Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough – Part 1 War Has Changed Let's Play MGS4 Gameplay Commentary

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“Right what s going on ladies and gentleman. My name is nick also most touch touch free ninja and i walking into my walkthrough of one of my most favorite of all time. This is melody. R.

Salt for the guns of the patriots. And it s been a while since i played this game. And i ve been meaning to replay it for some time now and after all that news of mountaineer solid ground zeroes and kinda the hint of metal gear solid. 5.

It just really put me in the mood to playing it so. Yeah. I m going to be doing a full walkthrough with this game. Hopefully you ve played this game.

Already if you haven t then you are seriously missing out on one of the best gaming experiences out there right now. But yeah we re going to start a new game here and we re gonna play it on solid normal. If you want to see me do a hard walk through the game. Without any alerts or kills.

Or using any rations and then check out the video in the description. It will lead to a big boss mm run that i did for machinima about a year ago. It s basically a perfect run through. But for the sake of this walkthrough.

We re just gonna play it on sold normal and hopefully you guys can enjoy the series..

If you are gonna enjoy a series please give this first video. The biggest way that you can it really does help support the series and help support the channel and get ready for one of the best gaming experiences that i have had a long time alright let s get started get it keep on working keep on watching the dough. Today. I didn t like my own ha ha boom.

We piano. I look and feel better than. I did in high school that s a lot i thought results in the first week. I started to program michelle you look great you know what s your secret recruit workouts not a secret.

You know i ve never felt better in my life. Thanks sarge good good they hydrate and load up on we re taking vitamins do you like what you see outside your window will you ever respect the face in your mirror will your children thank you for the sacrifices you re about to make our mission is to hear you say yes perfecting the world through conquest of technology protecting civilian contingent through strategic combat solutions of evolution reinvented yeah if you re like me the very first time. I played this you re good just like what the fuck it i just watch. But anyways.

I let s keep going you war has changed. It s no longer about nations ideologies or ethnicity. It s an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines war and its consumption of life has become a well oiled machine or has changed id tag soldiers carry id tag weapons use id tag gear nanomachines inside their bodies and hands and regulate their abilities genetic control information control emotion control battlefield control everything s monitored and kept under control has changed the age and deterrence has become age control hurting catastrophe weapons of mass destruction. Who controls the battlefield controls history more has changed when the battlefield is under total control war becomes routine okay step moving here.

I ll tell you she ration sweep up just hopefully. I can t remember popping controls work to make a weapon available for use ready it by selecting weapons from the menu screen. Okay. See what we got to work with here.

We got an 8k 102..

Ideally from what i remember i needed in order to get through this bursting a lot easier without any kills. I need a magazine from this gun an empty one hit him hard what let s go this way rushon hopefully. I m heading the right way. I think there you go oh do a quick save here.

And if you re wondering why i don t have any other safe files up this gay. Even though i ve played it it s because this is on a new playstation 3. Than the original one i played on it my original backwards compatible 60. Gigabyte fat ps3 died.

A couple months ago. Yes. It was very very sad and it contained all my say files so this is going to be a fresh playthrough for for that much anyways. Yeah.

Let s just do a quick save makes me so sad icahn even a dead half ears snake. We ve got to go. We ve got an old friend waiting for you vodka the test results the proteome analysis was positive but the mrna analysis turned up negative wrinkled skin hardened arteries your early aging symptoms look like classic the bareness but none of the tests were able to pinpoint the cause so judging by how rapidly the aging is progressed. I d say here at best right.

Yeah snake let s try another doctor. It won t make any difference. Not an ordinary man to begin with not to mention fox died you re right don t know where naomi is naomi ah snake colonel good to see you well i m not a colonel anymore snake i figured the only place i d see you dressed like that would be your daughter s wedding. What are you doing these days.

I m working for an organization under the un security council..

The analysis and assessment staff of the pmc oversight. An inspection committee. Yeah i remember the resolution eight passed a few years ago. Snake came across some information and my work we found him in the middle east.

I ll explain along the way. We ve got to stop him now before it s too late liquids made his move we found him. He s preparing to unleash his insurrection liquid is lying in wait in a middle eastern war zone track him down only two eggs today color disc must have taken the day off eight six six five. This is snake.

Do you read me what s the situation. I m just inside. The city limits. This place is crawling with lizards.

Ah 80. Cores unmanned bipedal weapons. Officially designated irving by the us military. They ve spread like wildfire among the pmc s there are more of those things now in service than tanks.

They ve got tough armor plating and are highly agile to boot your best bet is to stay out of their sights unmanned. Pretty soon. They ll have put living breathing soldiers out of work. Even so.

That s an awful lot of gecko for this scenario..

Their numbers exceed the war price for that region. It must have something to do with liquids arrival on the scene. You really think he s here. You ll have to find the army s operatives and ask them yourself oh and snake.

I went ahead and used the mark 2 to scout out the area before your arrival. You ll find it up ahead mark 2. It s a remote mobile terminal sonny and i built it the mark 2 will provide you with a map of the area. As well as any battle situation.

Data you should find it before you do anything else okay got it the rendezvous point is marked on your map. I ll be waiting for you there about 95 cut scene. A 5 gameplay yeah. It sounds about right for melody assault game.

But anyways guys. That s gonna be it for the first episode. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it it s more like a movie than a game at this moment. But it will pick up eventually especially in this upcoming see more try to sneak past everything without any silenced weapon.

Buddy yeah. Anyways like i said hopefully you guys can enjoy series if you are gonna enjoy series please give this first video the biggest rating that you can to get the series off to a good start and i will see you guys next time for more melon gear. Solve for guns of the patriots alright have a fantastic day ” ..


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