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“Everyone what s up for today s video. I ll be showcasing some new merch merch that i picked up from jinx. They released a bunch of new mass effect to celebrate and seven day this year. Unfortunately.

No trilogy remaster was announced so maybe next year. We ll have to wait and see i guess also real quick disclaimer disclosure or whatever everything featured in this video is purchased by me. I know i always say that in the description and i generally say that in the videos. But i want to make sure that i start saying that at the beginning.

The video so alright first. Off we have this normandy crew keychain and this will run you 799. And i believe for the most part these items are limited so once they sell out that s it and it s not gonna be restocked or anything so if you see anything that you really like in this video make sure to go to their site and buy it like now here s a close up of the keychain and then here s the other side..


And then you have a split keyring next up we have this mug and it s holds eleven ounces so it s a pretty standard sized mug and it ll run you 999. And what i really like about this is so you have the normandy on the side. And then it says. A sr2 normandy and text on the other side is that it has a matte finish the inside.

It s like a white gloss here s a close up of this side and then you have the other side really love that matte finish hopefully the gloss picks up on my camera i don t know matte glossy matte glossy next up we have this beanie and you have a rubber patch here and specter logo right. Here. This is a hundred percent acrylic knit as with most beanies. It s like a one size fits.

Most kind of deal here s a close up of the rubber patch on the front. And then you have the specter logo on the back. And it s a grain it if it kind of has like a like a blueish like tone to it i don t think i mentioned the..


Price this is 1299. And here s what it looks like on my head. So you can see my cat tiny decided to join me here. And it s pretty roomy.

Which is a first for me because most beanies run small and snug and david likes this one because like see like there s a lot of room here so the second and last thing that i m gonna feature for this video is this garris pillow case so here s the front here s the back they originally released this as an april fool s joke earlier this year. I guess they found like a stash or something so once these sell out that s it it s honestly really nice for just a pillow case on its own like it s a lot nicer than the pillow cases that came with my bed sheet set there s no way i can fit all of this on my video. But here s one side here s the other side. So it has a different design on both sides.

And it s made out of polyester that s super soft you can tell they put a lot of care and thought into this because it even has a zipper on the bottom like i don t even have a pillow. That s long enough for this pillow case or anyone wondering it measures. 53 by 24 inches..


Almost my height basically okay. And also this will run you 30. I highly recommend picking this up this would make a great gift for you or for someone in your life. That loves garris.

So please get this it s amazing i love it so much so the last thing. I m gonna feature for this video is something that s no longer available for purchase sorry i just never got pictures of this when i bought it last year. It s this enameled pin set so you have the n7 logo cerberus logo. I love the cerberus aesthetic uniforms everything you have paragon and renegade okay so here are some close ups of the pins.

And you can see it kind of has like that i guess like a mirror finish so you can see whatever it s reflecting off there and then there s the back so you can see you know that the two pin post per and i like how the cerberus logo has a yellow rubber clutches my tally shirt is by jenks and i even brought out my n7 hoodie that s also by jenks. I am not wearing this because it s too warm right now to wear a hoodie. But that is it for today s video let me know what item or items you guys are interested in if you have any questions about any of the merch that i featured please let me know and i ll do my best to answer them..


I ll also include a link to their shop in the description. So if you wanted to do some shopping go buy some stuff let me know what you guys pick up tagging your post. Whatever i would love to see i just i love seeing pics of merch. I love it when people buy stuff because he saw it on my youtube you know my instagram twitter.

If you liked this video please like it comment subscribe. If you re not subscribed already and feel free to share this video with anyone you think might be interested because it helps get my stuff out there and i really appreciate it thanks for watching. And i will see you guys in my next video take care bye. ” .


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