Lore, Facts and How to join all the Factions in Skyrim The Elder Scrolls 5

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“Guys sylth here and today we re taking you through all the joinable factions within within skyrim. The elder scrolls v. Note that i won t be including bard s because although it is a joinable faction. It s not exactly for fighting.

It s more so that you can become a bard. And you know the bards just sing and play instruments. So it s a faction that is out of context with the rest so without further adue lets get started the blades faction. Whose crest are of course 2 crossed blades with a crown on top referring to their duty as protecters of the emperor of tamriel their main base of operations within skyrim is sky haven temple right next to markarth what s more the dragonborn first gets to know this faction through the main questline once they fine delphine after completing the quest horn of jurgen windcaller.

However it s only later during the quest alduin s wall that we truly get to know their sancturay named as sky haven temple. Although the blades did and still do watch over the empire from the shadows and protect it their origins rely somewhere else they were actually dragon killers they even have unique swords that can only be located within sky haven temple like dragon s bane which obviously reffers to their past as dragon hunters and dragon killers. If you notice here in the video. You can also see that their sanctuary is actually located underground.

As you can see the light coming from the roof. Which eludes to this kind of darky secret organisation that protects the empire. However unfortunately they did come to a fall. And it is in the elder scrolls.

5. Skyrim that they get revived and resurrected because of the appearance of the dragonborn. Which is of course. The player that represents the life force of the blades since the dragonborn is the biggest dragonkiller since he absorbs its souls dragon souls one thing that you ll also notice is what s happening right here at the end of the main questline.

The blades will make you choose to side with them or to side with the greybeards because the greybeards leader is paarthunax and he was is a dragon. The dragons enslaved manking commited crimes against mankind and the blades did not and do not tolerate that and you re forced to choose to side with them or to side with the greybeards. Which is actually the next faction. We re gonna cover but before we do let s take a look at alduin s wall the most beautiful wall.

I ve ever seen in my life. Which foretells the prophecy of how to defeat alduin next in line are the greybeards they dislike the blades because they tried to kill their master besides that the blades always criticize them because they do nothing all they do is stand at their temple in high hrothgar. Which is by the way the highest peak in all of skyrim and this dispute between the blades and the greybeards can clearly be seen when you try to negotiate a truce between the empire and the stormcloaks before the negotiation. Even starts.

The greybeards deny entrance to the blades and tell them they re not welcome here. If you ve never seen this happen in game or if you ve never done this quest or if you don t remember it i ll be providing a link down below. I ve done a video in which you can see exactly what the negotiation is about and what happens during it as of right now the greybeards are composed formed by 5 members. 4 of which are monks who reside within high hrothgar named arngeir borri.

Einarth and wulfgar. The fifth member who is paarthunax who resides within the throat of the world. Another undeniable fact about the greybeards is that they are masters of the voice. Meaning that they can shout and produce a thu um in fact they even teach the dragonborn.

His first steps in the way of the voice just so you know the difference between someone who can wield the way of the voice and the dragonborn is that unlike any other common person. The dragonborn is the only one who can truly kill a dragon by devouring its soul. Another interesting side note is that ulfric stormcloak. The leader of the stormcloak rebellion was taught by the greybeards how to wield the way of the voice.

And he used the way of the voice to kill torygg the high king of skyrim. This assassination goes completely against the values that the greybeards take into consideration since they are very pacifist and believe the way of the voice is used not for agression and its true porpuse is to commune with the gods and promote peace as a whole now let s take a look at the leader of the greybeards. This dragon over here. As you can see the leader of the greybeards is actually a very friendly dragon.

He doesn t try to eat you or burn you alive like the rest of the dragons after you ve killed alduin..

All the dragons that sided with him will now help paarthunax and the greybeards now let s take a look at the empire. The guys who are trying to shut down the stormcloak rebellion. The empire s main base of operations resides in solitude. More specifically in castle.

Dour. Unlike the stormcloaks. The empire bent the knee to the aldmeri dominion. And was forced to abbide by some of their rules.

Like not worshipping. The god talos. Which the stormcloak rebellion obviously adores and wants to worship. This is the main reason why skyrim is under a civil war between the empire and the stormcloaks to join the empire.

All you need to do is follow exactly the path where i m going and speak to general tullius. The leader of the empirial legion within skyrim. They will first lay out a test for you to see if you re worthy. Then you ll be ready to take the oath and truly become a member now let s take a look at the stormcloak rebellion.

