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“Refusal frenzy. I m calm calling. Zach cuz. He s super.

Annoying. I ll be be the other guy. Oh yeah. You picked this is a party game.

We have there the ai. Which stood our meeting with social practice rounds real quick yes twisted system. The best game. We re going to do practice because practice.

Lets us go even after everyone else is dead. All you do is jump and duck and waiting all day. And do this that s right we went out and bought this game. Because we didn t have it ready to go today had to have you happen jumping talk jump and duck duck and then we didn t i miss stop the duck tommy didn t jump let s do bad.

She s your reason laughter. It gets hard when you in the middle. Let s take a brutal look at how psycho is aldo give up see you later pick up some speed boys. Oh.

My god no jean okay okay never die never dies like let go go. Although there what libraries controlled the island future frenzy tattoos day kicks ass let s play it everyone this is sumo sumo is deep at only those are really shitty minigames in this cell. I know which ones are bad we re going to probably daunting we play tournament. But we won t be able to i don t know if what we should be doing honestly.

This is the bumpers from mario party. But the floor deletes itself. So that s the spin let s kill niomi. The robot killing almost get out of here yeah all right back to human that s right music.

It s got to get really messy here in a second. Somebody. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Oh my god what a voice. All right let s play. Where is trailblazer that kicks that tail boys this is that tron game the arm triangle oh my god oh crash crash is terrible crash much had nothing but in it this game has this money gave a lone soul to me you know the game right. Here.

This isn t food is itis for yourself. It s so really good hey dad we got out here ah i feel bad i m gonna smoke spend versus lads like oh nice i m 0. What is happiest i ve ever won since cartwheels fix it get a little bit. I prefer to start.

Oh yeah. I got some points look at that got it. I don t know sansa would i win that was fast. We should do it again nobody s using their horn.

Enough that s why i think what s the horn button. This why why yeah. The board is very important that s better that s the game. I know oh man yeah.

Just that s water oh i just need a no warm up round that s all i m ready now. Oh the hammering come here. Oh my god how am i gonna get her she s going crazy what the nice candy from a baby nice is my original xbox game. It s like five bucks smacks like hisses.

It s not rare either. It s one of the ones. Everyone seemed to have you a new bumper race five laps bombs caused losing control analog. Only applause ultimate tensile test.

I reached the woods why you got bragging about running into a bar fight there s a boost button box. I mentioned apparently boost button exist. A bomb oh oh no did that ball dancing all right. I don t know about even been securing 40.

I heard it was living which one of these are in what is a bit hockey is great whoever touched the puck last gets points. If they go in and players count for half points. If you knock them in which makes this extremely aggressive. We can play a tournament.

Moving on it s got a mini game at the end of each round. Which is like stupid. It s just you collect points by stealing the drug play yeah. Here sampson no no no jeez.

Damn name get out of the way. The cotter. A credible..


Know your man oh nice nice place bramish be able to score other players you do you have to avenge. Now more than ya five points for that and ten points for pocket. Oh crap. The computers ticking a hat right now.

She s she s just getting away with it yo afternoon. Oh. My god i can t even screw in there s no important up the back all right. I got the only one who didn t get object.

I mean yeah. I bought an original xbox of alpide new legends. And it was like 40 bucks. Yeah.

What s the one little that s like big time dig dug autumn. This don t fall in a hole cut away a table underling three times. I have no idea what this i don t wear this at all what the heck is this oh my god i think we can ram into each other and blow up oh you fall you re dead apparently since i would die already what happened to her hahaha. I actually made it to you in self um.

How we go off the edge or a bigger over towel. Too many times. You know we had three times. So let s try it again yeah three times.

Let s go ahead and go to the edge apparently. I just oh oh yeah. There s a boost well. I m dead kind of killed over here i got a scrapper.

Oh a bad adam. Now. We ve got a long way to go to catch up yes you fell. I m so good in here call my gun all right racing with jet boats is terrible let s do that because the controls are unlike the other one which was pretty good honestly.

This is not at all yeah. This is weird can you handle the triple turn thanks samson. So guys if you get off course. You re going to really get off first everybody s in such a true them all things.

Aside. Slack slack. That wasn t as bad as i remember i think. There s one where there s a role for itself.

It really messes up them thank you on this michael waterfalls come on got it right. There. Don t get swept off the edge push other players off the edge jet stream. The two state been pushing their bombs at ball rev.

Instead. That s a goal that we just don t fall. His fault. You can back other players locker.

Oh my god although you turn around this bombs our respect your current scores. Where you got they live right here on my cordon shani. Oh. I think so yeah get worse 90 seconds music as i ve been distracted by liquor noise.

Paul annacone scam. You know what s your gibberish destroyed by beer let s play knock out this one s great this one s all my favorite. It s just it s actually bounce balls there s no pucks just actually know what i might as well take another one a is boost be a shield you really don t want a shield. Though if you re in the middle.

