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“Everyone welcome back to another kingdom hearts 3. Video and today. I ll be showing showing you how to get the golden highway. Now and be also showing off some because the golden vine would shreds and i m telling you this it really like it takes down these enemies really quick.

So first of all i m going to show it off to you guys and see how this golden tywin is it has very good stats. It s very fast. It has a lot of hp along with its offense. And you can still upgrade.

These stats. When you have a good amount of bug or you can say decent teeny ships that that are by your side because when you have when you clip teeny ships along with the main ship it actually boosts up its that s depending on what depending on what ship it is obviously. But yeah. This is it this is like it s so cool it s very clean.

I love how this golden high one is it s probably one of the stronger ships in the game. And not only you get this not only get their golden high when you also get the golden falcon and golden invincible t. Ships which are awesome to be using alongside with the golden highway you re probably wondering what are you do to unlock this certain now you have to be at this location than missy stream. This is the waypoint you need to be at and what you need to do is there s a secret boss this challenge that you re gonna do or not necessary.

But the boss is challenging and there s a secret boss within this tornado that you have to kind of fight. And it s also one of the trophies to unlock here. I m just gonna show it right now. It is called the thermosphere trophy.

It s the ultra rare trophy. It s a golden one golden trophy that s how you know it s a serious mission to do for gummy ships. And what you have to do is destroy the secret boss that i m about to show you guys and like it says here destroy. It and the minutes of the ocean of between now.

This is probably a reference to something that i m not necessarily aware about because i clearly have no idea what they re trying to reference. I don t notice who are eunuchs is past when it comes down to these type of stuff. So comment down below comment below. What you guys think or what it is if you do actually know about this.

But yeah i m gonna show it to you guys on how this works and how to unlock eagle. The gummi ship now if you want to enter. It as vortex you would want to be a you got a built you basically build your own ship. You kind of have to at you know at this rate.

And like and also have decent amount of or not amount. But have at least good teeny ships that raise up your stats. So before it had like good teeny ships. I was using the gigas junior and then for the other one i use using one of these it really doesn t matter.


It s all up to you i i just. I was using this as well i was just experimenting. But for now. We re gonna use two gigas and as you can tell it raised up our speed to 219 and or the objective of this is that you really wants to have a good ship that s pretty fast and you want to prioritize hp and speed.

Because this boss is very serious and it takes like a lot of time it s very tedious to do to fight this certain boss and i think this was nearly one of the final bosses for the gummi ships. So i m glad i dealt a decent ship. Now this one looks very simple it looks like i just built like a some toy fighter jet. But this was actually very useful for me because i put on cannons and i had lasers and lasers are really important because when you have lasers they took two years.

I m you ship they locked on to certain targets and they re able to put on damage whether or not you re aiming on at them. So that s what i did and also if you look at stats like korat. I prioritize speed and offense now and also hp now. I wasn t really worried about hp.

Because that s the point of these tv ships they provide me a lot of hp and along with its speed. The thing is the power was a sacrifice. But it s something you would have to do as you re building these certain ships. So let s begin the voyage right now so when you re at the misty stream area you would want to locate the the tornado basically it s it s literally right in the middle of the map.

So just search for you see here. It is now a lot of people always get confused where to go don t don t hit towards the tornado. Where it s the green part of the tornado. You wouldn t want to kind of aim at the lower part of the tornado and literally just go straight through this blue thing.

The blue portal. You could say were part of the tornado and and like i said your ship has to be fast enough to do this encounter. Luckily the ship is good because of the gigas and we re able to go into fight. And then this is the fight brief or it s pretty much a struggle like to do this.

This has this has two phases right now we re at the first phase. I m not gonna doing this whole battle because it s gonna take forever. But i really recommend that you guys i really recommend you guys put in repair kit. As the special ability or special weapon to use for the for your dummy ship because this packs a punch because if you re not careful you will die within three shots or so depending on what ship you are using and as you see look i m just i m just getting bodied right now and as you can tell it s it s a very tedious phosphites.

We learn two toughest boss fights to do for two gummi ships. It s actually harder to do than the omega. Which is how you get your you re already callow. I think or you can close that s how you pronounce it to get the ultimate weapon.

But yeah that s pretty much it and i have a really simple build with but with a lot of firepower and lasers and the gigas td ships obviously helped me boost up my stats so that s what you pretty much want to do once you build your go to ship and then honestly guys. It s not that bad they go be ships this whole gummi ship stuff actually really fun. I mean as you can tell i m level 80 on the top right corner. And i ve been actually grinding a lot with these gummy chef s house.


We ve been farming the asteroids you can farm asteroids for certain material so it could upgrade the keyblade s in my everything so that s what i ve been doing as well and also you earn parts when you form these asteroids. So i think that was pretty cool well yeah actually had really fun. I m doing this type of stuff. I i really enjoy building and everything i know it s hella early.

I don t know if the hell. I m doing as i ll building was gonna be sure. But got the job done you got me to believe i win in know your yard. So i m going to showcase the golden pile in how powerful this literally this ship is because it really shreds okay so we re just set up.

We are gonna use the golden high wind and in for a special weapon. We don t really need a repair kit to be honest because we re gonna i m gonna show you this like one cool fight or just one i guess you say this is what a normal fight that takes a long time to do and if you have just eight or more like a normal ship. It does take time. But like when you use their golden high wind.

