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“Hello everybody lego dude. 11. 00. He ran today is another.

Lego jurassic. World. The the video game feel for you and today. Happens to be and the cheat code for this specific for this particular game now i do want to mention something in today s video.

This is still the last lego game. I have recorded for all the legal gaming cheat codes. And i don t have any of the map point so as you can see here if i go back this is a go drat. This is drastic world and this is these are nublar jurassic world first part and the drastic horrible the first movie now we re gonna be going over here to the or this is not this is where the the lost world and jurassic world three are women jurassic world jurassic park.

3. Excuse me and today we re playing as um. This is grey and zach mitchell. But today we re going inside here to do the cheat codes.

So real quickly let me just do that music music alright guys so this is where you access cheat codes. So this is pretty cool. This is jurassic world here and as you recall in my free roaming adventure. Which was really really fun this is where you get the red brick.

So i think i showed this to you guys for this to you guys inside free roaming. If not i m sorry i apologize. That s where you access the red brick. This is where you customize your characters.

Which is fun and then this is where you customize dinosaurs. Which is also fun you can also customize dinosaurs in jurassic park. The first there is the first hop world. Now this area here is the mini kits which i don t have in this save.

5 save file for right now. I will go and access to the chicos. There are quite a bit of cheat codes. So this video will probably be a bit long longer than usual maybe.

I have no idea. But first one is gonna be our are a that helps us be okay. Then our again. Why is it our again our t to rho into t.

This time. We go..

There s dinners. Nedry. Costa. Rica.

Next. Up. Is indian scout and that will be 8 8. X.

8. Xl. Three five nine boom. There s engine scout now on jurassic park survivor.

Which is three 3f e. Seven eight are are you kidding. Me how many more are we gonna do a oh wait i don t do it jurassic park driver. Alrighty now we will get a it s not a hey you think this wave is easier yep sure was a you to 5 mm to 5 gr where you series gr no flick there you go female and see you trooper female and then nexus aco trooper aco trooper male so now we re gonna do oh my god what am i going oh jesus that was not fun going to run that way i did not expect myself to go that way.

But i did so this way ass wait so that s our five ass. So i ll go this way p. As our oh. My god do all of these ending are no they don t or go now the next.

One is carlos. Which is v vk wait. I passed it three tp3 wait there we go there s carlos. And now.

When i flip is clutter. So. That s 9 9. G.

E. As axl p. Why there you go there. s carter now you re.

On cooper which is run away 5b etc. 5. There we go there s cooper run away now we re gonna do e okay ce. Que el.

See there s drear stars dino. Handler bob is why q cx s..

Seven z. Let s go to the z. Here. There we.

Go. Dino handler bob no on le diggler so that s gonna be a a v a v 9d j. We go there s le diggler no non gyrosphere operator. Josh.

Which is 9 9. Ng z. Zq regulars journalist for your operator. Josh.

Not on henry. Wu. Gerasa quote. A 3h.

A 3h c7 e. E. The letters d. Alright.

Let s go to this that or now. There we go there s henry wheel classic engine car giri comes to be q okay qk b w. No cw t fantastic all right three eight i guess i think it s ain t now okay who i was like i was like no it is a alright start about that way more than eight why not his paws all of a sudden why it is why i guys w. Vr engine hunter now we re going to engine mechanic which is our rm dooda dooda dooda v.

Vp8 we go there s engine mechanic now on engine mercenary which is v. Bz are yes in d3. There s an engine mercenary. Jimmy fallon is six okay music then guy age age age s.

G. It looks like gonna go there. Jimmy fallon. Next up.

John hammond. Los. Little version is p. Stupidest.

Thing ever. I hate myself..

Going that way p p. R. All right we got it baby uh are cx and then why oh yeah. It s got this way s better john hammond.

Lost world. And now we re gonna go to x x. X. Th.

9. And i messed up oh sorry wait white. I think it was x boom. There s that guy.

I don t know how to pronounce him some nothing they try to bother saying that 8w. Why excuse me let s go to that way now. We re on three three f v. There we go there jurassic park and veterinarian now i can go to x xj s.

Seven you wide go drastic park warden not on the jurassic park ranger. Excuse me trash park ranger. What is this gw9 yeah no and i m listed n. I always get and in nine weeks up for some reason oh no w haha.

I went to end because i was talking about a nice funny tv gg h. And that should be it but oh my god what was it bam. Drivin park ranger or drops of water lanes or whatever tricycle the world veterinarian is gonna be al five a you six day after day. All right um you or mean.

Why what am i saying. There s jurassic world veterinarian. So weedy sweet sweet alright guys. We re almost done we just have lots more you have like seven more to do maybe more we have like eight or so so we re gonna go to be here.

The amine entrecote are al ln w. See there s a nash runaway nice all right now. We re gonna take a hold of wrapped her handler jenny. Five acts.

So 5x z77 cece swear to god bam. There we go no. We just have six one six left six q five three aj. I mean.

There s that guy all right. That s venture..

Crewman. Indian. Scientist. Is x v.

X. G. F. Gxf.

There we go there s indian scientists guys all right now engine lab technician and on ass kay kay music oh i m sorry guys my phone fell and i was gonna get this thing back up w. See and go. There s engine lab technician. And now and now we re on the third the last one guys a pee ii be f.

Cx. Baby cx. All right you did you dizzy all udesky alt. Now in the second to last one young raptor handler.

So that s 7b and v n. L. Ow. Jay ljt news young raptor trainer or handler young raptor handler now we re on hand with our ellie s this is the last one guys.

We are be x9z six are okay. I must already have him that must be why it s not working music. I m writing guys so thanks for watching this video on the cheat codes were lego jurassic. What if you didn t enjoy it and this is a showcase for lego jurassic world.

Where do you think the mini kids were because this is. What the mini kids are and over the bricks. And also hammond creation lab at so you can create dinosaurs and this is where you can create your custom characters this is a pretty cool room if i don t say so myself don t forget to like subscribe. If you have not already it s all good follow me on instagram up above.

It you name master. You don t forget to comment. Anything you guys would like to comment as well don t forget to comment. Don t forget to like subscribe and don t forget to be awesome don t get to like subscribe follow me don t forget to be awesome bye.

Everyone ” ..

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