The guys who win a few good points by trying to worship the god they want to talos. But then lose a bunch more points because they re racist and insult everyone who isn t a nord. The stormcloaks main base of operations resides in the palace of kings within the city of windhelm to join the stormcloak rebellion. All you need to do is follow the steps.

I m showing on this video. You will see jarl ulfric stormcloak sitting on the throne left to the throne is a little room where galmar stonefist is located you need to speak to galmar so that you can start getting ready to join the rebellion like the empire. They will first lay out a test for you and then if you re able to complete it they ll accept you and you ll be ready to take the oath next in line is the dark brotherhood. A secret organisation of assassins who may be summoned through the black sacrament to join the dark brotherhood.

All you need to do is to head over to any inn and ask the innkeeper for any news. He will tell you that aventus arentino is trying to perform the black sacrament in his parent s house note that aventus arentino is an orphan who has been mistreated by grela. The kind the owner of an orphanage in riften to sum it up aventus performed the black sacrament to summon the dark brotherhood to kill grela. We go in there and steal the kill from the dark brotherhood turns out the brotherhood doesn t like that so they send you a note saying.

We know once you receive the note sleep in any bed. And when you wake up you ll notice you ve been kidnapped by astrid. The leader of the dark brotherhood turn around and you ll see three people who have also been kidnapped just like you then astrid tells you to kill 1 of them to repay your debt towards the dark brotherhood since you stole their other kill over grela the kind after you ve done the deed astrid will invite you to the dark brotherhood sanctuary to join their family once you re inside. You ll meet all the other members of the brotherhood namely arnbjorn.

A native nord that contracted lycanthropy and is now a werewolf using his powers to perform his duties as an assassin babette. A breton child who is 300 years old and keeps her young childish appearance. Because she s a blood sucking vampire. She uses the fact that she looks like an innocent child for her advantage.

Making her assassinations under the name of the dark brotherhood. Much easier. There is also gabriella a dunmer who owns a big spider named liss as a pet and even tends to its nest from time to time needless to say that these 2 work together as a team to murder people. Then there is nazir.

A redguard who did not forsake his origins and still wears the red guard hood and clothes as well as a scimitar a curved sword that was forged in the deserts of hammerfel. Then there s festus krex. An elder who claims to be an ex teacher at the college of winterhold. He says he left the college.

Because no one truly appreciated magic as it should be obviously festus uses magic to perform his assassinations last but not least..

There is veezara an argonian whose origins lay with the shadowscale an old group of assassins who served the kind of argonia veezara believes to be the last of the shadowscale. Which led him to join the dark brotherhood as you progress through the story of the dark brotherhood. You ll notice that you lose a few members and win a few more but i ll leave that for you to find out now. Let s take a look at the companions faction who trace their origins back to ysgramor and the group of 500 warriors.

Who conquered skyrim. The companions are a guild of warriors who reside within whiterun more specifically in jorvaskrr to join them all you need to do is to speak to one of their leaders like farkas vilkas skjor or aela and tell them you want to be a companion. I have a more detailed video about the companions faction. I ll leave a link to the video in the description.

The companions own a unique forge called the skyforge. Which is operated by eorlund greymane. A master smith who can teach you a lot about smithing besides that there is also another curiosity about the companions. They branch off into another sub faction called the circle composed only by the leaders of the companions.

The circle hold a dark secret that only the members know and once you join them they ll tell you they re all werewolves. The circle also own their own private chamber. Named underforge located right below the skyforge. What s more the underforge has a secre passage that leads to the outskirts.

Ofwhiterun. Let s keep going and take a look at the college of winterhold. A guild of mages located far up in the northern reagions of skyrim to join this faction. All you need to do is go to winterhold and cross the bridge to the college.

When you try to do so feralda will stop you and force you to show her your skills as a magician. If you don t have any you are able to buy a few spellbooks from faralda and then use the spells. You ve learnt as a way to prove your magic abilities once you step into the college. You ll notice they have their own library filled with books and endless knowledge as well as their own librarian.

An orc called urag gro shub. Besides that they also have many wizards. Namely savos aren. The archmage and leader of the college mirabelle ervine.

The master wizard. Whom you may speak to to acquire. Novice. Mage robes and hood.

