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“Everybody mocks this year. And i am back with some more hero moveset predictions after after sojourn at go and junker town queen. We get to look now at baptiste ex comrade and talon member boga amalga was supposed to be hero 31. But it turns out that geoff kaplan and the overwatch team felt he wasn t ready to join the roster.

Just yet could use some more polish. So we got sigma instead. Still this will not stop us from daydreaming and imagining how mogga is going to play when he finally comes into the game. If he still enters the game at all you can check out our other hero predictions at the end of this video and as always please subscribe to tv.

And and enable those notifications to be well notified when we release more videos. What we ll magas abilities look like in overwatch here s our moveset predictions for mauka okay usually in these videos. We start by determining the class of the unreleased hero. But in malgus case.

We actually do know a lot about mangas toolkit and the role that he ll play now unless. Blizzard pulls a complete 180 and decides that naga had a change of heart. We know for a fact that he was part of talyn as a heavy assault gunner that means he is a tank for those of you who don t remember. Towns heavy assault units were featured in both storm rising and retribution.

And there were the most powerful units of talyn s infantry. According to the black watch dossier. It s believed that they are products of extensive genetic engineering and they ve employ an extremely powerful exoskeleton and stimulants to increase their combat effectiveness. If we look at mangas picture feature in the short story what you left behind by alyssa wong.

Which by the way is my favorite short story for overwatch thus far now that appears to be wearing a modified version of the suit that the talon heavy assault units used to wear so what we re dealing with here it s a big armored heavy brute. It s more than obvious. That manga is a tank and by the looks of it probably the heaviest tank to be in the game. Now to calculate his health and armor.

It s always a tricky thing to do because let s face it there s a game where things are not what they appear to be it s overwatch for instance. Let s look at reinhardt who s a seven foot four tall guy walking around in a suit of armor has 500 hit points total 300 health and 200 armor. Then you have roadhog. Who s basically fat and you get 600 health.

No armor unless you count body fat as armor. Now that s not how body fat works if i remember correctly. But anyways..


I m getting away from the subject at hand mauka gets the tank slot 400 health points. 300 armor. Why. Because 600 hp seems like the most blizzard is willing to go on heavy characters.

Unless you count bob so we want to break that barrier by 100 hit points. And also because we need to move to the next section to figure out his primary fire right minigun and left minigun look now before i continue with this section. I need to tell you guys something we wanted to give nagas guns. Some cool names to differentiate his left from his right gun.

However. Vegeta s who is writing this and channeling his thoughts through my voice couldn t think of any names. That were cool. Enough for two mini guns.

So he left me with nothing. And now i am leaving nothing with so please post in the comments right now to cool names for malgus left and right mini guns of course. I should probably explain what the hell they are first so let s start by saying that manga will fire lots of bullets. He wields two mini guns one in each hand we fear that each mouse button will fire these guns independently.

That means the left mouse button will fire the left gun right mouse button fires. The right a little bit like moira. If moira could heal and deal damage at the same time except that in this case malaga just deals damage tons of damage now you know we like interesting mechanics here at tgen we always try to make things interesting when predicting hero abilities. So here s our take on malgus guns malgus guns will have spin up animations before they start firing so the player will actually have to hold down the button to make the barrel spin.

And it will only start to spit bullets. After about one. Second. So.

While the gun is spinning malgo will get a minus twenty percent movement penalty. And after it starts shooting. The movement penalty will increase to minus fifty percent. Each gun will have 200 bullets.

Before needing to reload. It ll fire 20 rounds per second with a spread angle of three degrees each round will do 15 damage up to 30 meters after that the damage will fall off to 75. Up until 50 meters..


This might seem obvious to you now. But we figured that the reload times for such big guns should be longer than the usual reload time. So we re using erisa as a benchmark in placing the. Reload at 25.

Seconds for each gun alright. But what if the player is firing both guns at the same time well in that case. The movement is reduced even more up to 50. So basically when mogga is firing both guns.

He is almost stationary okay just so everyone follows this correctly these percentages don t add up so moga doesn t go to a full stop when using both his arms. The second percentage is only added after the first movement penalty is resolved so let s say malgal walks. At 6 meters per second. Then when firing one gun.

He will walk at a speed of 3 meters per second. And when he uses the second gun at the same time he will walk at 15 meters per second. It s not really stopped. But it is super super slow.

This is basically just for the need to balance things out if you have a big heavy character dealing 2 times 300 hit points per second. Something has to balance. I feel that by making the character almost go to a full stop. It s best.

