Let's Play Super Mario Maker 2 Part 2 – Where Did They Hide Multiplayer? (Shared Screen Multiplayer) – YouTube

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“Amy no it s not me. It s not keith keith isn t here. I i m here. Marta s here.

So tron s here. And just here. Everybody. Say.

Hi. Hi. Yeah. We could we got it.

Yeah. Go ahead. And take charge. Good.

Andrew. You re the guy who s played this the most all right we re gonna play i ll get an apology for what we re doing to you today. I m gonna let you control what maps we pick i mean because you have to deal with all of us the whole time. I ll be sure to pick 100 fun at least were playing oops.

Yeah are you doing you that s fine. You fucked us. It was like let s go play online co op. With three people that aren t sitting.

Here. You said. Played the way i want to play really like the the genes. A dick situation soon no i m i m hoping that we don t get into this and find out that you can t do local time.

I saw i posted a screenshot of it like there is a local. But your network. Play andrew. Oh hey can you can i do like actual or speaking clicked on those network.

Play yeah. But can i do like non online. Let s find out. Oh.

Let s find some hot courses look a youtube tutorial on how to play multiplayer in this kid no because that stands so i ve seen. It i looked up a local multiplayer this video where everyone like presses. Their controllers. Oh wait you mean like in the game.

Yeah i ve seen it i ve seen a picture. I like i ve seen it i looked up on youtube to confirm those real are you sure that i don t like confirm that be easy to find or whatever are you sure you weren t looking at people playing local switches. Yeah cuz. I think everyone has to have their own switch to play that can t be it that sounds about right because like that s what this is yep that can t be it yeah.

That s impossible you re right they can t be that dumb. It is it s you have you not play nintendo games like the past 20 years. Everybody nearby play help tell me about this i want to play with my friends play with other new switch owners who have this game three switches and three copies of mario maker. It s possible fourth story.

What no okay so i want to go through a horse. Bot poor spot. I okay i m in core spot i m gonna go to downloaded courses. I m gonna click on this download the source talk and it said i m gonna say play together.

All mahler tendo s never made a video game before apparently so q you have to download the maps. If you want to play them with your friends no give them back. Oh my god i don t like that it s pulsating that s kind of 200. Very skinny ones.

How could you do this to me hasn t picked up the right one yet yeah. There we go there you go now press both of them bam. Do we actually have to manually download a yes yes well that nintendo oh so i m toad mario party is is oh luigi. It spikes.

Someone turn it on this ultron is to that. Oh oh excuse me miss. I swear to god they ve made it so we can collide with each other oh. My goodness whoa kill me.

Because i m mario julie s it killed you instead it killed me the one who was most progressed all right. It s totally you mario you all the way down to the freakin. Oh god i think. It s telling them let s see well it must be nice being a cat dead wow.


He just kills me holy crap three how do i take three hits okay. Where do we go from here back. You guys have got a key congrats. I don t think we can oh so whoever made this map.

Forgot the most crucial part of making maps is remember that you re a dummy and then test it because they didn t do that so we have to restart. No because the the swamp will only move if someone is in in its way. So. Because no.

Oh nobody s picked up they were a naughty boy. It s rude. Yeah. The mob has to see somebody physically in front of it not just like above it where it s like okay go go on top of the spikes.

It s fine. Just don t chunk up under that lock double kill. Anyway there you go i thought it i thought i was gonna this jump to the fucking hole. I m not used to being a cad so my problem is luigi s like this isn t this supposed to be a multiplayer versus level.

No this is supposed to be a multiplayer co op. But that killed me wait what what does the hardhat. Do what do you have to out wow. We could have just killed the swamps little time.

How did none of us get. These the first time around. Oh. Oh.

My god. Oh my god. That is violence that was a life. I didn t know this was an item to be honest.

The mario never see new to me. Yeah. What the hell is it. Oh yeah.

We have a key. Oh. Wait wait wait. What are you getting those.

Pressing up. Fans attack. You make. A block.

And oh oh no this is a terrible idea. Only mario can use door by the way. That s right. I the key.

I tried to leave all you know how do we go beer. Together. Salted by my teammates. Oh is he invisible spy.

Oh. No it s my luck. Wow. It s a lot of freeze frames happening from the sheer amount of damage.

The party steak. There you go there you go ah it s a melt um. I m really trying to get out of this freaking bottom the hell okay. This is an interesting design choice.

I don t see how those few verses map. They can t be a for notes mapping in local. We have to go up. It has to be co op.

Okay. So let s search not enough search. This detail search hey. We re flying again.

Don t destruct act. Oh we gotta go back luigi no nobody s fucked her we re always gonna play different characters of her hands oh goodness yeah. I dunno about you playing luigi over continuity. Okay.


Oh. No oh wow. That s adorable. We have a little bit more bit him.

Oh. My god i guess one of us gets that yeah one player music applause laughter. It s playing us. It s playing all of the ninja run like go naruto go whoever gets to the front has to play because to survive everyone else s deaths freeze frames.

Yeah. I do not like freeze frames. Ah yeah can you turn that i like is that i don t know sure you can t access settings here. I noticed even if it freeze frames water pressing jump you can keep holding jump.

And it ll finish the jump when you come back. I don t like pink. So i was not what s making everything blow up the bomb hello. There s bombs below.

The floor. There was in reaction. We have a bike way to turn off like the fries razor. That is music laughter music people stop.

I m not allowed to get speed. When i land are you holding run yeah really two buttons in this game you laughter. Brother. Per controller.

Yes. Oh you re not using it i like my every my collecting so. When your character is big. It s like too slow because the freeze frame causes you to like have just enough applause applause laughter even shows real slowly oh they put it on a track that s running below the lava.

