M4A1 Stats & Best Class Setups! Modern Warfare Gun Guide #1

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“What s up guys. My name is ace and today. I m really excited to to finally bring you guys the first episode of gun guides from modern warfare. This the series.

Where i go over all of the important stats as well as best class setups for every one of the guns in modern warfare. In this first episode. We re going to be covering the m4a1 now keep in mind with this series all of these numbers are always subject to change and they will change throughout the year so in order to keep you guys up to date first off. I will be doing detailed patch note videos.

Anytime. There are changes and on top of that for each individual gun guide episode anytime. There s a change made to that particular gun. I will leave that change in a pin comment down below so first up let s get into the damage profile.

The m4a1 has a damage profile of 28 23. 18. Which means. It s going to be a four five or six shot kill to the body as for.

Headshots though we get a standard headshot multiplier of 16. Which is quite solid as well. Which means that one single headshot mixed in with body shots will always reduce the number of shots. It takes to kill so in the standard 4 shot kill range two shots to the body.

One shots of the head will be a kill as for our rate of fire. This is quite solid for the assault rifles at 833 rounds per minute. Which is really nice because that means. It s quite forgiving so if you miss a buller.

It isn t the end of the world when it comes to your time to kill. Speaking of time to kill our statistical minimum time to kill that assumes every single bullet hits its target. Is 216 milliseconds in the four shot kill range. And then it will drop down to 360 milliseconds in the six shot kill range this time to kill is very solid.

It s not the fastest in the game. But it s far from being the slowest as well as for our time to kill potential assuming. Head shots are involved you can kill as fast as 144 milliseconds as long as you re hitting one of those bullets to the head within. The standard 4 shot kill range.

Now that force shot kill range is currently about 28 meters. And also it drops off to the 6 shot kill range at 50 meters. Which in previous call of duty games. Was a very rare situation to be getting into gunfights beyond 50 meters not in modern warfare.

Though this six shot kill range does actually matter a decent amount as for the attachments at impact your ranges first off let s look at the suppressors and we have the lightweight suppressor. Which gives us a 25 reduction to all of our damage ranges. Which is pretty massive and i wouldn t necessarily recommend this attachment. But we also have the monolithic suppressor which increases our ranges by seven and a half percent which is a very minor increase.

But it is nice to know that it does increase it as for the barrels that impact our range. The m16 barrel will increase all of our damage. Ranges by 40 and the corvis barrel will increase all of our damage. Ranges by 30.

I should point out that for both of these you still do drop off to a six shot kill at really long ranges. But that s such a far range that it just didn t fit on this graph. But with that that brings us into our ranges for hardcore and as you can see here. The m4a1 is always a two shot kill in hardcore.

So you don t really have to worry about ranges at all because it s always going to be a two shot kill. Although i will point out that it will be a one shot headshot out to 50 meters and then beyond 50 meters. It ll still take two shots to kill even to the head moving on to hipfire as you can see here..


The m4a1 falls into the better category for assault rifles. And it has extremely good hipfire and it matches. The kilo 141. The ak 47.

The m 13. And the scar moving into our idle sway. As you can see here. There is a little bit of idle sway with the m4a1.

It does move side to side a little bit while aiming down sight. But this should really only impact your aim at extremely long ranges as for the recoil. The m4a1 kicks pretty much straight up initially and then it starts to veer to the right after a little bit with very little side to side bounce mixed in there. What this means is generally the recoil is very predictable and very controllable with the m4 as for handling stats.

The m4a1 has an aim down sight time of 250 milliseconds. Which is very good for the assault rifle category and our measured sprint out time at 60fps was 267 milliseconds whereas our super sprint that time or tactical sprint. Out time is 400 milliseconds both of these values are standard for assault rifles. Moving on to our magazine capacity.

This is 30 rounds with 60 in reserve. Which is pretty normal for an assault rifle and our reload ad time which is the amount of time it takes to reload. Without any unnecessary. Animations is pretty quick at one point three nine seconds.

Now if you wanted to speed that up you could use a sleight of hand. Perk which will cut that all the way down to 098. Seconds as for our moving speed this is pretty standard for the assault rifle category at 95 and our aim down sights tray speed is pretty solid at 50. So that pretty much covers it for all of the really important base stats for the m4a1.

But now i wanted to hop into the barrel attachments because these are very important. They do have a pretty big effect on how the gun performs and also for each gun in the game. They have different barrels that have different effects and this is why i will be doing a section on barrels for pretty much every one of these gun guides so first up. We have these short barrel.

The eleven and a half inch commando barrel. And with this one you aim down sight 15 faster. So two frames faster. At 60 fps.

