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“I can forget my boy when development began on darkstalkers. The team at capcom planned planned to have two female characters in the roster. Keeping with the game s focus having a roster of playable monsters. One was planned to be a catwoman while the other a female vampire originally the catwoman was designed to be the sexy female character for the game.

While the female vampire would be designed more as the cute one but since the roster already had a male vampire. It was suggested by producer alex and mendes to change the female one into a succubus instead unlike the vampire who traditionally consumed the blood of their victims for sustenance. The succubi are traditionally female demons that consume the life force of others as a source of energy mainly through sexual activity resulting in the deterioration of their victims. The succubus was designed in folklore to be stimulating to the male counterpart from both a physical and mental level like an ideal symbol for seduction and temptation as the female vampire was making the transition to the succubus.

Her design took on a tone that emphasized the sexiness normally inherent to the succubus as a result. The kettlemans design was altered to fulfill the role of a cute character in the roster. According to a kadai asada. The succubus was designed to be very masculine at first similar to the manga character devil man.

But her final design was perhaps more influenced by the comic book character vampirella when a particular design came in from someone on the objects team. He knew they d hit the mark. She would have the appearance of a beautiful young woman with sea green hair wearing a sleeveless black bustier are like top with white feathers and a small heart cut out of the midriff. Her origins as a female vampire could still be seen in the bats pattern in her purple nylons next to her black boots.

And the bat like wings protruding from her back in the sides of her head those wings on her back aren t just for decoration. However as they can also detach and transform into a flurry of bats that aid her in battle by forming weapons. Like blades spikes and drills to a fully operational jet pack or handheld laser cannon. She could also create a physical mirror image of herself and had a human form where she appeared wingless and with blonde hair.

She was given the name morgan based on the crow goddess of celtic mythology. Which roughly translates to phantom queen. While our first name is of irish origin. Morgan canonically originates from scotland based on her last name ainsley.

Which while not an existing surname in any gaelic language. Is possibly an alternate spelling by capcom of a traditional scottish name..

Like ainsley morgan s character is designed to be sexy and confidence hello samantha tilda. Conceded. But playful but i see no mo no nana nice well her being a succubus would normally be considered dangerous and to some extent she still is morgan is not considered really evil compared to the other darkstalkers. She is strangely friendly to others.

And approachable despite her beauty and sexiness. No he date is perhaps a result of spending. Most of our time in the material world enjoying hedonistic delights morgan was born in 1678 as one of the few remaining succubus in the demon world makai due to her species drastically decreasing population. She was raised by the dark lord belial anes hland the most powerful being in this demon world who has quite the notoriety in the darkstalkers universe.

His strength is said to surpass all logical understanding and in the hierarchy of darkstalkers. Allele. Is the only character ranked as an s plus. Class.

Demon which is measured as being greater than 100000. D. Class. Demons.

He has mainly existed behind the scenes and has never actually appeared in the games. Outside of a couple pieces of promotional artwork and graphic. Novels. Where he is heavily obscured.

Belial. Has been reported to have four arms and four eyes with two of those eyes placed on the palms of his hands and stand over 200 metres tall his ancestry in the ainslie noble family spans back to the original ruler of makai suru ann s hland but during his reign belial has never claimed to makai for himself or taking full control. Because he always considered himself in the demon world as being one in the same. The lyell foresaw.

The future of makai as being fraught with destruction. Unless..

A powerful life form is there to maintain the balance. Unfortunately it would come at a time where he would no longer be alive to protect makai. So he decides to place the future of the demon world and the insolent family in the hands of his daughter. Morgan morgan was a very special succubus even among all of the dark stalkers.

She was born as an s class noble at a time where a power struggle had already begun among the noble families of makai when she was first discovered by belial morgan possessed an enormous power within her that belial believed she had no way of controlling at such a young age if left alone and her power. Unrestrained morgan may not only destroy the land around her. But herself as well so belial decided it would be safer for morgan to only attain her full power. When he believes she is ready unbeknownst to her belial splits.

