutely for either part of the the new update. So if you guys haven t updated your game.

Yet you can actually go ahead. And you can click on the tile you go down and check for update basically you re looking for version. 19 so 109. So that s what you re looking for um.


It ll be nine gigs give or take roughly so just keep that in mind again. If you re playing this on xbox. Now just gotta wait a month for it to come on xbox as well so anyways so we got the oblivion. We re gonna check it out real quick alright here we go and keep in mind.

I haven t played for a little bit so a little bit sloppy then it s been a minute get off to brush up for all. The new bosses and then beat this on critical mode to light form boom. There we go beautiful yeah. I really wish it would have being in uncritical.

I was going to so many times and it s got distracted for other games. And i just love doing it so hopefully you guys did this you guys can have a plug in as well. I don t again. I will get to i will get to it there you go get that other form get that that double oathkeeper forms and that s pretty much it we have seen.

We ve seen all of its in its glory. Oh wait hold on we got unfinished home and so frickin epic. It s so epic okay well. I don t need to finish this guy you guys basically seeing all the forms and all that good stuff.


So that s pretty much it that is the okk keeper in action in kingdom hearts. 3. Well my friends. There you guys have it that is how you get the oathkeeper and oblivion again i sincerely apologize excuse me that i was not able to show you guys the oblivion in action.

Again. I didn t realize i had to have beaten the game on critical. If i knew that i would have i would have done that before the remind dlc came out obviously the remind dlc is not technically out yet until the 23rd recording this this 20 seconds. So if you re watching this as soon as it comes out you re gonna have to wait a little bit for the remind dlc.

But once that does hit. I will have a bunch of videos on that as well so keep it locked on a channel let me know if there s anything else you got us guys gonna see from me as far as kingdom rs3 goes. And if you enjoyed the video drop like subscribe guys new and until the next. My friends game on thanks for watching music you ” .


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