If you want the enemy team to have some chance at countering. It also before we move on to his ability again. We re running with made up numbers. This is so we have an idea of how much damage he deals.

But again we re not developers. We re just people on the internet. Imagining a character that isn t in the game. So his ability.

It s an energy shield alright. So in the short story. There is a quick mention of an energy shield right..


Now. The only character with the shield ability on command is wrecking balls adaptive shield. You can argue that lucio sound barrier. Is also a noncom and shield ability.

But we re excluding ultimates from the equation. So when pressing amalga swaps his left machine gun for a small energy shield that blocks incoming attacks directly in front of him. He can still shoot with his right machine gun. But will also suffer from a minus fifty percent movement penalty just like when firing two guns at the same time now the shield will not be huge.

But something of a smaller frame. So it just covers enough of malgus body enabling him to protect himself. And maybe whoever is placed directly behind him you know it s a bit like a break shield. This shield might be useful to save a healer from a deva bomb or a rhine shatter.

But it won t protect the entire team unless there s some weird conga line stuff going on the shield will have 400 hp and will regenerate at a hundred hit points a second when not in use in case. It s destroyed it will be available again after a five second cooldown use it wisely just like mal god did when protecting union. Why did you have to put that name in there vegeta s you know i can t pronounce it properly shift movement ability intervene so looking at talons heavy assault in both retribution and storm rising. We see that he has a charge ability similar to rhines and we wanted to include some sort of mobility.

But we didn t want to copy ryan s ability 100 so we looked at other blizzard games for inspiration intervene is what we came up with and it s overwatch spin would be something like a grounded version of the guardian angel. So a reticle would appear on the screen highlighting possible allies that malaga could rush towards when used malgo will run toward the ally. Gaining increased mobility of two percent during the running animation manga is not able to shoot or use his shield. But it will allow him to move quickly to peel for teammates.

The fact that he has an above average hp pool will come into play during this ability. Since it should be mostly used to protect his teammates and body block. Incoming damage and a passive. A movable object holy this guy is powerful.

Since moga is a really big guy. We re giving them a passive ability much similar to ryan s steadfast ability this passive reduces. The initial velocity from knock back effects by 50 for example soundwave sends its victims back at 17 meters per. Second but for.

Manga it would be 85 meters per second just like steadfast the distance in which manga is knocked back is not reduced by 50. It is reduced by more this is because the initial velocity has to accelerate back to normal a higher initial velocity. Means more time at higher velocities and more time with a velocity in general and just like stedfast is doesn t affect alt chain hook graviton search for vinick flux because they are not knock back effects..


Okay okay okay. It s basically the same as steadfast. We just changed the name ultimate berserk. We needed some kind of ultimate ability to finish malgus kit and our inspiration came from the leaked black watch dossier that was part of the build up for overwatch is 2018 archives event retribution on that document you can read that it is believed that the heaviest salt is the product of extensive genetic engineering.

These elite troopers employ an extremely powerful exoskeleton and stimulants to increase their combat effectiveness based on that sentence. We thought of malaga taking a stimulant and going absolutely berserk his senses on maximum ecstasy due to the experimental chemicals during that time he would be able to shoot both of his guns with maximum efficiency and walk at his regular speed. So malaga takes a shot of an experimental chemical right to the jugular makes him go berserk for six seconds all his movement penalties. While using both many guns are removed.

However manga cannot control his fire rate or use any other abilities during the alt. Since. This is a channeled ultimate the mini guns simply fire even. Without a button being pressed his fire rate will also go up from 20 to 33 bullets per second thinks something like a whole hog.

But out the knock back effect instead of a scrap gun road hog would just be holding to bastion turrets. One in each arm after the six seconds. Malgo would reload both of his guns at the regular reload speed. Now.

I know what you re thinking. But mock sness. How would the weapon fire more rapidly because of a chemical in malgus body. My answer to that is the same way honest nano boost effects weapon damage want to know more watch rusty s video about 10.

Things that don t make sense about honor alright this wraps up our manga ability prediction what do you think of his kit and when do you think that he is coming to the game will he make his way into the roster before overwatch. 2. Launches. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and in the meantime.

You can check out our previous moveset video. Where we talk about soldierin and as always subscribed to tv. And enable those notifications. Thank you very much for watching unbox this and i ll see you next time music you ” .


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We continue our Overwatch Hero concepts with a Mauga Moveset Prediction! We explore Mauga s lore to predict his ability kit and imagine how would it be if Mauga was hero 32! Here s our Mauga Moveset Prediction!

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