Okay. Yeah. Check the menu to see beating the sake if their settings menu. Maybe you can turn off the horrible settings character for luigi no jump how much of my courses.

Why nintendo why would i want that because you need to know at every moment that one microsecond event. You just have to feel it like oh no probably because i didn t sleep well also probably because there s gonna be one car. It s cuz. We can leave the venue.

I found a goomba immediately. It was the clock wide eyed. I think you broke the car how did i break the car not you whoever was driving it i was driving it out then you alright what happens probably cuz you got offspring oh you guys kill me oh this requires a car. Why would you do this and not take advantage of like the constant response you just make a pie coupons these guys don t be a brother car trying to clean laughter junk.

The dedicated like area for this like four four player characters yeah. Just like barely supported the feature that was on the cover of the game like they will do all the maps we can and then all the ones. We couldn t do in multi player will like trade off at trying a single player that ll be our solution you re looking for a key that whoever makes the choice makes the choice. I guess and we all have to go with them not like in this should have been fixed out.

Which is like why are we able to alright alright in spin that you spend raise a lot of weird things about mario. I don t know because if you re on someone s head. You can t spin jump. God.

He came oh well good luck music okay. I believe in you you can do it. Or you just jump over it. I guess oh wait wait for them you don t believe in a dmc laughter.

So for mics. I m impressed ul flag because it was me it s me luigi. Oh. That s yeah.

That s his name luigi. Oh. Well known care. What killed.

Me oh. There s a nice. I see what you re carrying comes back wait. Why are you carrying me.

Why would that even be a function just pick someone up yes. What what also that you don t have a choice. You can t leave now well again music laughter. One coin of two to go in all.


The directions. This is a weirdly lazy was actually is this is actually we re gonna have a higher clear. We ll have an easier time clear. Yeah.

Normally normally in this giant toad is creepy out like this is actually easier because we never fully die. I can t throw that s my favorite ship dynamic because like the whole ship pressing buttons you just killed me. Well yeah. Because we re because one of us keep all of us alive will actually do better normally.

If you die you start the process over this is a risky business music laughter. He s gonna know i came with you okay the genuine fear. I don t think i even understand how he picked them off. You have to hold and l.

Trigger or write you why it s really convoluted. I need that for safety. Let s spin on those go ahead. Just not gonna give us any more music.

Even go. In somebody. Just sent. Me an oh music you fuckin up.

I need to live. Oh wow. That was oh we can t we can t hear it we have the god you turn down the tv. But you often times.

There s like a victory revelry song that they programmed into the map or something. And that s what s up and white nothing s happening on the screen. The audience will hear that boy you don t want to have a loud tv on in the room. With four microphones.

Yeah. You do we only did that for like the first four four years headphones weren t a good option. It is less comfortable and more annoying. The moment you are doing so little but like even though i did solo videos.

It took me like a year to realize. This she should be wearing headphones. Oh. My god you like when i m by myself.

I always worry yeah. So they re like a quiet tv. You know like it s this level. It s just gonna troll us.

It s gonna say there s all these coins that we can t possibly reach and they re all these wait wait wait wait let s let s cheese it goodbye bounce bounce on the head and grab one of the coins and then let s go yeah how about how about i just. Oh yeah. Now let s let s leave. Let s go back all right.

We need about wait can t we leave yeah. It is just go cuz. We need one point to win come back to the pipe alright that s the gold coins. There s 140 coin and we not get back through this that s what that would that was the coin did you see it there s a little coin with wings flying around is this quidditch.

Yeah cuz. There s a golden snitch get to catch that snitches get stitches. I mean the hair. He lost his arm well the poems it s arm for those that was a gross visual.

Wait wait do you remember that you don t talk about yeah. We got coins in a spaghetti. We go oh they made as he carries a block. It s basically just trying get the joke get the joke joke s on you the joke s on you we already got an enemy music knock knock.

Oh. He s just throwing coins right above him. That s great. Oh wow.

How long is this going on for. I think we roll. Why i think we probably oh dead. Oh und.

Oh. There s a lot of red coins. They could have gotten just walk off screen mountain expedition. Not sure it did it show you the n word and then apparently say fun as translation.


What was that description. I don t know that i saw something like oh. God that s a hazardous item to have in multiplayer with that sell it off now freeze frame talents. I need to keep the mushroom adam.

Though because even a slant to the hallway would be harder to dodge. Oh. God oh gosh oh. I trust.

None of you know god i just wave. Fleur fire tone. Oh whoa whoa whoa. What is with toad.

It seems not okay. You seem not okay should toad have the power to fire the head. It should oh they are mean fire who did mario have the power to shells. I mean.

Yeah. Merry. I killed. Him.

How dare you oh hi. No platform. For you. Oh.

God. No. You shelled. Me.

Bro. Let s gel. Me bro music. There s absolutely thing where you spin jump you shoot fireballs everywhere.

Yeah. And a mess. Yeah. I feel like you re a distinct advanced.

Just any kind of squandered. It the person it elects is the tube first uh huh. I don t like it i like this horror movie shit. I m out oh god here comes okay here comes.

The sun. Do do do do here. Coming. First victim.

That is hi hope were overhyped ass attack animation for the sun. Oh sorry the. Sunday. Sun okay but why is this.

My boy oh. Music bap. Oh. No oh no it s looping horribly.

Okay. Then oh. No it s playing the most annoying part of the song over and over again. That s what s the best part right oh shoot.

I like how i weigh heavier than you so. It put me in front both i player deletes. The auto part oh dude. This is like the worst auto.

Mario hold on wait with us. Oh. No stop only luigi yeah music. ” .


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