Then they also have tolfdir a master wizard that teaches the alteration school of magic colette marence. Another master wizard that teaches the restoration school of magic faralda. Another one that teaches the destruction school of magic drevis neloren. A wizard as well that teaches the illusion school of magic phinis gestor.

A wizard that teaches the conjuration school of magic finally we have sergius turrianus. An expert enchanter who can teach you a lot about enchanting. The college is overall not supported by the people of skyrim due to its dark past and fear of the power of magic. A long time ago.

An event known as the great colapse brought huge waves crashing down on winterhold. Most of the once prosperous city was destroyed. However the college of winterhold was magically untouched. Which led people to believe that the cause of the great collapse was directly related to the mages at the college.

The next faction..

We re gonna cover is the thieves guild they reside in riften and to join them you must go there as soon as you arrive to riften s market place during the day. You ll notice brynjolf and after helping him out with framing. An innocent civillian. He will invite you into the thieves guild.

After proving your worth you ll be awarded with the thieves guild armor. As you might have already noticed. The thieves guild. Home.

Resides underground in the sewers of riften. Besides. That although. The thieves guild focuses on stealing and the dark brotherhood focuses more on killing.

They are both related and often help each other one of the most important things about the thieves guild are their shadowmarks. Which are placed throughout skyrim by members of the guild to leave indications or hints to other members let s take a look at them here is the safe shadowmark. It indicates that something or some path is safe to follow the protected shadowmark indicates that a certain place or someone is under the guild s protection and should not be robbed or assaulted. The guild shadowmark.

Which is the thieves guild symbol itself. Indicates that the place is safe and belongs to the guild or that someone from the guild is nearby the fence shadowmark tells us that there is a person nearby willing to buy your stolen goods. This mark is very important since normal traders and shop keepers don t buy your stolen goods. Only people identified with this mark.

Do the thieves cache shadowmark. Which indicates that something of value was placed nearby by the guild for other members to pick up it s basically a way for the guild to help each other the loot shadowmark tells us that there s somebody or something nearby that the guild s thieves have deemed worth stealing the empty shadowmark. Which indicates that someone from the guild already looted the place. And there is nothing of value nearby the danger shadowmark.

Which tells us that there s something or someone dangerous nearby that can kill you or give you a good fight. If you try to steal from them at last. We have the escape route shadowmark. Which tells us about the existance of a way to leave a certain place if you find yourself trapped this shadowmark can mostly be visible within jails.

If you ve ever been caught and put into a jail you might have seen it much like the circle in the companions. The nightingales work simillarly within the thieves guild. The nightingales reside within the nightingale hall east of riften and to join them you ll need to join the thieves guild. First and once you complete the quest trinity.

Restored. You ll be awarded with the nightingale armor and you ll be a fully fledged member. You ll also notice that the group is very small composed only by you karliah and brynjolf. The nightingales worship.

The daedric lord nocturnal. Which empowers them giving the choice to pick one of three powers. The agent of stealth represented by the crescent moon gives you the power called shadowcloak of nocturnal that turns you invisible when. You sneak for 120 seconds duration .

The agent of subterfuge represented by the half moon gives you the nightingale subterfuge power that makes targets in the area of effect to attack anybody on sight and finally the agent of strife represented by the full moon. Which gives you the nightingale strife that draws health from your foes. Next faction in line. Is namira s coven.

A group of cannibals who desecrate temples and graveyards to eat corpses while worshipping the daedric princess namira the lady of desecration to join them all you need to do is to head over to markarth and go to the understone keep as soon as you walk in turn left..

And you ll find a priest of mara. Named brother verulus. He ll tell you the hall of the dead is closed due to some strange activity within after you convince him to let you in you ll hear a woman s voice claiming. You re a cannibal just like her after listening to her plea.

The adventure to join these cannibals begins. These maniacs will task you with bringing brother verulus. The guy that was guarding the temple from them into their own lair. Which is in reachcliff east of markarth so.

That he can become food for them because they are cannibals. They want to eat him alive in the end. The choice always comes down to you you either kill the rest of namira s coven and slay every single one of them or you can side with brother verulus. And not eat a person nor become a cannibal.

The choice is up to you. But know that after you ve killed brother verulus. There s no turning back and you ll be able to eat him just like all the other cannibals and become one of them on this next. One we ll be taking 2 factions at the same time because they re both intimately related.

