LEGENDARY Gear! How to make your own in Elder Scrolls Blades

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“Weapons everybody wants them. But how do you get them in this video. We re re gonna talk about one way to get them. Which is mainly crafting and then ll go over the one of the other ways to get them which i m not quite as fond of so you you are able to craft your own legendary gear.

So if you go over to lond here and go into temper choose something and you ll see at the top here there s the different rarities of weapons so fine superior remarkable exquisite gets you in the rare territory there s several levels each flawless gets you an epic territory and then sublime gets you into legendary territory. But how do we get there. Let s take a quick look first it involves your skills. So we re gonna go into our skill tree skills and i m actually gonna reset my skills oh 230.

All right i m gonna i gotta you guys i m spending money on this video for you so just hold on a second. I m gonna be right back after this cut and we re back i just spent two bucks to get the gems. I need to do this so i i really don t like that gems are the only way to reset your skills and attributes. I d much rather it be some sort of item that you can t get in game.

Or you can spend gems. A be ma a be my preferred method. But alright let s reset here okay so if we go into perks advanced tempering is what we re gonna need so let s start unlocking that unlock arms and unlock barbarian and then if we look at advanced tempering. You can t croesus missy s maximum tempering level by two up to level six.

So once we unlock this one let s go take a look at the difference so come online..

What can we do now it s just one advanced tempering. We can go up to flawless. But we can t go to the to exemplary we need two more levels to get to where you want to go so. We ll go back into skills.

Here perks advanced tempering let s upgrade it again so you need four or more skill points to do that which puts us at like eight skill points to get to be able to temper the up to legendary alright. So i got to remember to come back here later and finish this up. While i m here i definitely want to take care of i like my hammer. So we re definitely upgrading that alright.

So now we have advanced tempering to we can go talk to lond temper and where s my war hammer. So let s say we have this war hammer we want to upgrade we can upgrade it all the way to sublime now this will take six hours call. 16000 gold. 8.

Garnets. Six anise. I think they say it and two rubies. So you know i don t i i m obviously not ready to craft this yet.

And it should be noted that i haven t seen anything that says i mean..

It s just in this only affects your stats on the weapon itself. So enchantments are a whole different animal and this doesn t really affect them. But increases damage dps block. And once you get to tempering three you can get to the highest level.

Which is mythical and then just i mean that requires sapphires. 9. Rubies. A whole bunch of stuff.

So i mean. That s kind of how you you do you go about crafting legendary you can also do the same for armor. So say i wanted these silver gauntlets to be legendary same kind of thing. It increases.

The armor protection creases and condition all right so i mentioned. There was a second way to kind of go about this and that is with everybody s favorite store so right now you can purchase legendary artifacts directly from the store like this guardians claymore. But they did say that this is going away. So you won t be able to buy legendary artifacts anymore now what nope now what they haven t mentioned is if legendary chests are going away.

So one good thing that bethesda does is they atleast tell you what you re gonna get and the odds of getting it so you re gonna get a legendary..

You re gonna get an extra rare epic or legendary and the odds of getting extra equipment are the 48 or a here 42 percent. 05. That you ll get a rare 42. 5.

Eueu. An epic and 15. That you ll get an extra legendary and then there s these bonus odds of a bonus artifact. Which is 5.

So you could conceivably get 3. Legendary s if i read this right. But you can also get jewels and stuff like that in here. If we take a look at the golden chest.

Which is much more common the odds of you getting a legendary in here are very slim so 01. There s no guarantee for any of that you re only guaranteed and uncommon. We re rare and if you only get a rare at 25. So you know and then elder you guaranteed an epic.

And you have a 1 chance of maybe pulling that at legend and legendary and only a 10 chance of epic..

So you know i i don t like that these chests or i don t like the odds act much. But you know i can accept some chests in the game. Except for the legendary chests. I mean it ll be interesting to see how that all plays in the pvp.

Because legendary weapons will give an advantage in pvp and if you can spend real money on on it i mean pvp will be very pay to win. But they haven t announced how they re gonna deal with pvp yet so i m not gonna go too far in that so that is crafting legendary weapons. I hope someday in the future. I can actually craft one you know i haven t been i m not spending money real money on this game.

Except for what you saw there until. What s probably out of early access and a better idea. What is permanent and what s not so i will probably be without legendary for for a bit unless that one drops somewhere check out more elder scrolls blade content left and right and the screen here appreciate any feedback in the comments like subscribe share. Do nothing up to you have yourself a great day.

” ..

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Legendary weapons and armor, the main loot goal of RPG s like Elder Scrolls Blades. There are a few ways to get them, but for me, crafting is the preferred method. Let s check out how to craft legendary items in Elder Scrolls Blades!

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