When the ice comes down you re gonna get frozen then it comes down quite a bit preaching present people doomed to fall. Well stefan intercepts. Oh. No cheerilee together oh yeah so it s nice nice aw gee.

It s really good he practiced. Oh. My ass not there oh. No we re at zach s got 20 point double digits.

The video. We ve got a fraction of that yet that s me oh well they score goes dome. You pull off since ago. Rules now i got to go up green christy arden.

Oh. My god i before you heard her everyone nice double kill kind not us right so stop right now music not a problem. Thank you guys can i go gaga salir. They lose points were falling it works who s three.

I think and you get five for killing somebody some some like that music stop that bastard whoa. Hey. No no no magic and assault any good proof yeah you can give don t care geez..


I probably should use the shield on it s probably advanced jet. Now you don t senseless leave you look. No. Yeah.

Oh my girl. I filled it. Sucker. Again.

Ah yeah. No i missed figure. That s a. Very um.

Laser snare with the. Oh. This is when you wrapped around corning s to get them the less interesting varies in trouble right your blazer. Say do this and do one of those beat ones and then started for me.

That s pretty much covering anything yeah. We see most still a couple good ones. And there we do the third single couldn t draw michael this button. If you could travel fire.

Like i just. Did you get. Some. Photos.

Phlex. Fuller. Ah. Oh public school.

So i could kill trying to do a certain level. Now maybe that s probably fascinating wyoming taking iraq. She s unbeatable that s why i can t stop her keeps hitting me every time. I tried your belt hundreds 83 foot 200.

Ui5 keys. She just lost. The budget on the items away. Yeah.

I lost it all boy and i got sacrificed to look to be there that s the normal way. I trust is we don t know how to play that game. That s what i ve learned yeah. This is the one where we make a beat that s pretty weird let s just do that one the rhythm game you only use the color buttons too so you do this you definitely have double phone you can need this operation here because we re going to do all kinds of stupid button presses.

It s lucky to be the master let s do it not give me a new beats anson. I m doing terrible nubs beat. I can hear freaking controllers because these things are so crap your mate they just sound like bull crap rubbing together. I missed one awesome here just go for the quad.

They re your buddies. I miss like oh i probably lost one of the other i know terrible terrible. Damn i m loser naomi s kicking ass oh geez these stars are easy she lost is that what to do he s math baby that kids like 30. Now because this game.

So old pinball is whoever has the orb can run into the lit up bumper to get points. And you can steal it from them by boosting into them with the a button and you have a break the do it so you would take it to the top right when that s when the flit right now. But you had to get it first. I didn t i lost it though now it hasn t she took it back what s up miami.

Damn ice nukes know what a score that s a c mere. My or my or get out of here yeah. Damn there we go tagbacks of rude. No ho ho bill.

No again split second thievery man hahaha. No. Oh. The way where is it please i had five ward in one point eight eight is eight seven seven where s the coal business.

I m so good pot hog is there s two pods whoever has them it s points. If yeah. But once you get a ton of points. You can shoot them to take them back from their players.

Why does no we get to have both of them apparently interesting. I m just farming. Let s like get no lower. Now.

She s getting three teeth. Oh i am. Now my warm..


Yeah leave it look no. We ll give it here give me lobes. I got one rappy doo. That work no we got here go i got three four one tick.

One sick of three let s take a dick. What hey i wasn t well you re just freaking computers unbeatable. This is um grab tokens. But also jump and duck under the spinning blades and thanks for the sup guys.

I have matrix there s a lot. I didn t hear this because i don t have the alerts or no but they probably show up on screen. I think they do are the red ones you got them to the blue ones you jump over that s how this works you can totally if you re feeling brave cycle around yeah. I don t think i ve eaten somebody who does run around by sit.

Still yeah. It s really bad you could jump over the rebel you ve really done this triangle here for the gold ah. I ran into sam hey. I stick a half this is this how the turn is gonna go i gotta just win the game.

What did you say game roller ruckus three laps of super bowls good worse. We are sitting finally score so the nobody has to look at her school my magic penis oh come here samson everybody ram. Stan s diddly get him down there s a wrong way to rim imma get him. Oh oh oh minute stop.

It sabotage. I can t believe. This is. Me my last on round.

Three here get out of here. Samson. Uh. Third place.

Your skill. This one is really good roll over the goals that are on to get points. They ll shoot you up in the sky. Though so you won t be able to capitalize on too much they are a certain amount incline.

See yeah. Applause no applause instead of god. Yeah. Good yeah.

Get to be pretty accurate. Lighting will not go away. Yeah. Hotforwords.

I m gonna cook it up almost that double then steps and gets in my way applause damson of the to two points that requires our battle on upper teeth mine. Oh my god don t like time we went again nice i stole one from her she tie it no he needs a draw we have a what else we got any others to check out space tails. If you hold on to the pods long enough. They become yours you can shoot the white ones to get them to go loose.

