Let's Play Co-Op Oblivion – Episode 1: Arkayo's Perspective

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“The dead okay. George yeah. What s wrong with me okay well. Why don tn t why don t we discuss what we re going to be doing their own bolivia.

Yeah. No all gasp yeah. I ll turn down over bali. And what we can be doing in oblivion.

Co. Op george west and who are we the cheeky. Boys. Gave me a man let s go starting again uk.

I was born 87 years ago for 65 years. I ve ruled as tamriel s emperor but for all these years. I ve never been the ruler of my own dream. I have seen the gates of oblivion beyond.

Which no waking i may see behold in darkness. I thought the big one sweeps. The land yes. This is the 27th of last seed the year of akatosh 433.

These are the closing days of the third era and the final hours of milo here miriam look. There s a god thirsty operators. During the gardening function. 3.

2. 1. Click. Done.

Oh oh. 3. 2..


1. Click. Yes. Yes.

Oh. Thank. You. For ghosts of players.

Past. Oh. Hello. What here.

We go. What where are you george. Let s just. See now.

See. Other players. Hello. Oh.

No not again. There. We go. Hello.

Oh. I see oh. They are hey. Oh.

My god all right let s go pass. It around hey. There you is not this man..


I haven t seen another dunmurry you and i don t know how long where are you from huh stop. Again man disturbing. Me you got a wife back home tessa fuck. I m getting out of here in a couple of evening when i get back tomorrow.

I ll look her up oh. Not day she must be so lonely corner. Don t you worry eh. I ll take a little me.

After your did oh that s right. We said. There s no perfect old guy. It s just some different me because i m sorry tony that s all i ll be that s a rat god me psycho yeah.

You know i even be like over it s like i know hang on whoa god do something first oh. Very angry again go take my sharp now aah because say stop at your disturb. The emperor. If you won t come in here.

What is this prisoner doing here. What the sin is supposed to be off limits all right let me take my clothes off never mind get that gate. Oh. He won t hesitate to kill you if you re getting all right you ready to go to the war that prisoner stand aside by the world.

He won t go i. See the way ghosts of players past. Presidents don t even the door over by the window come on double false greetings dumbest. People there we go don t move what you re doing i m stuck.

You i ve seen who you see this is the day gods give me strength her. Oh. What s going on assassins attacked my sons and then next a snake. It my blades are leading me out of the city along a secret escape.

Route by chance the entrance to that escape route leads through your cell. Our craziness. Oh what sally i m talking about on there are you i am your emperor uriel septim by the pillar of my serve tamriel as her ruler you were a citizen of tamriel and you too shall serve her in your own way gods have placed you here..


So that we may meet as for what you have done it does not matter. I ve been a convicted rapist for peters. But what doesn t matter them. But for the gods placed your hair of course.

Oh yes oh i can way i ma hit cc so do we all. But what path can be avoided whose end is fixed by the own mighty god all right or i mister mister preaching to the clients. A talking shit. All the time mom joyful rocks over there.

But suddenly is no real good. My boy go see players past bye bye oh. I ll see you surely hope. I m sure i need to put some clothes on because.

I m disturbing. Myself oh let s go first person to be fine. It is very dark pricked aha well it does concern me this doesn t concern you prisoner can you do it up. There.

I m a statue of words who are you talking to me. I ll see have words your words stand. Aside. Prisoner.

Oh yeah. Oh no run away huge dude. Over here. Oh yeah.

So fighting are you alright. Oh. You need a key for this door right everyone ready where s my sword. She gives you give it you kind of take a look that s a finger slips.

Oh found it on the stairs. Don t know. But it s too late to go that fast huh..


Oh. Yeah don t you think we will get you. A. Double.

Pose. Wo. N t be the first under s. Okay.

Oh. Good for you let s move through this day. Here. Come.

The rooms off of me want to put the ropes on and give the guards. An idea i don t know no it s not funny you re so naked. Oh wow. After it hey hey.

Took. My fat. You oh sorry. Just.

Here s mode. You can smooth by the gods is a psychopathic. Yeah. That s me so so doug must.

Morais is a coin flip lydia that s a balloon. She ll oh bollocks what oh ” ..

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Arkayo s perspective on the cheeky endeavours of the cheeky boys adventure through The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Mods Used:

Unique Landscapes Compilation

DarNified UI

Natural Environments

Oblivion Stutter Remover

Oblivion Reborn 0.6.10 “Custom Edition”

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