The dawnguard and the volkihar clan to join the dawnguard. All you need to do is first to have the dawnguard dlc and second to go to the dayspring canyon east of riften. Once you do a man named aegmar will tag along with you and together you join the dawnguard then you ll be tasked with finding out an old vampire relic. Which turns out to be a vampire woman named serana who has been locked into a vault for a few hundred years you return her to her father.

The leader of the volkihar clan and this is where you ll be given the chance to either become a vampire and join the clan or stick with the dawnguard and hunt them down. Now let s take a look at a few facts from the dawnguard faction and then we ll follow it up with the volkihar faction. The dawnguard is a group of vampire hunters. Which was dismantled and then reformed because of the volkihar clan.

Which are an imminent vampire threat. The dawnguard use a unique set of weapons. Specifically crafted to kill vampires like crossbows for example. The dawnguard also have armored trolls to aid them in their fight against the volkihar.

They have smith and archery trainers inside their castle. They also have their own area with workbench. The smelter the grindstone and a forge. What s more they also provide you with 2 huskies.

The volkihar clan on the other hand is the way to go for vampires. They will offer you the vampire lord power which grants you the ability to become a vampire lord with unique powers and an exclusive talent tree they also provide you with blood potions which satisfies your hunger as a vampire. They have their own human cattle from which you can feed off of as a vampire unlike the dawnguard. The volkihar also seem to have a lot more ingredients alchemy ingredients to be more precise as well as some other books.

But you can acquire those in a lot of different ways throughout skyrim. So this is not a big plus. However what is a big plus is the death hounds which the vampires provide you with they are obviously the opposite of the dawnguard huskies that s it guys. That s every single joinable faction in skyrim covered in one single video leave a like and subscribe.

If you liked the video and want to see more as always thank you for watching. And i hope to see you next time ” ..

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In this video, I ll be taking a look at everything skyrim has to offer in terms of factions.
The Blades located in Sky Haven Temple (west of skyrim)
The Greybeards in High Hrothgar (The Throat of the World).
The Empire also known as The Imperial Legion in Castle Dour (Solitude).
The Stormcloaks in The Palace of Kings (Windhelm).
The Darkbrotherhood in The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (near Falkreath)
The Companions in Jorvaskrr (Whiterun).
The Circle in The Underforge (Whiterun).
The College of Winterhold in Winterhold (north of skyrim)
The Thieves Guild in The Ragged Flagon Cistern (Riften).
The Nightingales in the Nightingale Hall (near Riften).
The Namira s Coven in Reachcliff Cave (near Markath).
The Dawnguard in the Dayspring Canyon (east of skyrim)
The Volkihar Clan in Volkihar Castle (near Solitude).

Introduction: 0:00
The Blades: 0:25 (joinable through “A Blade in the Dark”) (leader: Delphine)
The Greybeards: 2:50 (joinable with “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller”) (leader: Paarthunax)
Imperial Legion: 5:45 (joinable through “Joining the Legion” (leader: General Tullius)
The Stormcloaks: 6:37 (joinable with “Joining the Stormcloaks”) (leader: Ulfric Stormcloak)
The Dark Brotherhood: 7:27 (joinable through “Innocence Lost”) (leader: Astrid)
The Companions: 10:25 (joinable through “Take up Arms”) (leader: Kodlak Whitemane)
College of Winterhold: 11:40 (joinable with “First Lessons”) (leader: Archmage Savos Aren)
The Thieves Guild: 13:43 (joinable through “A Chance Arrangement”) (leader: Mercer Frey)
The Nightingales: 16:18 (joinable through “Trinity Restored”) (leader: Daedra Nocturnal)
Namira s Coven: 17:35 (joinable through “The Taste of Death”) (leader: Daedra Namira)
The Dawnguard: 19:00 (joinable through “Dawnguard”) (leader: Isran)
The Volkihar Clan: 19:00 (joinable through “A New Order”) (leader: Harkon)

Unfortunately, there are some factions that counter each other. Meaning that if you join one, you won t be able to join the other. The skyrim factions that fit into this category are: _The Blades and The Greybeards (there will come a quest where The Blades ask you to kill the Greybeards leader)
_The Empire and the Stormcloaks (they re both at war with each other, so if you join one, then you can t join the other)
_The Volkihar Clan and the Dawnguard (the Dawnguard are vampire hunters and the Volkihar are vampires, so they are not friendly towards each other)

Negotiating a Truce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK3BiGBvD88u0026t=1s

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