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“Up guys to walk here. Bringing you brand new series xcom bootcamp. I m going going to talk you through all of my moves and how i approach all of situations and xcom and hopefully help you become a better commander in your own for this playthrough. I m going to be doing normal because i don t think you want to watch me get my ass kicked.

But i do want to hold my feet to the fire and i m gonna do iron man where the game says after every move so my choices have to be thought through and i m gonna do it a reduced beginner video basically just means they talk at me less. I ve heard their stories like a thousand times. I don t need to hear that shit anymore. An operation progeny is just a fun mission that i might do down the line.

Oh. So without further ado. Let s just jump right into this shit alright. So basically for the intro here this shit.

I find north america to be one of the worst starting positions because your aircraft and your aircraft weapons don t become a big deal until way later in the game like way later in the game. I mean like aircrafts are expensive. But you don t deploy a lot of them early on and it s all about building that momentum early to keep all of the nations appeased and you ll get into the panic. Later europe laboratories and workshops 50 less to build that s kind of like a mid game kind of thing and again.

I don t personally find that to be a very useful bonus stacked up to my personal favorite. Same with asia again this is like a mid game. Thing with the foundry. The officer training school can be early.

But it s not that big of a hit early on i m saying. It s not big enough financial hit for you to care about taking asia. But that is a third choice for me is asia. My second choice south america because having that early autopsies and interrogations just fly out the window.

That s good stuff. And it makes you take on da i better and it s just i mean it s good stuff. But its secondary to africa which just gives you monthly funding by thirty percent across the board. And i personally think that funding is the name of the game for like the entire game.


So. The more money you can get the better. So that s my choice. Africa you might have a different line of thinking.

If you do let me know in the comments. Because i m always willing to learn more about this shit. So here we are on our first mission. All rookies strike one so basically when you re coming into a mission you could play super reserved or you could play super aggressive for super aggressive.

You would do the dash out here and you would do a lot of exploring early on and for the first first unit in my mix. I ll throw out a nice dasher and i mean these are all rookies. So i don t have to take classes into account with who i send out there so i m just gonna throw somebody out there so that i can cover some ground and maybe expose some x cow x. Rays early on here something to definitely notice.

I m not going to sprint her out to a half f cover these little half shield that you see here on the screen as opposed to the full shield that means that she has half cover versus full cover. Always have full cover always go for full cover. If you can i mean half covers better than no cover. But if full cover is available even if you have to sacrifice some reach always go for the full cover adding so that person didn t pull any up so.

I m going to go ahead and send a secondary exploratory unit. The most important thing to do when you re exploring like this is to never have your last unit uncover. A group of x rays. Because if your very last unit uncovers.

A group of x rays. They ve got the turn around right on you right there. I mean like normally when you discover them they go into overwatch where they can shoot you when they see you but if your last unit discovers. The group they get to not only have that reactionary shot on you but they get to turn around and have a turn on your ass and that s bad news.

So always have your last unit or to be very defensive units. So you ll see that i m gonna send these guys out full cover within the blue range. Which means they still get to act and move. And i m gonna put them in overwatch so say see something move they re gonna shoot it and that s just good defensive play always be mindful your flank that s just something that you got become more aware of as you play if you don t know what a flank is don t play fucking military games.


And look at that they ran into my vision. So i m gonna get to turn around and have the turn on them my overwatch soldiers got a cap q off. Oh. They chained into a couple.

More aliens. So there s four x rays active on the battlefield right now so i m gonna definitely want to keep it defensive here always going to be aiming for that full cover. I know that the four x rays are somewhere in this general area back here in this alleyway. The only way for them to come through are these two doors and around the left side of the building here so as far as keeping my flank watched.

I need to be mindful of this right side of the building. Over here. Which is still under fog of war. So this is a reasonable move here always be overwatch especially.

When you re in a defensive play cycle. Always be over watching with almost every one of your units. If possible surging for a good fall defensive cover and i m gonna i m gonna stay conservative here and throw right there let s see if i can reach these bastards with a grenade now. I m guessing they re right on the other side of this door.

