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“Hello hello guys and welcome back to video in today s video we ll try try to use some cheats in mass effect. The first one so. What i have do in order to use them first go into your folder. Like where you install the mass effect game.

Going to bio game go into config and then open this default input. With your notepad look for engine console directly underneath. It write this down cancel key unsub key equals time and then save it save it close it and open your game. And here.

You go guys first of all press. The button this one then you get this the concert thing. So let s use and cheese then c. Works right let s work something then just type in ghost.

Then you should walk to nice c up to a oh. There you go you are inside this rock blending in with the environment and you can disable this by typing in walk. Then you go down in no more running in trucks normal again right so important in in the game obviously wet points..


So what you have to do just open the console and type in get all web. Ha just type in to for example a number and goes see all the weapons you pistol sniper rifles. Shotguns fe. But no armor no armor didn t should have a i m some armors so fighting in give all are more human and type in a number here that we re heavy are not yet at least right so these are the human ones.

You can also have croghan ones. And some work and quarian and some more these this right here that are on the screen right. We take your weapons and our world in our more. But weapons are better with some mods on them.

So let s get so. Much for because you just type in give all x. Mods. Here.

As you can see we got total day on karma right another important aspect of game your skills your talents have type in give talent points and a number ten point and yep ten points character page our points c. 13. There were 1 and 13 points..


That s impossible if you don t use the kid. Yeah. That s true so you can just upgrade your stuff in their talents. If right we did yell armors.

But there is one that we didn t get because the special one is typing if super armor its specimens and it s yellow. It s yellow are right we did get a super on mode. Now stanford s per gun. Oh give super gun and let s see look at it on the back.

Is so shiny in this one big one take it out. I m try next one this one yeah barely over kids yep has best weapon. Okay. So you can also get experience for yourself.

And your companions by tapping in give xp and also of an armor game. I have like five five five yeah you see leveled up right a lot 49. Never fortunately enjoy seconds right also money when is important one is important type in unique credits and the number let s go with 5000..


I grant a low inventory. See i tell the 5000 here right in conversations. If you have paragon or renegade renegade. This thing.

Yes you have different options for answers. So if you go to your console. And you set your paragon by typing in set paragon in a number deaf. See 55.

5. And what we were elected help her you should have is that spills paragon good renegade you re bad oh. So you can know people you can be both. So.

You have more you can try the renegade as well okay. So go set running into something. Number..


55. Good character. See phil talk s. And we can end up with something interesting teleportation.

Oh yep. What you only have to in there then type in teleport. You re gonna go over there here. Let s see see you here your companions are back there.

They wondering how d you get here teleport. Because i have to magic much power alright. So those were the cheese guys. Thanks for watching see you guys in the next one in ” .


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Today we have some cheats for Mass Effect 1.

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01:10 – walk through everything
01:28 – walk normally
01:44 – give all weapons
02:06 – give all armours
02:39 – give all mods for weapons
02:57 – talent points
03:20 – super armour
03:43 – super gun
03:57 – give xp
04:17 – money
04:47 – set paragon
05:14 – set renegade
05:34 – teleport


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