Her soul into three one third would remain with him until his death. While another third was stored in a pocket dimension for the next 300 years morgan grew up in the insulin castle. Where she was tended to by belial servants lucien and muto life in the castle was boring to her so she would frequently run away to visit the human world looking for fun. Ignoring her duties as the future ruler of makai.

Unlike the traditional succubi morgan is slightly different ecologically sucky buying the angel and family create a special secretion liquid in their body when they are either physically or mentally stimulated. Which is then used to maintain their life so if she were to be trapped inside a small secluded area like her castle. Morgan would supposedly die from the lack of stimulus. It s during her travels to the human world.

Where morgan encounters dimitri maximov. A vampire noble who sees her as his rival. Because she is to succeed belial budokan. One night she is drawn to a strange power permeating from the human world which turns out to be pyrin the final boss in the first two games.

When she returns to the makai morgan learns that mawile has died possibly with the energy. He had retained from her and she used to be the next successor to the throne of the anglin family. Even with her new title as ruler of makai. She chooses to avoid her duties continuing her life like before because she doesn t want to give up her playful and carefree days by now the energy separated from morgan 300 years ago.

Has become a soul of its own and watched morgan s life in makai during the events of the third game vampire savior the demon lord jetta takes notice of this energy and creates a transient form in the shape of a young succubus named lilith. When jeddah creates a new dimension called the magic n..

Morgan and her castle are pulled into his creation resulting in the showdown at the end of vampire savior. Morgan. Census. Lilith during one of our escapades and realizes her origins their fusion results.

In morgan. Becoming more powerful. But still retaining the same personality and outlook on life that she had before morrigan s desire to always explore the human world has allowed the designers at capcom to easily insert her into a number of other video games. One of her first appearances outside of darkstalkers was in the crossover fighting game marvel vs capcom.

Where she can be seen fusing together with lilith before match her cameos didn t stop there as she was playable in a number of other video games ranging from fighters to puzzle games to rpgs. Morgan. s been featured in so many of capcom s fighting games. And it s become a long running joke among fans how her same sprite animations from dark stalkers are always being utilized in marvel vs capcom.

It wasn t as noticeable. But by capcom vs snk. The recycled sprite was starting to show its age it wasn t until tatsunoko vs capcom introduced her 3d model and ended this tradition morgan was originally voiced by yayoi jingu g throughout the series and various crossovers teemo tedious huh. But she since been replaced by ria tanaka.

A rather famous anime voice actor domo get this you let us know catching me when you know i do i got accustomed t do on site alakshmi go. I did i didn t leave and the american animated series she was given a scottish accent. An idea that was revisited as recently as marvel vs capcom. 3.

Just rip off those prosaic morals show. Me your true form let it out since the beginning pyro murata. Saw her place and darkstalkers as occupying the same position. Chun li.

Did in street fighter. 2..

With morgan being more adult by comparison. According to a kadai asada when street fighter. 2. Was at the height of its success.

Everyone at capcom was pretty much an agreement that creating a character to surpass chumley s popularity would be difficult at best at least that was the case. Until morgan came along while darkstalkers was never as popular as street fighter morgans developed quite a following on the internet. Gaining a fanbase that rivals. Many other female characters originating from capcom or otherwise.

Even her costume has become just as iconic as it has been featured in a number of different video games and anime over the years morrigan has become the most well known darkstalkers character and made more appearances outside of her original games than any other character in the franchise. At this point. Her fanbase arguably contains more people than the fanbase of the actual darkstalkers games. It s a little hard to believe how much one character can manage to outgrow the series from which she came from like morgan has whenever.

There s an opportunity for capcom s characters to come together in some kind of crossover. There s no doubt this succubus will be showing up in some form or another. Perhaps. She can best be explained as one of those times.

The artist at capcom really nailed down the type of character they were going for put. Simply morgan as a character with an alluring personality and a body designed to exhibit her features as much as possible. She has remained a mainstay at capcom for so long because at the end of the day. She is still the best personification of a succubus.

A creature designed to be attractive to her desired prey. Which in this case. Would be her legions of loyal fans. Meta sov masu.

You ” ..

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