It definitely makes a difference so let s actually use the cody mian mian. I m not sure what these are exactly are and i don t know if they re referencing something but comment down below. Because i m really unsure of what these things are but they really provide good stats for your ships. And you unlock them after you defeat.

The uh after you defeat the we call it that one secret boss in the tornado. So here we go music and so this is the golden gummi ship is so nice. It s nice to just roam around with this so okay. Let s just head to this one boss fight.

Where it s a bit of a struggle to just encounter and fight because this was really annoying when i had my normal ships as well so let s look for it. It s basically this whole fortress. I don t know if you guys know what i m talking about and here. It is so basically you re fighting off this whole.

Fortress. And when i really had a normal ships against this it was a bit hard to do because of how i have to kept like you know kept on dodge rolling in and aiming at what i needed a shoot at so basically you re supposed to take out these ice pillars and i m taking out these ice colors would in matter of like matter of seconds. And it s just it s just crazy and look at that i just got i took out my rockets in babbit. Just got my laid asap and yeah.

This thing just shreds it ll take out like anything like if you re in its way. You re just gonna get the back way by this literally. So don t leak on about this gummi ship is that it doesn t have lasers. But and normally i love lasers on on the gummi ship.

I think they re very important but like i said this thing just shreds and it s just destroying everything like literally you re a just destroyed. The force field and the force field kind of order shield and it kind of takes a lot of kind of takes up a lot of damage to take out the shield or a lot of lot of shooting to do see we just take these things out easily just shreds and then this boss fight within seconds right now. It s just insane. How this golden high wing.


Is so if you look at this this takes forever to shoot down the bam just got shredded and as you see i m actually taking all the hits as well i mean this is not a really tough boss fight. But i mean let s still though you know it s it s doing its work and literally like look at that i i m just being reckless right now and i m just taking all the hits. So it has a good amount of hp and everything look. I m just taking these out like it s nothing look at that see and just like look at my hp like i ve i only lost like literally a small percentage of health.

I m gonna put out the rockets and bam just like that but they re golden. I win that s it so if you re still progressing this story. I really recommend you get this or do this thing. Because it like as a extremely fast.

But i really i really recommend you actually get this gummi ship. Because it really helps you on just like on really every single thing you do and i m really i like a look look of it i love this that s a bit it really has everything that you want for this game. Or this game mode. Particularly because this is the i m the golden gummi ship.

And it s really repping its name you know so it really takes out like enemies asap and like i said. Remember you want unlock. It you have to face that secret boss. It s gonna be a tough one.

But as long as you have a good build on you of a ship. Then you should do good. So. Yeah.

Oh yeah. Also my advice as well is to prioritize when it comes down to its ap here. I m gonna show it before i actually end a video. So when it comes down to um.

It s ap. Pirate eyes. They like put on lasers and cannons. Or your gummi ship and prioritize leaders equipment as abilities you know put a polite i ve clipped ap or upgrade upgrade it to a higher level at least so you could you know shred that it s pretty faster.

That s why i did i upgraded. My cannon and lasers and also i had auto life so it auto like when you actually died during a fight you ll get revived. You ll get revived asap. So you won t have to retry a whole boss again so let s say so i had that on just in case.

But i didn t really rely on it so that was that was a good thing and also have the sw haste. So you could have your special weapon recharge faster after using it especially. When you have the repair kit on you would want to keep on healing healing. Because it packs the punch to senior boss pack up exit punch.


I ve also front like i said i prioritize the hp. My like i had that hp upgrade speed upgrade cuz you need speed to go inside the um that little vortex of there s and mobility upgrade. I was like yeah you know you don t really have to focus on one book mobility. But i just put it it s really up to you what you want to do with it probably i would instead ability may be able to put final force in or just upgrade the fender to level 2.

It really like i said it really depends and also when it comes to ap. You re probably wondering how do i have all this ap. And well. Because you just simply just have to grind through out on the gummi ships like just keep leveling up your gummi ship.

It doesn t matter what gummi ship. You re using you still have the same level. So as long as you re like leveling up because like i m really level. 80.

And i m able to have 40 for ap for my my gummi ship. So you know that s pretty much shape. And really simple build as well for it is it s a little fighter j. But i think that i made.

But it did the job done and actually feed that big boss so anyway. I hope you guys actually enjoyed this video. Because i really want to help you guys out with the gummi ships. Because i know a lot of people don t like the gummi ships.

But personally i actually do like the gummi ships in this game is probably the best. It s the best gummi ship in any kingdom hearts game ever so and it really did a great job on this and if you want more tips and tricks on gummi ships. I would you know i would gladly help and post more videos about it comment down below. What should i do but or if you just have any questions feel free to ask because i just want to help you guys out.

Anyway you guys. Enjoyed a video. Remember drop a like and show all the love and support. I really do appreciate it remember to subscribe.

If you re new building. More too much free content alright peace off may your heart be your guiding music music. ” ..


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This gummi ship SHREDS. The Golden Highwind is definitely something worth getting if you love to explore around these streams. If you any questions about this gummi ship, feel free to ask questions! Enjoy this little guide I made.

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