Metal Gear Survive How To Get Infinite Ammo For Any Weapon

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“What s going on guys. I m from a liquid and i ve got a a really really good video here for you guys today so in metal gear. Survived resources are quite scarce and especially materials. Such as lead and copper.

Which obviously means gank ammo is quite troublesome especially with the new hard mode daily and weekly s4 salvage mission. Where they ve incorporated the boss monsters into the game. Which is obviously a very nasty drain on ammo since there s no hour of resupply in that mission. And it take what you pretty much have to go into that mission with full ammo on every single weapon you have so that s obviously gonna put a really nasty drain on your letting copper however i m going to show you guys a way of getting infinite ammo right now and it s super super.

Easy. So. As you can see. I currently have the people legendary shotgun.

Equipped. The s1000 ext. I ve got nine shots loaded into it with a receive of 18 shots. And if we go over to the ammo section.


You can see that i have no more normal ammo. I ve only got frost rounds. There so again that s a total of 27 shots of normal ammo. I currently have so how are we gonna get more really simple actually and this is a really good method so first of all your water.

You want to go to your weapon. Creation. Now. I m just going to work quickly salvage something for another firing unit right so now i have no more blue shotguns.

What we re gonna do is we re actually gonna craft as many s1000 as we can now just a note that this does only work with weapons that you actually have the recipe for while you can do this for a broken weapons. They are much harder to get hold of since you actually have to complete salvage mission or raid. The containers for them however with a recipe you don t have to worry about that and you can just keep on and on and on crafting them. So as you can see what i m doing right.

Now is crafting the s1000 and the reason for that is because every time you craft a weapon. You actually get a free full clip of ammo for that weapon. Which means every craft of the s1000. I make i get full bullets for free now obviously you are limited by your normal resources and cuban energy.


However those resources are much much easier to get hold of than lead and copper and things like that or especially. If you re doing the new material method that i ve recently posted then you know you re gonna be swimming in these materials. The only downside is the required cube and it can get a little pricey. If you re doing this early on in the game.

Or you know you d like you re still on the story. So i d recommend doing this even if you re in absolute dire need of ammo or just holding off until you re in post game. And you can do the hard much salvage missions along with the mining singularities since that way you re cuban energy. So it should stack up quite quickly so i ve just crafted my 17s 1000s.

So if we go to where change equipment now now as you can see that my ammo hasn t changed. But that s actually because i haven t equipped teeth. So if we go to the ammo section. And there you go i ve got another 68 rounds of normal ammo.

Which means i can now completely fill up most of my ammo pouches and there we go you know it s as simple as that however you don t have to worry about the firing units. I just used for one simple reason because when you actually dismantle an item you get half of the materials used back. However because we only use one firing unit you are guaranteed to get that one firing unit back. Meaning.


The only resources is steel gears. Springs screws and wood and all of those materials are extremely easy to farm again and so all we re going to do is all those s1000. So we just crafted. We re just going to dismantle them all for all those firing units back.

However we do actually get to keep the ammo for this again. The only downside is the even energy cost since you have to spend cuban to make the weapon and then cuban to word this man s lease however if you are in postgame. It s it s a paltry amount of cuban energy. Required and you know now that all that sir just been desalle waltz salvaged as you can see we here actually kept all our ammo and this works for any weapon type.

That you have the recipe for so if we want to do nine point. A well 919. There you go just made the bake off you want 45. Maybe am.

D. If you want to magnum make. The woo. Now you can use the vast for shotgun ammo.


However. You would only get two shots for that that s why i recommend using the s1000 instead. Because you get four and again. Likewise.

If you want fire five six you can make the am mrs. For now. Unfortunately you can t actually use this method to get any of the. 762 sniper or the 762.

Normal simply due to the fact currently there are no recipes for those weapons in the game. I intact well most likely we re just gonna have to wait until they re the new big update. That s supposed to be coming sometime this month of march now another downside to this method is unfortunately you can t get any elemental ammo from this method. However you know being able to have an infinite amount of normal ammo it slightly off sense that i think since the only real the only real need for elemental ammo is for the daily hard and weekly hard missions when they actually give any boosts to the elements.

But that s what i m gonna end this video guys i hope you guys enjoyed it i hope you really enjoy the unlimited ammo you re about to have but as always thanks for watching. And i ll see music music. ” ..


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