Which is definitely noticeable and your movement speed gets bumped up by two percentage points. Now these benefits come at the cost of bullet velocity. Which generally only has an effect at really long ranges against moving targets. But it also has a negative impact on your recoil.

So let s just have a look at what the recoil looks like with the eleven and half inch barrel. And as you can see there you can definitely see a bit more recoil with this so picking those people off at longer ranges or if they have really good cover for instance. It will be more difficult with the short barrel moving on to the second barrel. This is the ffs fourteen and a half inch tac light barrel and with this one it says that it improves your aim down sight speed however in my tests.

Which i have done multiple times. This actually had the opposite effect. It increases your aim down sight time by one frame rather than reducing the aim down sight time and in addition to that we get a reduction to our bullet velocity. So just in general avoid using this barrel.

It only has negative effects in its current states. This could be patched in the future. But at least for now. Just don t touch this barrel this brings us into the biggest and heaviest barrel for the m4a1 and this is the m16 grenadier barrel with this like you saw earlier.

We get a 40 increase to our damage range. Which is a great improvement to your ranges also this increases your bullet velocity. Which will make it easier to hit those moving targets at longer ranges..


And it helps with your recoil control a bit. Which if we have a look at the recoil you can see here. It definitely does help with the recoil by a noticeable amount so lots of really good positives. However.

It also has some noticeable negatives to it first off your aim down sight time is slowed down by two frames. Which is definitely noticeable and second your overall movement speed is slowed down by four percentage points. Which almost brings your movement speed down to the level of an lmg so it really does significantly slow you down as for the next barrel this is the corvis custom marksman barrel. And with this one.

It s basically just a more moderate version of the previous barrel. The m16 grenadiers. So with this we don t get quite the same range improvement. We just get a 30 range improvement rather than 40.

But 30 is still very noticeable. We also still get that increase to our bullet velocity. Which is really nice at long ranges and we do also get a recoil improvement. Which seems to be pretty much the same as the recoil improvement you get from the m16 grenadier barrel as for the cons our aimed out site time is reduced by just one frame rather than two compared to the m16 barrel and also our movement speed is slowed by three percentage points.

Rather than four. So like i said. It s basically the same as the m16 barrel. It s just a little bit more moderate its upsides aren t quite as strong.

But also on the other end of that its downsides aren t quite as strong so finally this just leaves us with the twelve point four inch predator barrel and with this one you ve got an integrated suppressor so that will keep you off the radar as well as the compass. When firing your gun and on top of that it improves. Your aim down sight speed by one frame this does come at the cost of bullet velocity. Though so you will have a harder time with moving targets at long ranges.

So that covers it for the barrels. Personally. I really like either using the 11 and a half inch barrel. If i want to be super aggressive or the corvis custom barrel instead of the m16 grenadiers.

I feel like the m16 granite ears downsides are just a little bit too heavy and therefore i prefer that more moderate version with the corpus custom. Now it s time to move into the conversion kits. And these completely change how the gun works. So it s basically like covering a brand new gun here.

So let s just hop into it and first up cover the nine millimeter conversion kits. With this our base damage profile. Now becomes 22 16. 14.

Which means. It s going to be a 5 to 8 shot kill which seems. Ridiculous but we do get an overall torso damage multiplier of 115. And this applies to your lower stomach or upper chest.

Doesn t really matter as long as you re not shooting them in the limbs. And this takes our damage profile to a 25 1816. Which means. It s now going to be a 4 to 7 shot kill when it comes to.

Headshots we still get the 16. Times multiplier. So that means. It s going to be a three to five shot kill to the head as for our rate of fire.

It s improved by quite a bit at 1034 rounds per minute. Which is very very fast and this means. Our statistical minimum time to kill assuming we re shooting..


The enemy in the torso. Which is generally what you re going to experience. This is quite fast at 174 milliseconds up close. However it does drop off to 348 milliseconds.

At range a couple other changes you experience first off your magazine capacity is increased by two rounds. So it s 32 rounds a set of 30 and our reload ad. Time is very slightly faster at one point two nine seconds additionally. We do get a change to the recoil and as you can see here.

The recoil is actually easier to control with this particular setup. And this is just due to the fact that it s chambered with a weaker round as for our ranges with this conversion kit you can see that it s definitely powerful up close. But the moment you start to get at any sort of a range this thing goes downhill pretty quickly with the 9 ml conversion kit. And that pretty much covers it for that conversion kit.

But we actually have two different conversions for the m4a1 and the second one is to a much heavier round. Which is the 458 socom round with this one we get a pretty big increased our damage our damage profile is 4841. Which means. This is going to be a 3 shot kill at any range to the body.