So i m gonna take a chance here got one see look at that and i took down some wall cover. There so i might be able to expose their hiding spots. All right. I m gonna be a little daring with this and do a little exploratory sprint.

That s only my second unit. Yeah. That was that was almost too daring let s keep up with my full cover all right so i only have 25 chance to hit this x. Ray.

So i m gonna be conservative on it 25 chance is not enough to make me take the shot. So i m gonna go for the overwatch. So if they run to me. I ll get the reaction or a shot you couldn t hit the broadside of a barn you douchebag that s a flank.


My fucking bad ahran jesus is blessing me as you ll see they re missing a lot of their shots. They re not getting good lines. All right so i got one guy over watching the bag. So i m gonna want to watch for him this guy s not here in overwatch.

Though and you can see that he exposed his side flank. So why don t we go ahead and take advantage of that and look at his little icon turns yellow that means i ve got the flank on him. Let s teach him a lesson 87. Percent 60.

Percent critical boom. Shakalaka. See. This is how you just do work all right now you can see these guys made a pretty fatal error here and they squat it up never squat up plus you want to get blowing up.

She doesn t have money to execute that blow up but look this guy does and his icons not yellow. So he s not filleting. I don t want to hit that mel. Though meld.

When you have enemy unknown. The meld you get to research things like mech troopers and other cybernetic enhancements that you don t get in the base game. And that s one of the expansions for the game. But right here you can see that s a safe throw.

I ll blow up both of these little bastards and i will blow up the vehicles to cause collateral damage. I m not talking too fast here i feel like i m jamming on making money teams are standing by few orders. We come commander to the research labs commander to the research lab. Welcome to taking care of business down.

There. Cool. The salts running guns. Oh.


Yeah. Your assault guy is your shotgun year. He gets a lot of good abilities to just run right into the fray get face to face with an enemy and put them in the dirt. But that same is very risky so you want to you want to be sure that you re gonna get face to face with the guy you re gonna have his flank you re gonna critically hit him and nobody else is gonna be able to flank your assault so that can be some risky play that we ll probably get into eventually evie.

This is your rocket guy your machine gun guy just a very helpful class to have especially. When you get later down shut up and the rocket shoots really far just just a very helpful class they have supports your healer. This is one of the best classes to have i almost always recommend once you get to the six squad size to have two of these guys around as you want to be able to dual resurrect when one of your support goes down you want to be able to get them back up because if your support goes down the dominos can fall okay so i don t i don t want to tell you exactly what to do for the research lab because it kind this is a commander to engineering anyway i was rudely interrupted by that bitch this is like your playstyle really if the choices that you make here and you know i ll tell you what i go for. But i almost always go for better weapons first and then followed by better armor and then story xenobiology.

That s your story research. That begins. The story research where they figure out what they re doing and why they re here blah blah blah blah blah weapon fragments is pretty obvious that s kicking you down the road of getting better weapons alien materials is kicking it on the road for better armor and meld recombination is the enemy unknown stuff. And i m gonna go for meld recombination because i don t have the weapon fragments.

And i want to get a mech trooper. Sooner than later and meld recombinations the first step. I agree that does seem to be the most pressing of our current research options will begin immediately i will notify you when a complete reporting commander to engineering. I won t be able to go too in depth with the ant style management right now because i don t have any fucking money and i don t have anything to build.

I don t have what i need to build more up links to send more satellites maybe a power generator would be good i ll build for the first access lift and their first excavation will get more in depth with that later on gotta have a med pack for my bye support unit. Otherwise. I won t have it ready commander. Then i m gonna start one satellite down the road even though that guy s got a bitch channel for it because i m gonna wanna deployment that satellite ready for when i have the uplink available instead of having an uplink and not having a satellite ready to a bunch.

So i think that s gonna do for episode 1 of x compute camp. If you guys liked this video. And you want to see more from me definitely leave a like comment for things you re confused on or things i m confused on because i m sure i m not getting it alright. And there s most certainly people out there who know more than me who just haven t taken the time to make a video.

So yeah leave a like comment and subscribe for more and i ll check you guys for episode 2 of x combo. ” ..

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Let s Play XCOM: Enemy Within ep. 1 – XCOM Bootcamp part 1

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