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“It music well hello ladies and gentlemen of youtube. I was right 95 here with with a video that i didn t think i d be making magic awakened has announced and it is not the game that i ve been covering in my leaked harry potter rpg series we ll get onto more in a little while the news broke this morning couple of hours ago for me. And i thought jump straight on it even though i am deathly ill. I just figured i needed to do it you ll see up here we ve got harry potter magic awakening mobile game harry potter magic awakened calm cn is the only website that s active at the moment and news outlets.

Have been picking up on the official announcement. It is official this is an actual thing and it does tell us some interesting things so i ll read the article first by pocket gamer. Dot. Biz.

There are a few of the different sites were picked up very similar things so warner brothers and nettie s partner for card rpg harry potter magic awakened warner brothers and chinese game publisher net ease of partners for a new mobile title based on the harry potter property has brought survive by neca partners. Senior analyst. Daniel. Ahmed.

Harry potter. Magical working is a new card game that utilizes role playing elements. The story takes place a few years after the second wizarding war and sees the player receiver life ever except since hogwarts before beginning their journey. The game will be launched in china on ios and android devices under porky games.

The nerd official release date was given at the time of writing furthermore. No details were given if the title will arrive outside of china. I highly suspect. It will be registration is open harry potter magic awakening.

See already the discrepancy here because it says magic awakened. And it s as much awakening will restore all the spells characters and magical animals. The fun s not in love and present them in a unique visual image. We are honored to be working with warner bros.

Interactive entertainment..

And can t wait to let fans experience. This new world of magic players in china interested in the game can pre register for harry potter magic awake and he a click blank and it s 80 threads at this website which we ll explore in just a second this is some of the images warner brothers. His most recent partnership with the harry potter ip saw the company team up with pokemon girl fiery potter with its unite. Which was an abominable game.

Yes. It might have generated 12 million in its first month. But it severely underperformed so let s explore the website a little bit so all those websites where people have been saying. Oh no it s the game.

It s the game. And i was saying a couple of times. No it s not the game. Warner brothers are just buying domains so that funds can t use them to make money off that stuff were both kind of right magic awakened on magic awakening is indeed a game.

But it s not the game that you thought. It was and obviously buying the domain magic awake. And it was more than just a precautionary measure. However this is what we get so you arrive at this page.

And it is translated apparently what this doesn t translate so ever so you click on the wall to enter diagon alley. And there we go there s the wrist sound hedwig s theme is playing but for copyright reasons. I ve had to blank it and this is what you met with basically. But it s really unique sort of visual style and you can sort of loosely explore diagonally so you can see we ve got hagrid here.

I think that s hagrid again up there and that s hi grid. Again. They re different witches and wizards down here. We ve got pottage ears holofernes.

One shop you will note the diagon alley..

Here is an accurate ollivanders is much closer to gringotts. It s further down. But this is basically all we have so far so we ve got news one over this interactive entertainment and that s easy announce blah blah blah blah. We ve got wechat and weber vr card this at qr codes rather not via cards and game reservation.

Which takes you to this page. But that s only for china at the moment and then i m assuming yeah. This is the official statement. So you can see it s got quite a unique art style the websites a little bit clunky.

I can t get to the middle of that that s not fortunate so it begins a few years after the second wizard in war when the play receives the last row. Except since opening a glimpse an extraordinary wizard in journey translations. But if he here in the game as a player grows players can learn new spells get snout standing on patterns use their magic knowledge design. Unique strategies and spells combination master.

The word and spell. Releases to deal with the increasingly difficult trial and increase in different simulation residue matchups so yeah there we go and this is the important thing it s also at the bottom of the website. So harry potter magic awakened is copyrighted by nettie s inc is developed by nettie s ink. But wizarding world harry potter.

A fantastic beast publishing rights go to jk rowling pocky games. However magic awakened wizarding world harry potter fantastic b s characters names and related indica. A copyright and trademark of warner brothers. No mention of avalanche whatsoever.

So this isn t the game that i was covering in my leto potter rpg. We now know fundamentally that that game whenever it comes out is not going to be called harry potter magic awakened this is going to be called harry potter magic awakened how do i feel about this i m gonna remain open i might check it out but it doesn t really sound like my cup of tea. If we just go back to this here. So the story takes place a few years after the second wizarding war.

It seems to play a receive a letter of acceptance..

The game. We launched in china. It s gonna be a mobile game again i seem to remember it saying card games somewhere it s a card based out here a card rpg which i assume is worth. He s going to play these qr codes.

So the good and bad news to take out with this obviously the good news is that we ve got a brand new harry potter gear and that the the proper rpg that we ve seen the leaked footage of that s not going to be called magic awakened now lisa members tweet when the elite. The a leak happened more than a year ago now at just over a year ago. Actually. He said that there were a few tails in the mix with magic awake and being one of them so that tells us that the softs that lisa got that information from was correct.

Magic awakened. Was being considered for a game title. Just not that game. It also says magic awakened in up here at the top.

I think either all the probably stuck with magic awake and i m moderately happy that the game that were going to be getting that i ve been covering in liter per rpg is not going to be called harry potter magic awake and magic awakened on his own was fine. But the harry potter part was a bit in for me because this is what we ve seen from the game. And if the rumors it s to be believed. But it s got very little if anything to do with harry s story.

So it should have cut the harry potter part so maybe. That s what we re going to get we re gonna get a game that just got the title that ll be part key games. And then whatever it was gonna be instead of magic awakened. But that s it the room was fir magic awakened.

It s been mentioned by a couple of youtubers now. It s not logical working anymore is it the room was surrounding the lead harry potter rpg a few youtubers have said it s gonna be coming to ps 5. I was sent an article where it does mention harry potter as a potential ps 5 game. But there s no source in the article.

Where they got that information from it s probably just their assumption..

So i haven t covered it. And there isn t enough of a buzz for me to cover you know will it be a ps5 game or not i strongly suspect. It will ps5 now comes out about christmas time next year. So just over a year away from now and if the rumors are to be believed the leat harry potter rpg that we saw the footage from is due to be revealed on december.

The 14th. I believe at the video game awards. If not then i would expect christmas dear. If it s going to be this year.

But who knows will it have to wait and see. But there we have it so we can no longer refer to this leaked harry potter rpg as magical wick and because magic. A wick and other is an rpg is a card based mobile rpg. Not the console rpg that we ve been seeing the leat footage from let me know what you think in the comment section below.

I just thought cover it because it s it s relevant and it is official and you know now we know that it s not going to record a magic awake and i ve been house 95. Thank you very much for watching. I do apologize and bit ill. So my energy here s a little bit different please do remember to that like button and subscribe to the channel.

If you haven t done so already really helps me out health channel. Grow that can only be a good thing and i m also available on twitter and instagram and discord hollows right 95. Thank you very much for watching stay safe stay magical. And until next time mischief managed you ” .


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