And if you get a head shot mixed in with a body shot you can get a two shot kill now this really big increase to your damage. Definitely has some trade offs attached to it first off your rate of fire is cut down to 652 rounds per minute. Which means. Our statistical minimum time to kill is going to be a hundred and eighty four milliseconds.

Which is very very fast for this game. However we only get a 10 round magazine with the 458 socom rounds and also we do get added recoil while using this now keep in mind with these wall tests. I am will be firing 10 rounds here rather than 30 rounds with the standard test. So it doesn t displace quite as much.

But that s because we re only firing 1 3. Of the shots. You definitely get heavier recoil with this and that will make it a bit harder to control at those longer ranges. Especially if you have enemies using cover.

It s gonna be much more difficult to pick them off when firing full auto and with that that wraps it up for the conversion kits for the m4a1 personally. I m not really the biggest fan of either of these i think the standard 5 5. 6. Version of the m4 is just far.

Better. Overall and therefore. I generally just don t recommend these conversion kits and with that that pretty much wraps it up for all of the important stats in exactly how the m4a1 works. Now it s time to hop into the gunsmith and i want to share a couple excellent attachment combos that i really enjoy with this gun.

The first one is a great all around gun. It dominates that long range. It holds its own just fine up close as well with this we re using the corvis custom barrel. We re using the operator reflex sight for our optic for our stock.

We ve got these sim guard. Arms. Invader stock rear grip is going to be stippled grip. Tape.

And finally. We ve got these sixty round magazine. On this this right. Here is one of the best all around guns that you could possibly make in this game.

It s so incredibly versatile and just as an example here this would be a great example class that you could use of course. When it comes to things. Like perks and lethal z and all that kind of stuff tailor that to how you want to play..


But just as a great example for that one we ve got a od on here hardline as well as battle hardened. We ve got a frag grenade and a stun grenade and our secondary is the 1911. I do really like the 1911 pistol. When it comes to just overall power for a secondary now.

If you want something a little bit different. That s designed much more for aggression. I d recommend this particular set up right here with this we re using the short barrel at 11 and a half inch commando barrel. We ve got the forge tac cqp stock as well as the stippled grip tape on the rear grip.

And all of these combined give us an insanely fast aim down sight time you can snap on a target. So quickly with this particular set up once again. We do have that 60 round magazine. There s really no reason to not use this since it has no actual downsides even though that states that it does there are no downsides to using this and finally this just leaves us with the commando.

4 grip. Now the reason i m using the commando. 4 grip is with all of the other attachments. You re gonna get a lot of recoil with this so therefore the commando.

4 grip will just help with that side to side bounce. A little bit for you to keep you on target. Now once again. Just an example class setup for this particular build of the gun again i just threw the 1911 on there for a secondary you can use whatever you want for our perks.

We ve got double time because this is all about rushing really aggressively and getting to places really quickly. We ve also got restock and shrapnel on this with a c4 as well as the stim shot and the stim shot is because we re going to be hyper aggressive and therefore when we take damage. We want to get healed up as quickly as possible and back in the action. Plus.

This refreshes your super sprint time so you can use that super sprint. More often and restock in shrapnel are just a great combo. If you re going to be using those. C4.

Is quite a bit throughout a leg. So finally just a quick stealth build for you guys as well. We ve got the twelve point four inch predator barrel which has that integrated suppressor like i said we ve got a reflex sight sim guard arm stock on it as well as that stippled rear and the 60 round magazine for perks on this we re using ald because we really want to flank with this class and therefore we re most likely gonna run into some clay mars at some point. We ve got the ghost brook on there which combines nicely with the suppressor.

So you always stay off the radar. And we ve also got tune up here and the reason. We re using tune up is this allows us to get our dead silence field upgrade. More often.

And that s really key to having a stealth build in this game as for a lethal. We got a frag grenade. Which is great for bouncing off corners to take out campers as you approach them with this stealth build and we ve got a stun grenade. Which can be used to stun claymores as you enter a room and with that that s finally gonna wrap it up for the very first episode of gun guides for modern warfare.

Now. I d like to know in the comment section. Below first off which gun would you like to see me cover next and second. What are your overall thoughts on the m4a1 do you really like this gun.

Do you think. It s too powerful not powerful enough just let me know your thoughts and opinions down below. If you enjoyed the video a like rating is always appreciated and don t forget to subscribe for more if you haven t already i ll talk to you guys next time applause music. ” .


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Welcome to Modern Warfare Gun Guides! In this series I break down and share all of the important stats as well as best attachments and class setups for every gun in Modern Warfare. In today s first episode we re going to be covering the M4A1 Assault Rifle! What do you think of this gun?

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