Metal Gear Solid 2 – Colonel Campbell Craziness

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“Do you copy you must continue your mission. I ve lost all my gear. I i need to locate snake. He was never factored into the simulation leave him out this i can t do much naked especially in this temperature.

That s true you won t be able to attack or enter the hanging mode either i think snake has my gear ryden take out solidus and his men you must recover arsenal intact. Colonel are you under orders from the patriots your role that is mission is to infiltrate the structure and disarm the terrorists. My role. Why do you keep saying that why not this is a type of role playing game the point is that you play out your part.

And i expect you to turn in a perfect performance colonel. I just remembered something what that i ve never met you in person not once hmm complete your mission according to the simulation colonel who are you no more questions. We have rosemary. What do you mean by that over and out ryden turn the game console off right.

Now. What did you say. The mission is a failure cut the power right now what s wrong with you don t worry. It s a game.

It s a game just like usual you ll ruin your eyes plane so close to the tv. What are you talking about writing something happened to me last thursday when i was driving home. I had a couple of miles to go i looked up and saw a glowing orange object in the sky to the east..


It was moving very irregularly suddenly. There was intense light all around me and when i came to i was home what do you think happened to me fine forget it honestly. Though you have played the game for a long time don t you have anything else to do with your time actually. There is something i ve been meaning to tell you but i just couldn t i think you should know though on saturday morning last week.

I saw a guy leaving rosemary s room. How should i put it it was like they were intimate. I m sorry sorry to bring this up during the mission. But president baker should be somewhere to the south of where you blasted through the wall.

Hurry and save him before the terrorists. Discover his coat snake. Remember what de gaulle said. The graveyards are full of indispensable men snake.

You re all alone and surrounded by bad guys try to be careful and avoid getting into a fight whenever you can you wouldn t be trying to give yourself a bogus score using some ingenious trick with you that s just about as low as anyone could possibly stoop. I can t believe you sometimes your mission is to infiltrate the fortress gally wade rescue. The hostages and neutralize metal gear before its assembly is complete variety level 13 rescue melon the return of gene ola infiltrate the enemy fortress outer heaven destroy the final weapon metal gear solid kuchiki no no bosch young gugu the more suzumiya get on your pony. I m chi chi milk energy an anemone or clematis plants juice can cause a rash when pruning them it s a good idea to wear gloves.

I was a north american fall that were in my past life those were the good old days. What were you in your former life actually i m in really bad shape financially i pay money to my ex wife as part of our divorce settlement among other bills. I just had no choice..


But to make you pay for lunch. The other day really sorry even my patience has its limits. I just can t leave this thing up to you any longer. I ll do the fighting you can just go home.

You got a psg. 1. You can use that against sniper wolf hurry up and save merrill. I hear it s amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flat jail space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on harry caray rock.

I need scissors. 61 variety level. 7. Shoot down the space invaders.

Training will have to be postponed. If we are invaded by ufos priestly there s a fork in the conveyor belt the machine is automatically sorting cargo according to some system take a good look at the device. I can t believe it that someone who has committed all those twisted acts and the woman s bathroom. Would make it this far.

This is the end of the world. Big boss here. Enter the track on the bridge to the..


Right. Open communicator entertainment. Program idea spy. 25.

Episode. 1. New york here in the city. Where dreams come true and desires rule.

Something is being bought sold and thrown away even as we speak. But behind the scenes of business as usual the nefarious je corporation. Minds. It s already bloated coffers with profits from worthless products as je swindles.

Yet another innocent into purchasing high priced junk. The fbi mobilizes. A top secret task force to put a stop to the menace. Now the city s best kept secret spy is out there briefed and ready to protect the people from.

Je the catalog of. Conspiracy just call him 25. Snake..


Like shakespeare said not sad all spent. Where our desire is got without content basically it means that your desire can get you into trouble. If you re not careful that goes for items. Too don t get too greedy or you might be sorry be careful snake weather mode so calm level one destroy all targets to reach the goal number of targets three.

I say again your duty is to infiltrate sands of our land and seas kill mark an abducted czechoslovakian biologist. Oh prine snake they ve been but both detonation codes the only way to stop the launch. Now is to use the car key to ring input the code that reminds me i saw booby amedeo games you will need. He said to give you his best snake take the power plant out set c.

4 explosives. On four key points to destroy the structure snake destroy the power plants main turbine. It s located in the b1. Floor of the plant break into the b1 floor.

Oh hmm ryden. I m eating right now get back to me later mind. The gap vallely. They go lolly lou lay low lally.

I m not home right now please leave a message after the beep hey. ” ..

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Campbell goes crazy, nutty, and all round spooky in MGS2. Add u0026fmt=18 to the end of the url if sound is out of sync.

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