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“Everyone and as you can see on the screen in front. You there is an an incredibly ugly chef. But it s a ship that really gets the job done s by far the most effective ship. I ve used you ve essentially ensure when she was as many the ih cans as possible but i m gonna walk you through the process for i designed that one i m gonna go to abilities.

First and you want to put free in the cannon. If you don t have the exact abilities or cost of making your ship as i do don t worry you can just try to replicate it to as much as i ve done here you should still achieve similar results next you want to apply the defender and final force abilities as possible. But most of these don t really matter the most important ability is the hp of grid and the sw haste upgrade. Listen.

Travis recharge is a special weapon cost converter is by far the most important ability here as this lets just use more abilities more cost to create our ship. It basically removes the gummi ships. We have and allows just use the cost of making them in the place. When i get the heal upgrade to and you also want to get the auto life of great as that will bring you back from death with a few more points left to use you can just check in to whatever you want so this just say mobility or you can even go speed.


It s up to you fin this circumstance will go mobility all right we re gonna start so you want to go straight here and i choose this cockpit this cop. I choose this cockpit for a variety of reasons is one it s quite small and two it doesn t cost a lot next you wanna go to weapons. The orange ones. Are by far.

The most powerful weapons are game as them so much more consistent the purple ones may do more damage. But i kinda like the consistency and how quick how acrid these are and how fast they shoot next want to apply these and i am incredibly thirsty. So i ll think it is done without dying the first when apply these cannons like this cans are required to my knowledge from iva the golden orbs you find around the treasure planet things i ve completely forget the name. But you probably know what i m talking about you do the ones you shoot to get like items out of i believe you can get weapons from there.

And you can see i believe get weapons from random fights to only the first time you fight them and bosses. But i m crystal so just shoot everything basically next i apply to shields. If you don t have shields. You will obviously dialogue quicker.


But these shields give you a tremendous amount of defence you could even substitute. These shields with more guns or more power. It s entirely up to you what i m design. You is just a quick sketch basically of my actual ship and actually want to apply this this allows to see the health of a boss.

I choose this one mainly because it s quite cheap. Always suppose you can actually go for this one. If you really want it because that s even cheaper all right now the important part we haven t got a lot of health even though we have a tremendous amount of damage output you can freely place most of these pieces as you wish but for this video here. I m just gonna show you a quick design as long as all these pieces use they can be used in any configuration.

So by using the easies give me 27 health per piece. So i have a tremendous amount of health on my side now next. I believe i applied these because these give me quite a bit of health look at this. I think i use three of them because it lets me play some more movement and stuff so this ship was built with the idea to feed a super boss and in order access a super boss.


Which is like this will end in the second region. I believe you need the boost you need over 200 speed. Which is what this was set up for. But you can substitute these speed upgrades for whatever you want as long as things are in the box.

That s basically what your ship will be it nothing needs to be physically bound to the ship and you ve been i m gonna play leisure for 219 speed. And with some pieces left over now i could easily just increase the health of the ship. I get rid of like one of these and maybe this no that s not gonna work that s a shame. But you can easily i pieces in two uh there you go so i have 680 hp.

Which is slightly higher than the build. I show and other than that anything else is the same except that i have 4 tirolean and one mobility. But it s more less the same design. I m gonna show a video and our me fighting the super boss obviously this doesn t look pretty.


So you can configure the placement of things and basic gummies as far as you want you can as long as this configuration is the same you will do the most damage possible and of course. If you can t meet exactly right of here. You can easily substitute certain cannons. With other things or upgrades to increase your damage or power your power or your hp.

But the key rule is to stick to using the orange cards because as far as i m concerned. They re the best music music music music music music. ” ..


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