We ve seen most of the games. I like in the homeland of tipping are the ones that suck right just about so there s a good 20 games that i like and then there s probably 30 bibles or mediocre ones at least. I was got four orbs have you gotten any of the other side there we go another on their way. Okay let you do that samson.

It s still not over look. It s look at this guy together give us some crazy orb now no dancing so i made my sling wow look at that good okay no good of these oh my gosh. She s got so many oh my god i love it applause. We ll see the ones that suck here in a bit because we re going to do tournament.

It s got to pick games for us to ruin food. Most fruits to guard your cheeseburger for some reason. Attack is i had just about spot in the most bugs yeah. But can you attack other people s cheeseburger got what else mom.

I m gonna try attack sampson. She s always ready oh you get points for killing bugs only. But if they eat your burger you re finished. You re through you can stun give yourself yeah take that knocked out it has believed my fruit your burgers diners hamptons.

Know my burgers. The burgers gone piss off my burgers are diving down to niblet no talking about popular daddy he is burger on my g. Yeah. Teeth have the most edible burger all that bowling paid off will you guys even play guys lame.

What was i gonna do a couple more okay one what s the one that s pink one more you shoot. I ve noticed she s rocking let s do push the system over time do blast. Me or taunted syllogistic or madness. How long the carpet.

Though because the wall without a word look that thank you can do i can t tell her to get off. I m not hearing testimony in over hundreds that s obsessive throw. It jump jump jump jump jump..


Don t know got me damn. Okay. You can t take much with the system champion. Phil.

Oh. Yeah. I did one more slap. But let s go through a match actually jump.

Everybody has to back out wait. What s up soundtrack can be changed. What no i can t if you have music on your xbox. That s all you need that s an interesting guy never seen before featured right there that s cute well the long game.

I don t have any idea how long to think though i m changing my character. I ve had it off of exact do jet that s right. It s purple time all right let s do it oh no back up come on hey easy that will put them on applause. We have to follow that reason this will be easier.

I don t think they do quad combos all right now don t do the three or two other four. They just do two son responses that might be a thing thankfully. Mostly video games they lose to anybody. But this one everybody s got a perfect score thanks dj.

You mix it up a little bit maybe. I m like three way tie and coming it doesn t care how well you hit it it just cares that you can it at all i think maybe does maybe kids ll perfect anybody lose one yet. It s a dj move pretty bad i got like three more broccoli different points in advance. I wonder if they give points for second this is well i don t think they do much all they do okay so those aren t actually points.

Those are tokens that we will use later in the endgame end round game turning vs god no light twos to launch rockets with your color paint rockets to make them yours well last night that sucks yellow and purple are my colors oh we can hit uh. I think you can oops zach is obscene the good of this actually what i want to handsome a little guy nice work keep up the keep up the wedding for me. Because i sure can t do this camden definitely not me ah music. I think i m giving jack points.

Actually machine. The drug doesn t alert yes. I think that s why its core is going up for me. And that s fine nice the size of her boots.

She got megaman shoes. Oh. No god this one we did this one you ready for more beats no for button presses. Absolutely i didn t make it hard enough for you we re kind of challenging.

I missed one got all those oh god wow. Dang. I missed all this geez a lot of trouble those two buttons well the controller stock tables. When it s working right so that s you know the way they design that see now as i takes it so if you find just friendly yeah.

I guess number with this stuff. Though basically you can grab your your own orbs are all over the field. You re the only one who can pick them up that your color you take them and you dunk them and if we punch you what you have when we steal them and then we dunk them we disappoints there s also great ones that anyone can pick up. But all the orbs that you ve gotten over the whole game so far will be on the field.

And you can risk putting three of it once and for a million points. If you think you can get them. But i ll try and steal them because i like to punch people with a punch button try and take them so this sounds right i kind of game yeah. This is where the points actually occur.

So we haven t scored anything yet. This is where we actually get points in me and the run one here and you can also thank for less points. Right now if you don t want to play with the risk them so you can put away a pathetic amount like 10 points. Each is not very valuable.

I might go a little bit. I ll guarantee 50. Yeah. Let s do that i m going to look at back i m going for 50 now we have actually sourcing applause yeah tina naomi i was whoops so you take this and you can dunk it in the center.

You can also punch this button to make things explode and you drop all your stuff jeez. Everyone scored get zach thank my hopes for the only ones left dig me another weapon. What s the ball bat leave it i made the big points. Okay.

I think even i m out now no no what i raised like that nice. What the want to go holy. Shi. Welcome.

Now yeah. There always was oh no not it please oh zach rafi right at the end. He s gonna catch up to me okay. There s our actual schools right now plus what everyday.

” ..

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